Written by gatekeeper


I was in my early 20's and had been sent to a house to work. I'm a decorator.

The lady of the house was in her early 30's , she lived there alone and she was a babe! Pleasant and friendly, good looking and I wanted her bad!

But I was there to work and I was intent on behaving, but whenever she walked past I had to stop and check her ass out. Smell her perfume and try not to dribble, lol,

Hey its a sad day for mankind when a good looking girl isn't worth a second look. !

The thoughts going through my mind would have got me sacked..I so wanted to walk up behind her , pull her hair away from her neck and kiss and suck on her beautiful soft skin on her neck, lol I gotta thing for necklines.

But I was there to work so I had to resist..keep my mind on the job. But this was proving to be difficult! Something about her just oozed sexuality.

She was definitely a hot blooded woman.

On the 3rd day I was now working in the hallway. Which sucked because I couldn't see her as she was in the lounge.

I mean how many excuses are there to go in and talk to her?.i can't just stand there watching her with cock throbbing in my pants!

So I got on with my tasks.

But bugger me! She comes in to the hall and announced she was going for a shower. Now the shower in her place was off he hall . It had a full length glass panel door. Heavily frosted glass, you couldn't see through it with any detail.

The shower room was a long narrow room . The shower itself was up by the entry door.

Well she went in to the room and as she closed the door she lingered a moment as smiled at me then closed the door.well that smile i'll never forget. She was so pretty and the smile just shot through me , I nearly fell in love with her right there and then!

So she closed the door. Now I would have expected her to go to the back of the room to undress. Away from the frosted glass door where horny little painters can't see.

But NO! She put on a strip show! Taking her clothes off slowly and sexily.

I mean there was about 2 feet of distance between us and one glass panel.

I was going out of my mind!! I wanted her so bad!! Her silhouette, her shape , her graceful movements as she took her clothes off. Omg! She was putting a spell on me!

I was mesmerized! fixed to the spot.

Nearly fainting from blood loss to the brain as my cock got instantly hard!!

Then she opened the door into the shower and disappeared from my vision...NOOOO!!!my cock cried!

Well for the next few minutes the mental torture went on...

Asking myself.... she must know I could see? ...she must want me?.. but she didn't say anything, we haven't even flirted!.. if I try anything and I'm wrong I could be sacked or worse.?

The internal battle raged! But I wanted her so bad!!!

As the minutes ticked by, me still glued to the spot, I knew she wouldn't be in there much longer.

Being young dumb and full of cum, I finally threw caution to the wind . Ripped my clothes off! Slowly opened the shower room door, and there she was again , this primal goddess all soapy and wet.

My heart pounding as I was risking it all.on a chance she wanted me! Maybe she just liked to be a exhibitionist but not want me to touch?

I opened the shower door and we looked at each other, both naked and aroused!

She smiled that sexy smile again!

She turned around and put herself in a frisk position. Arms on the wall. Arched her back and presented herself to me.

Omg! My heart was pounding so hard as I stepped into the shower and rubbed my knob threw her wet lips !

I entered her pushing in slowly but deep as I could! She nearly came right there..a moment later as I grasped both breast pushing even deeper , leaning forward to suck on her neck at then same time . She did cum, letting out a long slow moan. I felt her whole body shudder, literally shudder. We stayed in the shower for about 15mins then shagged down the hall into her room. I was determined that even though this was so bloody hot I was going to make it last! needless to say there was no further painting done that day!

Never have I done something as daring as this before. And to you sweet lady in the shower ill never forget how hot you are!