Written by Anon


Went on a holiday with the x and her sister.

Holiday goes 7 days and on last night we go out.. Drinks flow, x missus and sister staying together in room, myself I have my own room.

As the night goes on my x goes to bed. I stay out with her sister. Keep drinking until 3am. Close up time the last out of pub we head back to motel. On way up stairs x sister says can I stay in your room.. I agree. She comes in I go toilet come out and she's lying on the bed.. I lay down. Get ready to sleep, she then sits up and looks at me. I ask what's up. She plays it down and lays back down.. I return to toilet then come out crawl over her and start kissing her. She responds that she can't believe this is happening and she didn't instigate it, but she did really.. She knew she wanted it.

So I start kissing and remove her clothes, she's laying under me naked now so I go and lick her sweet little trimmed pussy as she moans. I then suck her nipples and then thrust my cock inside her, she proceeds to moan and say how good it feels. I then start to fuck her really hard, she's gets on top, doggy style we did it every way.. She lay there and took it all as my x sleeps in room next door where she should be.

Next morning she dresses up heads to xs room. Acts as nothing ever happened. WHAT A NIGHT! I can't wait for the next chapter of it.