Written by scotsmitch2001


The text arrives at 9.30pm.

"I'm getting ready for bed now"

I jump quickly into my car and drive over to her house, getting out the car I stand and watch as I see the curtains open in her bedroom.

She doesn't glance outside just slowly undressing. Taking her time, she first unbuttons her blouse quickly letting it slip off her shoulders and to the floor. Her breasts, large and pendulous are entrapped in a black Lacey bra which accuents the natural beauty of them.

She turns her back to the window, unbuttoning her jeans then curling her fingers under the waistband she tugs them down over her hips, wiggling slightly and showing me she is wearing matching black panties.

I watch, my cock hard, throbbing, as she unhooked her bra, shrugging shoulders a little to let her amble breasts tumble free, then with her arms crossed, hiding her assets she turns around to face the window.

She lowers her hands to pull down her panties, bending forward a little.

I unzip, releasing my throbbing shaft, massaging myself as she flaunts her body.

Then reaching over, she closes the curtains.

I spurt, a little breathless. I text her

"Thank you"

We have never met. We just text.

We have been doing this for a few months

There is one other slight twist, sometimes when she text me I pass the text on to a friend who I know will appreciate it.