My husband would often shave me down there, as it turned him on me being shaven.

I would lay naked on the floor that is made comfortable for me, my legs wide open with my feet together , I love watching him as he starts because I can see his manhood is as hard as. Sometimes he is also naked. He is so gentle down there as he massages the area with soap so he is ready to shave me. He is making me wet with the water and also sexually I can feel my inside moist , it's making me horny.

When he is near finishing he gently pats me down, it is never finished just shaven, he then straddles on top of me, his hardness ready to perform and enters me, it is heaven as I feel his body on my shaven pussy, he puts his fingers in my mouth and pulls out of me and fingers my moist pussy, hard then slow, 3 fingers then 4, he places his cock back in harder and harder, I scream for more, I just love his cock inside me, we are both kissing each other , my tongue touching his tonsils, I am so horny, I pull him out and suck his cock, I can taste me, it's turning me on more, I kiss him again, my tongue licking his face, then in his mouth, he is finger fucking me again, so hard, he's about to shoot his load and puts his cock back in my pussy, I am in heaven, it's not long and his hard thrust tells me he's coming, he's moaning, I'm moaning, I suck him off but it is intense for him, I'm just a horny wife, if you haven't noticed I love sex with my husband, I could have his cock in me 24 /7.