Written by Laidback


It all began with a surprise message from a lovely couple, as I've found being an attached guy on here alone doesn't get a lot of messages. A quick check of their profile revealed pics of an incredibly sexy lady and I couldn't believe my luck, thinking someone waas having me on!

Depsite this I messaged back and before long we were chatting and swapped face pics, and they were a great looking couple. After a little more chat we agreed to meet at an upmarket bar, to see if we got on, and after nervous introductions, (let's call them Mr and Mrss) we settled in to relaxed chat as we sipped our drinks. Part way through my new friends held hands, smiled at each other and gave each other a small nod. Shortly after Mr said, would you like to come and join us somewhere more private, so with an invitation like that I agreed. I was given the name of a hotel, key card and room number.

We finished our drinks and all walked to our cars to meet again shortly, mrs saying see you soon .... as she gave my hand a litle squeeze. There was a lot of nervous anticipation on both sides as we parted. I arrived a little after Mr and Mrs, to give them a chance to settle in and was met at the door by Mr who was opening a bottle of bubbly, Mrs was not to be seen but Mr said she would be with us shortly. We settled down with our wine and chatted, we had listed as both being bi-curious but had neither gone much further than receiving oral from another guy and agreed to just go with the flow.

At that moment Mrs walked out of the bathroom and she was stunningly sexy, dressed in a lacy wrap around gown, black basque with a hint of red and suspenders, lacy black panties, black stockings and black high heels. She is a petite lady and I could tell she was very toned. I couldn't believe my luck as Mr and I both commented on how beautiful and sexy she looked.

Mrs took her wine that Mr passed her and she had a quick drink before Mr kissed her and ran his hand over her gorgeous bottom, I sat and sipped my wine, allowing her to get comfortable before I stood and started caressing her exquisite body and Mr and I alternated kissing her, touching and stroking as we all stood together.

Mrs reached down with both hands and started stoking our cocks through our trousers moaning with anticipation as we kissed and touched her. Soon she undid Mr's shirt slipping it from his shoulders, then did the same to me, deeply kissing us as she did so running her hands over our chests and nipples.

This was so erotic and no one was in a rush, we were all enjoying the incredible sensations of exploring new lovers bodies. Soon Mrs undid Mr's belt and revealed his semi erect cock in a sexy pair of mesh underwear, then she undid my trousers, sliding her hand into my underwear and feeling my cock for the first time, I moaned as I kissed her deeply stroking her tight bottom and very firm breasts.

I made a comment about taking our shoes off (there's just nothing sexy about that part of getting undressed!) and Mr and I took turns doing that while the other kissed and touched Mrs, after I had taken mine off I stood to find Mr had pulled down the top of the basque revealing two pert and tight breats with very hard nipples, I couldn't resist and took them in my mouth licking, sucking and lightly biting causing Mrs to moan in pleasure.

We both removed our trousers and guided Mrs on to the bed laying each side of her as we continued to kiss and stroke her beautiful body, damn she was stunning! I stroked her pussy through her knickers hearing her moan and couldn't wait to taste her, so Mr and I undid the suspenders from her basque and removed her skimpy lacey knickers and I moaned at the sight of her perfectly bare smooth pussy.

I kissed my way down, sliding between her legs kissing her thighs and mons before slowly sliding my tongue up her moist slit, flicking her clit, then burying my tongue deep inside, alternating between tongue fucking and licking her responsive clit, I looked up to see Mrs looking at me and the smle in both our eyes told us how much we enjoyed this. All the while Mr was moaning in pleasure seeing his gorgeous wife being pleasured by the two of us, he was alternating between kissing her and sucking her hard nipples. I continued licking and sucking and slipped my fingers in making Mrs moan harder, damn I love the feel of licking a wet hot pussy, finger fucking and hearing a woman moan in pleasure. I'm not sure if I made Mrs come, but I hope so, her juices were running and after a while she tasted so salty, like she and Mr had fucked before they met me, and I was tasting his cum......after about 10-15 minutes of this I slid up her body and she licked her juices from my lips and kissed me deeply.

Mrs then took turns sucking Mr and my cocks while we alteranted in sucking her breasts and fingering her tight wet pussy. Soon Mr said you need to treat ......, and as we kissed I whispered do you want me to use a condom, and when Mrs replied no, my cock began to grow.

I slid between Mrs's legs again, this time rubbing my growing cock head against her wet pussy, this always makes me hard, I love the feel of my cock rubbing against a womans wetness. Mr was alternating between kissing Mrs and watching my cock rubbing against his wifes pussy and he moaned as I slid my cock inside her. I could tell he loved seeeing his wife receiving pleasure, and she was so hot and sexy, thats exactly what she deserved.

Mrs spread her legs wider as I entered her and I held my self up on my arms so both Mr and Mrs could see my cock sliding in and out which they both loved. Mr kissed Mrs and told her she was a naughty girl, and she moaned yes. I slowly built up my thrusts until I was pounding in to Mrs's tight wet pussy, damn she was an amazing fuck.

I then alternated between slowing down and deeply kissing Mrs and thrusting in to her hard with my cock and Mr alternated between kissing her and giving Mrs his cock to suck. It was so erotic seeing the look on Mrs's face when I was fucking her and she sucked Mr's cock, the look was one of pure lust.

It looked so good seeing Mr slide his cock in Mrs's mouth as I fucked her, and I wondered what it would be like, would this be my first tase of cock? I thought I've been kissing Mrs right after she has sucked Mr's cock, and I've probably tasted his cum as I licked her, and these thoughts turned me on.

I put my hand on Mr's bottom and pushed his cock to Mr's mouth as I continued fucking her, and she sucked his cock greedily, then he pulled back slightly and I bent down and kissed her with the cock barely inches from our mouths.

I rose up slightly and pushed him towards her mouth again my mouth was only inches from his cock and our eyes met, and the lust I saw was incrdible, she wanted this as much as I did. I slowly lowered my mouth and licked his shaft as she sucked his cock, causing Mr to moan. She released his cock head and I slowly took it in my mouth tasting cock for the first time, it was incrdible and so erotic doing this, sucking my first cock while fucking a gorgeously sexy lady.

We continued doing this for several minutes taking turns kissing and sucking Mr's cock, while I kept fucking that tight pussy.

Soon it became too much and I started fucking Mrs hard, and I could feel her pussy clenching around my cock, I knew I'd come soon so whispered do you want my come, and she moaned yes, with that I pumped harder and let out a deep moan as I came deep inside. We stayed that way as my cock slowly softened, Mr kissing Mrs and calling her a naughty girl, I had to agree she was but a damn fine naughty girl!

I rolled off and lay beside Mrs and we again kissed deeply and continued to touch and caress. Mr took turns kissing her with me, then he went down and licked her just been fucked pussy and clit causing Mrs to moan in pleasure, before she got on her hands and knees while she sucked his cock, I watched and learnt, then we took turns sucking Mr's cock, I wasn't sure about my technique but the moans indicated he enjoyed it as my tongue swirled around the head, then I'd take it deep in my mouth before letting it slide in and out, damn this was hot.

Eventually he positioned himself behind Mrs and slid his cock in to her just fucked pussy, I hoped he enjoyed the feel as much as I do, the feel of fucking a just fucked come soaked pussy is fantastic. He fucked her slowly like this and then pulled Mrs up on her hands and knees telling her to suck me. I needed no encouragement and placed my cock in her willing mouth. Damn this was hot watching her being fucked while she sucked my cock, and hearing Mr calling her a naughty girl and lightly spanking her tight bottom.

After a while he pushed her down and slowly thrust inside her as I kissed her, until he came deep inside her, it was so erotic seeing the plesure they both got. We then both lay beside Mrs kissing and touching her, and my fingers wandered down to her ceamy pussy, slowly rubbing her slit and sliding inside, and we could all smell the two loads of come she had taken.

This was so erotc I couldn't resist sliding down and licking her clit and pussy again, laying between her legs fingerfucking her with my fingers exploring for the g spot while licking her clit, this had Mrs bucking against my mouth before she pushed me away saying she'd wet herself if I kept going or maybe I might like that - damn she was so sexy, and she excused herself going to the bathroom (maybe this can happen if there's a next time....)

Mr and I lay there naked, sipping our wine and I thanked him for sharing his sexy wife, before Mrs came back and lay between us and we all kissed an caressed each other as we enjoyed the post coital glow of love making. No one was in a rush to move and the intimacy was very powerful.

Eventually I broke the spell and got up and showered and dressed, coming out to find Mr and Mrs cuddling and kissing, which was very nice. They got up and I thanked them, kissing Mrs goodbye and we all hugged before I left....hoping that we may meet again one day.......