Written by maturefun2809


My wife Linda and I had often talked about having another guy join us for a sex session.She was pretty shy and needed a few drinks in her to even talk about it.One night at a party we were at out of town I could see an opportunity.Linda was getting quite pissed and a couple of guys were flirting and dancing with her.When I got the chance I suggested to her that I arrange one of the guys to meet us outside behind the hall,,,she was ok with it so I had a quick chat with this guy Ron and told him to wait out there and Id`e bring Linda out.I took her out and there was Ron waiting,,I led her to him and told her to "make his day".They kissed and I stood close and watched as Linda undid Ron`s jeans,,slid them down and kneealed down to suck his cock,,god what a sight,,I stood in behind her and undid her blouse so her tits were exposed.Ron played with her long hard nipples as she kept sucking his cock,,,,,,Ron led Linda around to the side of a van and he lay down and pulled her ontop of him,,she straddled his cock and I helped guide it in as she sat on it,,,she leaned forward over Ron and started slowly fucking him,,her movements became faster and faster and I could tell she was about to cum,,sure enough she slowed down,,and froze for a few seconds as she recovered,,I helped her up and got her to get on her hands and knees so Ron could do her doggy style,,I really wanted to see him fuck her this way,,,he got in behind her,,spread her ass cheeks with his hand and buried his cock all the way into her cunt..He fucked her hard and fast few a few minutes and let out a long groan as he emptied his hot cum deep inside my wife,,I watched as he pulled out and saw a thick trail of cum ooze out of Linda``s cunt and down the inside of her leg.Ron stood and dressed and went back inside,,I kissed Linda and helped clean her up before we went back inside too.