I still get wet when I visualize the first encounter with my now husband like it was yesterday, when I'm alone and have the need to release some tention this is one of my go to stimulants.

Sitting at the Viaduct having Friday night drinks with my boss the conversation was starting to bore me, so while in the bathroom I called a colleague who was still working to find out what she was up to for the evening, my ears perk up when I heard she and a couple male colleagues (working in different department) were having a few quiet ones at the office. I didn’t know either of them very well, one was a charming lady’s man who loved to flirt, and the other (hubby) had only worked there for 2 months, so the only previous conversation we had were polite hellos in passing.

My colleague agreed to come save me from a dire situation. On the ride back she mentioned how the guys were eager for my company, she had had an eye on Mr charmer for a while but nothing had happened to date as she had been getting mixed signals from him. While listening to music and a few drinks Mr charmer started to pay obvious attention to me which was awkward knowing how my friend felt about him. Trying to sway the conversation his way, hubby was grappling for some attention which was a nice surprise considering I hadn’t heard much more than a boo from him before. The flirting from both men was great for my ego.

After a couple of hours I was on my way to being overly tipsy but enjoying the fun. In another bid for my attention hubby got up and started to dance to a Barry White song, I was impressed with the way he moved and asked if he’d had professional lessons, in that instance he stretched out his hand for mine and asked me to dance in which I quickly said I wouldn’t be able with (not waiting to embarrass myself) having two left feet. However he wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer assuring me he would teach me - I felt like a rag doll being tossed in all directions as he lead. He then twirled me in close to his chest, we made eye contact as his head approached me, pressing his lips against mine - time seemed to have stop still as my thoughts were trying to catch-up, and when it did I was thinking wow his man is gutsy and got balls to risk rejection (especially with Mr charmer already making his intentions clear) to which I was impressed and getting turned on by. We were oblivious to our colleagues right there as the kissing got more intense, before I knew it I had straddled him on a couch grinding myself back and forth to get a feel of his shaft through our clothing. Our colleagues decided it was best they gave us some privacy by going into another office - realising we had no intention of stopping.

Hubby decides to pick me up off him and place me in the chair, getting on his knees he proceeds to take my panties off and give my clit the most amazing tongue lashing. After a very quick onset of an orgasm, I pulled him off his knees to get atop of me, I whispered into his ear asking if he happened to have a condom in which he said he hadn’t – in an unusual act I urged him to fuck me anyway (the whole nights behaviour was out of character for both of us), just as I had cum Mr Charmer has turned off the music to inform us security were on their way as the building hadn’t been secured. In a sobering thought of the implications to our careers, we made a mad dash to make ourselves decent, then continued to party at my place. The following Monday, after apologizing to both colleagues they assured us what happened wouldn’t make office gossip. In a tail comment I bragged to my female colleague that the sex was mind blowing and although I couldn’t see it developing into a relationship I wouldn’t hesitated for another chance to be fucked by him...hubby still rocks my boat every time...and, Mr charmer was our best man at our wedding.