Written by Piyah_monty


There's this girl I have known for 8 years now. We went on to become good friends to lovers. She is divinely beautiful and she turns me on the way no one has been able to. I get hard by her mere presence and she has the ability to spin my world like crazy. We have had the most amazing and passionate sex ever and there was this one time that is clearly etched on my mind.

It was a beautiful morning when I picked her up from the gym. She is of medium height with shoulder length hair and the most beautiful pair of breasts that I have ever seen. She is fair in complexion and has sexy brown eyes the kind that turns me on to no end. Today we had planned to go to a motel. We reached one after a short drive and soon booked a room. I had picked up a couple of bottles of her favourite wine and some snacks on the way.

She was dressed in her workout track pants and a pair of t shirt. We entered the room and I kissed her full on the lips. I then poured each of us a glass of wine. We just sat and talked for a while before I could not control anymore and hugged her and kissed her passionately. I brought her near the bed and then pushed her down on it. She was lying on her back and I took off her shoes and socks. I then took off her tracks and her t-shirt and she was there lying in front of my eyes only in her bra and panties. I got on top of her and took off her bra. My eyes feasted on her luscious milky white big breasts and I grabbed one and gently massaged it. I brought my mouth down and got hold of her nipple slowly sucking it and pulling it with my lips... She started moaning and I slid my hand down to her panties and I hooked my fingers on the waistband of her panties. Slowly I pushed it down and then took them off completely. I got up from the bed and took off my own clothes in a hurry. I could not wait any longer to devour her completely. I longed to make love to her passionately. I lied down next to her and kissed her for a long time. All the while my hands were feeling and squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples. Her nipples were rock hard. My hands started travelling down her smooth silky body and soon they were on her pussy. She was dripping wet by then and my entire fist was covered in her wetness. I could smell her familiar pussy scent and I inserted one finger and she let out a soft moan. I kept playing with her clit and she started moaning even more. She asked me to take her then and her moans got me excited and I took out a condom and put it on. I positioned myself between her legs. She was so wet that I entered her in one smooth long stroke. She let out a deep sigh on my entry and I let out my own moan of pleasure. I would take the entire length of my cock out and then insert it slowly again. We continued making slow love like this for a long time. I bent my head forward and took one hard and erect nipple in my mouth, all the while my cock kept going in and out of her. We were kissing each other like crazy too. I had put my tongue deep inside her mouth and explored and our tongues danced together. I put both my palms under her bums and grabbed them both and continued to ride her. Her breathing came on fast and I could feel her pussy muscles clutching my cock tight. Her pussy milked my cock and we both reached our climax almost at the same time and had our first orgasm of the day. I lied down next to her and we just kept lying and hugging each other. We refilled our glass of wine. After a while I took her hands and pulled her out of the bed. I made her stand against the wall and entered her from the back. My hands went round her sides and I cupped her breasts from the back all the while my fingers tweaking her nipples. We continued fucking this way for a while. I then took her back to the bed and made her lie down with her ass facing me. I couldn't take my eyes of her ass and plunged into her pussy from the back. She grunted at my sudden entry and started moaning again. I put both my hands on her bum and squeezed them making me hard even more. We continued fucking this way till we both had another mind numbing orgasm. We lied next to each other again. After a while I got up went to the bathroom and got a fresh hand towel slightly wet with hot water. I rubbed it on her pussy and cleaned all her juices flowing all over. Her pussy looked so soft, reddish pink and her pussy lips had become thick. I couldn't hold myself anymore and dived on her pussy to taste her and feed on her. I licked her clit and ran my tongue all over the folds of her pussy. I kept licking her pussy juice. It tasted like sweet nectar. The mushy and musky scent of her pussy drove me crazy. I kept licking her pussy lips and clit and she was now thrashing her face from side to side. Her body began to tense and I started fucking her with my tongue. She had another orgasm and I got up slowly. It felt like we could not have enough of each other. I got up on my knees and sat on her chest and grabbed both her boobs. I put my cock in between her tits and started fucking her this way. My cock would reach her mouth when I pushed and she would lick it. We kept doing this till she just kept sucking my cock. After a while I just laid down on my back and she got on top of me. She put her hand at the back and grabbed my cock and then slowly sat down on it. This made me go crazy with lust and I grabbed her hips and helped her go up and down. Her breasts were right in front of my face and I latched on to one nipple with my lips. I kept sucking it while she kept going up and down milking my cock. She said my cock was touching her G spot and we were soon riding the wave of another orgasm. We both fell flat on the bed breathing hard and heavy. In our quest to satisfy each other's lust we didn't even notice that it was now almost 3 hours since we started making love. It was time for her to go and she got up and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. Soon we were dressed and our way back.

No matter how many times we meet and end up in bed we just can't have enough of each other. Maybe coz we turn each other on like burning fire and our heat and lust for each other just doesn't simmer down...I wish I could have her right now !!!