Written by Confessionsofamanwhore


The below story was written by the man the mrs visited while he was on a work trip.

So, Tuesday was a bit different to my average weekday in Auckland, was just doing my normal after work relaxing, dinner etc and then I received a very unexpected text from a hotwife I had been messaging.

To my surprise she was in town at a bar and quite literally 2 streets away, so after a couple of messages she told me she was heading round to “meet me, fuck me and leave” there wasn’t even a question of being ok for me (quite clearly knew what she wanted)

Skeptic that I am, I continued with my evening not expecting anything to come from it.. Well that comfy position I had rested into lasted all of about 4 minutes when suddenly my phone actually rang- queue dumbfounded look on my face and staring at my phone as it displayed her name and phone number, I answer proceeded to have a conversation something along the lines of:

Me: hello
Her: Hi I’m outside
Me: *Pause*
Me: Really, ok. I’ll come let you in.
Her: thanks

I must admit it took a minute to process but the very short conversation, the phone was put down and I proceeded to lift and down to the front door.
Sure enough there stood a sexy lady dressed in a knee length black skirt, zip up front sleeveless top that covered her shoulders, chest and breasts. The top continued down past her waist (almost corset looking in shape but most definitely just a top) quite possibly the dirtiest cheekiest grin with perfectly done red lipstick.

I buzzed her in and greeted her with a hi and a hello kiss, she followed me to the lift, up to my apartment there was minimal talking but there was some groping of her arse and waist (both very nice assets).

In my apartment it became very apparent there was no time for formalities nor social drink or awkward conversation. She walked straight to the foot of my bed and began to unzip her top with the dirtiest little smirk on her face, I stopped her and began to undress her like a pass the parcel present, one layer at a time never pausing for long and keeping the touching to an absolute minimum (I very much enjoy seeing as much as touching).

Once she was stripped bare I stripped off (very much just stripped, I should probably work on my whole sexy taking off of clothes thing but come on I had a naked woman in front of me lol) she was then laid back on my bed where I did let my fingers do some walking (ok maybe a lot of walking). We both exchanged the shared desire to be safe and within seconds a condom was produced and fitted to my now very hard cock. A small amount of foreplay followed but was soon halted as I pushed her flat on her back spread her legs wide open as I positioned myself directly in front of her.

In this position I seldom take my time with entry and this time was no different, the head of my cock found her opening, lingered for just a moment (while I slid my hands under her arms and up her back to her shoulders before I thrust my entire length and girth deep inside her pussy all while holding her firmly in place unable to move away (the moan that follows is exactly why I have adopted this method) holding that position for a few seconds and allowing her to catch her breath before I begin nice long slow strokes easing my way and letting the juices cover my whole shaft to make what follows a little more bearable.

Her moans were deep and soft as I slid slowly in and out of her very nice pussy, her hands began to wander over my chest and through her hair, over the headboard, pillows and sheets. She is obviously a tactile person and she was definitely taking everything in to heighten her moment. This also meant that I obviously was no distracting enough so changing positions slightly I pulled my cock all the way out of her pussy and with a quick glance ensure my head was perfectly lined up. The next noise out of her mouth exploded across my apartment as I quite literally slammed my cock inside her, the moaning stayed like that for the rest of our time on the bed as I continued to slam my cock in here again and again and again.

The touching of her surroundings were instantly replaced by her hands desperately grabbing for anything firm to aid her in not being forced through the headboard of the bed, her head tipped back as far as humanly possible, her chest high in the air, back arched clear off the bed, mouth open and eyes open wide trying to process the feeling of being fucked hard and fast. Once I get on rhythm with my ‘pile driving’ there is little reprieve for whoever is under me until I am ready to cum or collapse from exhaustion.

I have no idea how long we held that position for, but beads of sweat started forming across her chest and shoulders, her hands constantly finding new places to grab and brace suddenly stopped and her entire body stiffened her back arched another few inches off the bed and I thrust harder than any previous, as our my hips slammed in to her the moan was replaced by a single deep and very loud scream and a contraction of every muscle in her body. Seeing such an obvious and intense orgasm was enough to finish me off on my very next stroke.

I collapsed on the bed beside her and simply enjoyed the moment and thinking of nothing but wanting to call my wife and tell her all about it and how much I love her.

Anyway, having done what was planned my visitor got up and began to dress (well attempted to anyway) she managed to pick her dress up from the floor just as her knees gave out and she decided to finish dressing sat on the end of my bed while I lay watching her, once she was dressed I sat up to say goodbye and discovered her knickers were still on the floor. The offer to keep them was made but underwear is so overrated on woman I declined and suggested next time she leave them at home.

As quickly as she arrived on my doorstep, she disappeared out of my apartment. I collapsed back on my bed and waited for the sandman to come and leave so I could call my wife and bring her up to speed on my evening.

Most definitely has changed the meaning of ‘Serviced’ apartment for me.