Written by Awakened


This all happened a few years back. Myself (Mr) and my wife (Mrs) were invited to Couple (M)&(F) for weekend at the beach. First night was drinks, laughs and just great night.

Next day Mrs gets a phone call from Single Lady Friend (S) who is in area and wants a bed for night. After discussing with Couple (M) & (F), they say fine, tell her to come and stay night at beach.

Blokes go fishing and (S) arrived. The three ladies wander along beach with wine in hand and catch up with the blokes. It’s a warm day and obvious that the wine is having an effect as the ladies are all laughing and full of mischief. With wine running out, the ladies return to the bach to find more. The two blokes stay on beach to carry on fishing.

Turns out the ladies returned and cracked into the wine again, lovely hot day and started to overheat. Apparently ladies allgot their tits out and were topless for a while and started sharing sexcapades stories. Blokes still on beach are totally unaware of the situation back at the bach. Tops on again the ladies carry on the wine trail.

When blokes return, no fish! It is very apparent that the ladies all three of them are well on the way.

Group decision for men to gather fire wood for a bonfire, while ladies prepare some food, they are badly in need of it!

Dinner over and drinks flowing all five of us around the bonfire. Talk returned to the events during the day. (S) Suddenly starts on about how she enjoyed getting tits out with the others earlier. Wants to know if they did too. This is news to the blokes! We prick our ears up and our mouths fall open. Then (Mrs) and (F) also start on about how much fun it was to be topless and feel the sun on their Tits. Blokes are still wondering what the hell is going on.

Blokes disappear to find more wood for fire. Return to find (S) and (F) kissing one another full on. Neither of the Blokes were expecting that, especially (F’s) Husband (M). There is an awkward moment or three, (M) & (F) have words about situation and disappear off to their room. Figured that was the end of that. (Mr), (Mrs) & and (S) continue on chatting about events of night laughing and drinks.

I head of to the toilet leaving (Mrs) & (S) by fire. Return to hear them talking in riddles.

(S) “Are you sure”

(Mrs) “I’m fine if it’s what you want?”

(S) “but I think it’s up to you”

(Mrs) “Why it’s you that wants it”

(S) “Yes I do but rather you ask”

Me (Mr) “What are you two on about??”

Then (Mrs) comes out with it “Well (S) here is horny and wants her pussy licked and I have told her you would do that for her”

BOOM hit with that gem! I look at both of them with disbelief, did I hear right? My eyes are going from one to the other and back again.

(Mrs) looks at me and smiles “Well are you up for it?”

My reply is “Are you sure about this”

Then look at (S) “Both of You”

(Mrs) “Yes… (S) wanted me to do it, but I can’t. But happy for you to”

That was it! I walked over to (Mrs) kissed he passionately on the lips hugged her and told her I loved her.

Moving to (S) I hugged her and gently removed her track pants and knickers, I proceeded to gently caress her legs, lightly sweeping across her neatly trimmed pussy.

Slowly and gently I lowered her to the rug on the grass, continuing to tease her. She was begging and thrusting her hips toward me trying to satisfy her need. Finally I looked at (Mrs) and asked her one more time if she was sure. Her reply was “Just hurry up and satisfy her will you! ....... But leave some for me!”

To be continued……