Written by hotashell


We have been in the swinging scene for many years, we are in our 50ies but both are in good condition. My wife is a good looker who just loves attention. I tell her what she can wear most times and she loves this. She loves going out to play the pokies and I always make sure she is dressed appropriately, this will be wearing a dress or skirt with a sheer top on, she is forbidden to wear underwear. As you can imagine she looks hot and gets plenty of attention. Last month she was going out and I told her she was not to come back until she had a cock either in her pussy or mouth, she knows better than to argue or disobey me, and must also provide me proof that she has indeed done as I say.

Anyway I sat down at home to watch the nights rugby game and off she went.

She came home 3 hours later looking a bit dishevelled but also with a happy smile. She asked me for my hand and placed it on her pussy and I could feel the spunk still leaking out. She then undid her top to show me dried spunk down her front which she told me she had spat there after a cock had blown in her mouth. The bitch then asked me what her reward would be as not only had she had a cock in her pussy but another in her mouth.

She told me as she was sitting playing the pokies a young guy about 30 started asking her if she was married and when she told them she was how did her husband feel about her showing off her tits in public, she told him she dresses as she is told and then told him what she had been told to do. At this stage the guys mate came looking for him and got a little jealous of his friend. My wife started flirting with both of them and after only a few minutes persuaded them to take them out to the car park where they both took turns at fucking her alternate in her pussy and mouth, she said a few people saw them but she didn't care as she knew she had to please me. She's a very good girl