Written by Dee


Oh my, far out i must be crazy cause here we go again...

Scenario 2-Meet me in the same spot in the park only wear the coat and heels and this time i will touch you and you will kneel for me.

The adrenaline coursing through my body was intense when i read my new challenge.

The night came and I slipped into the shower and let the water run over my body, my skin was on high alert, tingly all over, i felt very wet and horny at the thought of what was to come for me tonight. I had only really seen his silhouette in the moonlight so he was still a mystery to me.

We arrived at the arranged time hubby had bought a blanket for me to kneel on, thank you babe, he collected it from the back seat and we started our walk to the spot we would meet. I could feel my body re acting to the cool night air. My nipples were hardening and between my legs was becoming wetter the closer we got.

I had asked permission to wear the blindfold again as i had enjoyed the mystery of not seeing him last time, so i put it on and as we arrived i could hear his voice ask me if i was alright and did i feel comfortable? Yes sir i answered.

Hubby put the blanket on the ground and Sir started to touch me, first my nipples and then my buttocks ooww it felt so nice the feel of his hands on my skin. His touch was soft and tender and extremely arousing. I started to crave for him.

My jacket is taken off me and i am exposed once more. He instructed me to touch him through his jeans, i start to rub both there wonderful members that way for awhile. Sir then takes his pants down and tells me to go down on my knees. I take him in my mouth and start to suck gently. He has a great cock and i'm enjoying running my tongue up and down the shaft, massaging the slit in the top and sucking him deep down my throat. God i love giving head and the sounds that he was making made me realize i was definitely doing a good job of it. I swapped between the men giving them both as much enjoyment as i could. Sucking balls and there cocks and working my throat as best i could not to gag as i took as much as i could down my throat. Working between the two. It was time for Sir to come and when he shot his warm wonderful gift down my throat i was delighted, hubby then followed with his. Yummy yummy.

Sir took my hands and helped me to my feet again.

I took my blindfold off and we chattered for awhile as i put my jacket back on.

What we hadn't realized was that we had been watched the whole time and once he saw that we new he was there he scarpered up one of the trees.

Naughty Opossum