Written by Dee


How do i get myself into these predicaments ? The message reads...

Scenario 1-You are to wear heels and a coat. Nothing under the coat of course. You are to be blindfolded and taken to a discreet outdoor spot by hubby. If you feel comfortable you will let your coat fall to the ground and stay naked for a spell. No touching will be aloud this meeting.

Every time i thought about it happening i felt scared, horny, nervous and wet all at the same time. As i was getting ready for the meet all i could think about was what would he sound like ? what would it feel like to be naked and blindfolded out in the open in the middle of the city? No sexy lingerie will be needed tonight.

We drove into the city and parked the car and waited for instructions on where to go next. Hubby got the message and it was time. OMG it felt like there was people everywhere. My heart was racing and it was chilly out. After awhile the blindfold was put on and i was escorted to the meeting spot. His voice came out of the dark. He had a very smooth manly voice and i felt calm but hornier by the minutes. The men chattered for a brief moment and then it was time to lose the coat. The nerves were hitting the roof and i could feel the moisture slipping down the insides of my legs.

Hubby slid my jacket off my shoulders and presented what he has the pleasure of enjoying everyday. The night was very chilly but somehow i felt warm standing there in only a blindfold and stiletto boots. I did a twirl to show a total stranger all of me and he sounded very happy with what he saw. I felt incredibly hot and sexy standing there and somehow being blindfolded made me feel safe. I look forward to scenario 2 with a very wet pussy.

Watch this space.