Written by CrazyCats


It was a dark and rainy night. Cold and unexciting and Sally decided enough was enough. She was left to entertain herself yet again and she was not only pissed off, but horny. Her husband was at the pub, and his untouched dinner was on the bench getting colder by the minute. It was a shame that the same couldn't be said for Sally's snatch. Her pussy was hot and moist after her last hour of revenge porn watching... But that wasn't enough to quench her thirst tonight.

A thought passed through her mind, dirty and naughty as it was. Her and her husband shared an account on a dating site for that little bit of extra fun, but any activity was only ever conducted with mutual agreement. "Hey", she thought to herself, " if he's not around to ask permission from , then fuck him!" Sally decided that she was going to have a night of full on flirting, then masturbate herself to sleep.

Sally knew her husband's routine and knew that he wouldn't be coming home for hours, if at all. She smiled and unconsciously licked her lips as she opened the case of her computer and turned it on. Logging into the well used web site was done in only a few seconds and, as usual, there was a string of messages available for her perusal. The suspense was delicious. So many possibilities in her own fantasy world, but none really likely to happen.

Sally had a thing for intelligence and conversation and the usual messages were along the lines of "Hey Yous free now have hrad cock wanna fuk". She'd been offered up to $1000 for a night and had photos of herself on the site. It wasn't the first time she'd been offered money, so maybe her frame wasn't so bad after all. Still, she didn't really feel like pimping herself out just yet... Especially when she saw the photos of the likely suspects. "And please, learn to spell guys!" she muttered to herself in exasperation as she read through the expected messages.

When the red 'new message' light pinged on her computer page, she sighed with that heavy feeling of a wet pussy going to waste on yet another hopeless limp dick. Then she saw the subject line of the message. 'Great profile. You intrigue me, and I'd like to get to know you.'. "Wow" she thought to herself. "The spelling was right and everything" she muttered out loud and giggled. "Let's just read that message".

"Hi. My name is Tim and I'm on this site because I'm so turned on by the forbidden aspect of it, not because I'm desperate to have sex. I have nothing to hide, so you may ask me anything you desire. I'm married, but hope my honesty doesn't offend. If I've read your profile correctly, I'm sure it won't. I like good wine, great conversation and very bad women. My profile is honest, and if you look carefully, my photo shows me and a newspaper with last weeks' date. I'd tell you how much I enjoyed your photos, but I'm sure that's a line you hear all the time. If I pass, and you're interested, send me a message and we can get to know each other better.



"Ok, so he's married. It's not like I haven't screwed married guys before. I'm not here to judge or be judged and I don't know his circumstances. Hmmmmm self justification done, now it's time to reply!" The girl was clearly horny! The computer made its familiar click as she pressed to view his photo. "Whoa! This guy is hot!"

Sally drummed her fingertips on her chin as she paused for a moment to consider a witty retort. "This could be fun..." she thought, as her fingers typed away.

"Hello Tim. Firstly, thank you for your compliment. Secondly, thank you for an intelligent email."

"Hmmmm, my brain has turned to mush... I wonder what his cock looks like. I wonder if he's a good fuck.... Ok, getting carried away here. Brain don't leave me now.... Aaaaaagh! "

"What am I doing?" Sally thought to herself, "it's not like I'm going to fuck the guy, I'm just flirting a little." And suddenly the pressure was off. After pressing the delete key a multitude of times, Sally opted for a simple reply.

"Hi Tim, thanks for your email. I'm glad you liked my pics, and I liked yours very much too. I also read your profile and I think you would be my perfect match for some fun."

The preliminary nervous messaging got underway and basic details were discussed, along with why they were both online and on their own that night. Feeling more comfortable with each other by the minute, their messages soon began to heat up. Sally was feeling increasingly daring and was discussing all manner of sexual fettishes and what her and her husband sometimes did when they wanted some extra fun. She explained that their sex lives would sometimes involve an extra man or an extra woman depending on their moods. She told Tim of an orgy that they had been to and the gangbang that she had on their honeymoon. Fearing that she had stepped over the mark when Tim failed to reply to the last message, Sally began explaining that it was only ever by mutual agreement and always safe sex.

"I wasn't judging you Sally, I was just a little busy stroking my cock! It's difficult to stroke myself, play with my balls and type at the same time. You're a naughty girl for making me so horny!"

"I'm horny too!" Sally typed "I've been wriggling around on my chair so it rubs against my pussy. God I need release! I want to cum, but I'm really enjoying your teasing and want it to last as long as possible. Maybe I'll get out one of my dildos and pretend its you. " Take that for a tease, Sally thought as her lips parted releasing an "ooooo" as she ground her pussy into the chair a little harder.

"It's such a shame we've both been let go to waste tonight. I can only imagine filling your sweet wet pussy with my big thick cock." Came Tim's quick reply.

Sally shook her head with dismay. She was so ripe for the picking but knew if she even allowed her fingers one brush against her clit she'd explode in a big juicy orgasm. "Maybe we should teach them both a lesson" and before she realised the magnitude of sending a message like that, her naughty little fingers had pressed 'send'.

In an instant the red light was on again. "Do you really mean that?" Tim replied. "Those could be dangerous words. I know you don't live far away."

"Why did I put my postcode on this site?" Sally thought to herself, but couldn't suppress the smile on her lips or the tingle her pussy felt.

"Danger's my middle name. Didn't I tell you that?" Sally cringed as she pressed the send button, hoping Tim would be amused.

There was an agonising wait for a reply and Sally thought shed been too corny instead of horny, when finally the red light flashed again.

"Sally, I want to meet you in the flesh. Can I come and visit? We don't have to do anything, and if your husband comes home, we could say I'm an old school friend, or your cousin."

Sally sighed at the thought of her husband coming home drunk and ruining the good time she was having, but it was enough to make her want to teach him a lesson for once. She pondered her predicament for a while and a new message flashed.

"Sally? Are you there?"

"Yes, I am Tim. And you should be here too." Sally replied and then sent her address before she could think better of it.

"I'll be there in 20 minutes. I'm logging off now" and then Tim was offline.

"Holy fucking crap!" Sally spluttered into the computer screen. "What the fuck have I just done?!" She looked at the time and realised that it was already 1.30 am and it was unlikely she'd be seeing her husband. Thinking of him refreshed the desire for payback. She decided to spend her 20 minutes taking a shower, applying a little make up and putting on some nice underwear and her favourite slip dress. It may have been cold outside, but her internal temperature had certainly risen over the last hour.

The underwear she chose was a matching g string and halter bra made of sheer black lace. It tied up so that just a tug of the string at her neck and at her hip and she would be nearly naked. She thought that if Tim did happen to see her in it, he may be aroused by how quickly he could access her flesh. "Bad girl!" She thought as she tussled her long dark wavy hair to give it that just been fucked look. She surveyed herself in the full length mirror one final time and for once noticed how sexy she looked in her blue silk dress. With only a few minutes to go until Tim was due to arrive, Sally quickly poured herself a vodka for Dutch courage and downed it in one go. She barely had time to dim the lights, light her candles and ponder which seats they would take when the doorbell rang. With shaking legs, she went to answer it.

She swung the door open to be greeted by a tall, handsome man with short brown hair, still wet from his shower. Her eyes moved down his face to see brown eyes sparkling with mischief and a smile so sexy that she instantly felt an ache in her groin. To say that Tim's photo didn't do him justice was the understatement of the year. In her visual devouring of this virtual stranger, Sally completely forgot her manners until she heard a low chuckle and Tim smiled at her even more.

"Aren't you going to let me in?" Sally heard him say in a deep smooth voice brimming with confidence. "I've brought us a bottle of wine to share."

"Yes... of course!" Sally stammered, brought back to reality. She stepped back and permitted Tim's entry, closing the door behind him but deliberately leaving it unlocked.

She led Tim through to the lounge where the lights were low and some sexy Spanish music was playing softly in the background. She showed him to a comfortable couch that was big enough for two and excused herself to go and get a couple of wine glasses. Coming back into the lounge, Sally found Tim had taken off his jacket and had proceeded to open the bottle. She offered her sweetest smile and held out the glasses. Their fingers brushed in the exchange and it sent a shiver of excitement through Sally's chest and stomach.

They sat close, turned in towards each other and toasted to good health and good sex. Sally giggled nervously and Tim placed his hand gently on her knee as he leaned in further. "Thank you for having me. I just had to come and meet you. And I'm so glad I did. You're even more beautiful than in your photos and you have such a sexy voice".

"That's what I thought about you." Sally replied honestly. They each took a long calming sip of their wine and as Sally leaned forward to return her glass to the table, Tim leaned in and placed a gentle, lingering kiss on her cheek. Sally turned her head so that they were nose to nose, looking straight into each others eyes. Tim put down his glass and clasped Sally's face in both of his hands. He kissed her lips, lightly holding her bottom lip between his, then his kisses changed from tender to urgent. His tongue found its way into Sally's mouth and the hand on her right cheek moved to the back of her head, pulling her to him. Sally returned his kisses, cautiously at first, but then with every bit of passion she could find in her body. Their breathing became ragged and their hands started to find other places to explore. Sally felt Tim's firm, muscular chest through his shirt and ran her fingernails across his shoulders and down his arms. Tim let his fingertips slide masterfully down Sally's neck, tracing a line down to cup her breasts, teasing her nipples through the thin fabric of her dress along the way. They broke their kiss looking into each other's flushed face and neither of them could suppress a nervous laugh.

"If I were to ask to see your naked body, how would you feel if my husband returned?" Sally asked in her most seductive voice.

"Is he likely to beat the shit out of me?" Tim asked, only half joking. "And would you be naked too?"

"We'll no he wouldn't. He's a lover not a fighter, but he just hasn't been around. And I wouldn't mind him thinking I could get sex from somewhere else if he doesn't provide it. But he probably wont even come home. And as for me being naked too, that would only be fair. Anyway, enough worrying about nothing. I'd love to see and touch your body so I'm game if you are."

Having heard Sally's tales of the sexual sharing her and her husband got up to, Tim considered this a fairly safe bet. She made him so horny with every move, and every word that he had to do whatever he must to burry his cock in her. He stood up, picking up Sally's wine in one hand and reached out to her with the other, pulling her to a standing position in front of him. "Here" he said, "take another sip of this before your hands get too busy. If you want me naked you naughty girl, then you'll have to undress me."

With that Sally took a gulp of her wine, put down her glass and placed her arms around Tim, pulling him to a tight embrace while she kissed his earlobe and worked her way down his neck. She paused as she reached the first of his shirt buttons and looked up at him through her eyelashes. Slowly she worked the button free and progressed to the next and the next, all the while maintaining eye contact and watching his face for reaction. As the last button was undone, she savagely yanked his shirt out of his trousers and pulled it backwards over his shoulders so that his arms were half pinned behind him and his torso was almost completely exposed. She leaned forward and took one of his nipples in her mouth, grazing it with her teeth.

This sent Tim rocketing into a suddenly elevated arousal and he freed his arms of their entrapment to grab Sally and kiss her roughly. Their tongues searching desperately around each other's mouth made them pant with desire and Sally could feel Tim's growing cock digging into her belly. He released her long enough to bend down slightly and grab them hem of her dress. In one quick movement, he'd lifted it up and over her head and she was standing there wearing the underwear that she had especially chosen for him.

Tim stood back and examined Sally's barely covered body letting out a low, horny groan of approval. He wanted to suck and lick every inch of her. He noticed that the small remainder of her clothes could be ever so easily removed by pulling some strings and she would be left totally exposed. Revelling momentarily in that thought made the bulge in his pants strain harder against his zip and he held Sally to him so that he could rub against her.

Noticing the growing issue, Sally continued with removing Tim's clothing. She took his belt buckle and unclipped it, the clanking metal sound warning him that he would soon be devoid of his pants. Next came the top button and carefully Sally pulled down Tim's zip. She got on her knees and removed Tim's shoes and socks with his help then grabbed the ass of his trousers and pulled them down. Tim stepped out of them as Sally looked up and found she was eye level with the raging hard on in his boxers. She couldn't help but touch it, just to see if it was as hard as it looked. She reached out, placing the palm of her hand on his covered shaft and rubbed up and down, pushing it into his belly.

Sally's pussy was hot and wet and she wanted to taste this lovely cock and feel it in her mouth. One thing Sally really loved about sex was oral. Her husband was a master at giving and had taught her to relax and enjoy it. She almost always came in torrents on his face and he loved it. She also loved giving, but then she always had loved it. In Sally's mind, there was nothing like sucking on a cock until it got enormous in your mouth, then tasting its nectar on release.

She couldn't stand it any more. Kissing and fondling was nice, but she really wanted to whip this member out and give it a great sucking. Sally looked up at Tim, her hand still on the front of his boxers, and asked "May I?"

Tim took a gulp of his wine and nearly yelled "Yes please!"

Removing the last item of Tim's clothing, Sally rose up on her knees and enjoyed the sight of Tim's cock springing out directly in front of him. His thick shaft and hairless balls looked delicious. She grabbed him firmly in her right hand and lightly licked him from his balls up to the top of his shaft only occasionally flicking her tongue across the top of his knob. The saliva in her mouth was flowing almost as freely as her pussy juices. It was lucky she still had her knickers on!

With plenty of lubrication available, Sally gradually gave Tim's knob more attention. Her expert tongue licking and flicking and teasing for all she was worth. She found his sensitive area right at the underside and nearly at the tip and licked at it in slow teasing motion, blowing her warm breath on it in between licks. Once she felt him starting to thrust forward and heard his moans of pleasure, Sally grabbed him firmer and guided his cock head between her lips. She swirled her tongue around his swollen knob and slowly inched him in deeper, rubbing his tip against the ridges on the roof of her mouth.

Looking up at Tim, Sally found his mouth open as he tried to control both his breathing and his cock. He was watching every move she made. She smiled as best she could with a mouthful, took a deep breath and pushed his entire length into her mouth so that her nose was pressed against his pubic mound and her chin was against the balls she'd been tickling with her spare hand.

"Oh Fuck!" Tim grunted. And Sally took this as a sign she should repeat this action a few more times. When he reached down and grabbed both sides of her head, she knew he wasn't far off blowing his load. She didn't want him to cum just yet though... She wanted to ride that cock. Sally pulled him out of from the grasp of her lips and squeezed his balls just enough to prevent his release. Licking the two drops of precum off him, she offered up her most innocent smile.

Tim laughed and shook his head. "You're so lucky you stopped when you did or your face would be covered in my cum right now."

"Probably not Tim, I don't like wasting a drop."

Tim reached into the pocket of his pants that had been thrown aside and extracted three condoms.

"Three!" Sally thought. "That's a good sign."

"I think it's time you got naked, you teasing dirty little bitch" Tim said with a smile in his voice. He stood her up and pulled on the string around her neck. Her bra top fell open to expose two round perky breasts with incredible dark pink protruding nipples. He took turns on each, sucking them to their full hardness, brushing his fingertips against them and giving them an occasional firm tweak. Sally threw her head back and pushed her breast into Tim's face, grabbing him around the neck and rubbing her crotch on his leg. His attention was drawn to the wetness she'd left on him and he held her out to pull on the string at her hips. Her knickers fell to the floor and he looked down to see that her juices had formed a string between her bald puffy pussy lips to a spot on her inner thigh. He just had to taste that pussy right now. Pushing Sally back onto the couch, he grabbed her legs and pulled them apart roughly to assume his position there. She was so slick and wet that he could taste her as he licked her thigh and around her outer lips. She smelled of arousal and pheromones and he was so turned on his cock was starting to twitch. His tongue began a torment of feather light licks along her slit and even more juices flowed out. Sally ran her fingers through Tim's hair and held his face firmly to her aching snatch. No one could quite lick her pussy like her husband, Hans, but Tim was pretty close. He pulled his head away to drawl "Fuck you taste so good." And Sally took this opportunity to cover her pussy with her hand.

"I need to fuck you now Tim. I need to ride that fat cock." With that, Sally got up and manoeuvred Tim into a sitting position on the couch. She took one of the condoms from where he'd left them, opened it and placed the tip of it on his knob, sliding the rest of it down his shaft while stoking him to his full hardness. Sally got up and placed a knee on either side of Tim's legs on the couch so that she was facing him and straddling him. She reached down in front of her and took his stiff member in her left hand, working it up and down. With her right hand she slipped two fingers into her slit and gently rubbed, ensuring that when she extracted them they would be slick with juice. She dipped her fingers in and out of her pussy, each time using her own lube to rub onto Tim's sheathed cock. After his thickness was sufficiently wet Sally poised herself over Tim, his knob just touching her entrance. She held onto his shoulder with one hand, while she lowered herself onto him and slowly guided him inside. She was so worked up, she had to try hard not to cum on entry. She could feel the muscles of her pussy walls contracting around this intrusion. Moving the other hand to his shoulder as well, Sally slowly lowered and raised herself over and over again. This was one of her favourite positions. Not only did it allow her to be totally filled by cock, but it also gave her clit a delicious rub at the end of each down stroke. Tim was holding on to Sally's ass cheeks helping to pull her down harder on him at each stroke. "Fuck me good and hard you dirty bitch. Yes, ride my big hard cock till you cum on me". He was groaning in ecstasy, and Sally was loving it. She got extra turned on by men who talked dirty and were loud expressive lovers.

Hearing that slapping sound of their bodies hitting together in this forceful fuck, Sally threw her head back again.... And it was then that she saw movement in the mirror behind them. She realised Hans had come home, silently entering through the unlocked door and he was standing in the doorway of the lounge with a confused and dazed expression on his face. Their eyes met in the mirror and Sally just smiled back at him. Had Hans not been a little boozed he might have reacted differently, but he was too stunned.

It was getting too much for Sally. The excitement of being caught was unbelievable and was sending her over the edge. She moaned and grunted loudly. " I'm gonna cum all over that big cock of yours Tim. I'm gonna cover you with my pussy juice. Are you ready for that?"

Tim's only response was to yell "Fuck, you'd better hurry!"

Sally couldn't hold it in a moment longer, her pussy started convulsing wildly in an earth shattering orgasm and as she continued to ride Tim furiously, the wet squelching contractions of her cunt drew out his load.

Breathlessly, Sally thanked Tim for her orgasm with a passionate kiss then with Tim still inside, she turned her head and said to Hans "It's a shame you weren't available when I needed a good hard fucking babe." It was only then that Tim realised they weren't alone in the room and he made a panicked move to pull Sally off his lap. She braced herself over him barring him from moving very much in his shocked state.

"I told you I needed a fuck tonight Hans and you left me here alone. You know you haven't made love to me for three days and I've been really horny and ready. You always tell me the one that you miss, you never get back, so let that be a lesson to you. It'll give you something to think about next time you leave me alone for too long."

Finally Hans found his voice "You know we only ever play together. That's our rule you dirty little slut."

Sally suddenly felt a little bad and afraid that she'd gone too far, but then she noticed the huge bulge in Hans' pants. It had actually turned him on!

Poor Tim had gone flaccid with a little fear and went to move away from Sally again and she remembered her manners.

"Tim," she said. "This is my husband Hans. He's a great fuck too and now I'd like you to watch him eat my pussy if you're not too freaked out?" With that Sally gave Tim a kiss on the cheek for a confidence boost and got up to greet her husband. "We used a condom babe, and technically, you were here watching us fuck. Which bit turned you on the most? I know when we play you like seeing other men fuck me, so what's the difference?" She reached out and quickly found her way into her husbands pants. He'd already undone them, so that was more confirmation that he wasn't really as angry as he was making out. She got on her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth. Moaning and slurping just the way he liked it. He seemed to be over his shock as he took off his shirt to show off his broad shoulders and muscled chest. "Yes!" Sally thought to herself. "That's my Hans." She cajoled.

Hans bent down and picked Sally up off the floor, taking her to another couch but laying her down so that Tim could get a full view of the action. "Do you like to watch women squirt Tim?" This was enough to break the ice. Tim came closer to observe the action and Hans placed himself between Sally's legs. "Firstly, you have to make sure they're nice and lubed." Hans squeezed Sally's pussy lips together and moved is hand up and down causing gentle stimulation of her now hooded clit. Then, he parted her lips and nuzzled into her moaning and causing vibrations that got her juices flowing all over again. Hans pulled his head away and started fingering Sally's hole, rhythmically moving it in and out while applying licks and sucks at appropriate intervals. Hans was truly amazing at going down on a woman. Sally had never cum with oral before Hans came into her life and he seemed to be revelling in his new teaching role.

"Now," he said to Tim. "You turn your hand palm up and start moving the finger inside of her in a beckoning motion". Hans pulled out his finger momentarily to show Tim what he meant, then reinserted the finger and resumed his movements.

"God I love watching women squirt! Said Tim. "I've tried to get my wife to, but she says she can't. So I just have to watch it on porn sites. I've never seen it in real life." Clearly Tim was over any awkwardness by now and his cock was starting to show its interest all over again.

Hans continued his fingering and sucking, drawing it out as a secret punishment only his wife would know he was inflicting. When he thought she'd had enough torment, he sped up his movements and entered her harder. His other fingers were now slamming into her pussy lips and Sally was groaning and writhing while her juices started free flowing. He knew she was close and he parted her lips and pounded her harder still. In only another moment, Sally was screaming and making a purely animal sound. Juice squirted out of her in a jet that went straight up into the air and landed on both Sally and Hans. Sally started bucking against the hand wildly and her entire body convulsed uncontrollably. Hans sat back with a satisfied grin on his face. He loved doing that to his wife. Tim was beaming, saying "That was awesome and so fucking hot! Thank you so much, and thank you for being cool about me coming to visit your wife."

"I hope you don't think you're leaving now, Tim. There's more work to be done here. We have to teach my little cum whore a lesson." Hans dragged his wife off the couch by the hips and put her on the floor on her hands and knees. Stripping off the rest of his clothes, Hans got behind his wife and inserted his cock into her. He knew she had trouble taking his full length from this position, but that would just be another part of her punishment. Her pussy was still dripping, so he slipped his cock into her as far as it could go. Sally grunted in a mixture of pleasure and pain and Hans gave her a few good hard pumps to remind her of who was in charge. Tim was watching this and stoking his cock when Hans told him to put his cock in Sally's mouth. As Hans pumped Sally hard from behind, Tim thrust his cock forward, stretching out her lips and causing her to be impaled from both ends. As an extra punishment, Hans started smacking Sally's bare ass cheeks in between thrust until they were rosey pink. They both continued their pumping until Hans pulled out of Sally's wanton little cunt and blew a fantastic load of hot cum over Sally's back and down the crack of her ass. Sally groaned with pleasure and started pumping Tim's cock with a firm hand while sucking it. Watching, Hans was playing with his still hard cock. It always took him at least two cums to get it to soften.

"Don't let her suck the cum out of you Tim." Hans said. "We're going to cover her in our cum and she's going to rub it into her skin, because that's what dirty little cum sluts do."

"Ok Hans, but it won't take long. This is fucking hot. I'm going to be pulling my dick while I think of your wife for weeks."

Hans laid Sally down on the floor and manoeuvred himself over her so she could lick his balls while he jerked himself off. He loved that and was soon flexing his leg muscles in the way that preceded blowing his load. He continued to give himself long steady strokes while Tim moved in to position at Sally's side. Tim was stroking very fast now, and opened his mouth and grunted. His pulsing dick sprayed five jets of cum over Sally's body, splashing on her tits, belly and pubic mound. Hans lifted his balls off Sally's mouth and thrust his hips forward, spraying his pearls of cum from her pussy to her chin. As the final drops landed, Hans stuck his cock into Sally's mouth for her to clean up. She obliged willingly rubbing the cum into her skin as she did. Her whole body was slippery and smelled of very naughty sex.

The three of them sat there for a few moments while catching their breath and maintaining some composure. Tim was the first to speak. "We'll guys, I hate to be a party pooper, but I'm truly shagged and I need to get some sleep."

"Right," said Hans. "Yes, we'd better get to bed too. If you're interested in coming back one day, give me your number and we might be able to arrange something."

"That'd be great". Hans and Tim swapped details and Tim said a fond goodbye with a firm handshake for Hans, a kiss for Sally and a promise to them both to stay in touch.

As the front door closed, Hans and Sally looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Ok" Sally said, "Next time it's your turn to start without me."