My partner Annie and I have a very healthy sex life... She is late 20's and I am mid 40's.

She is very highly sexed and true Bi-sexual. This had always turned me on, she almost seems to have a man's sexuality, but without being masculine at all. Several times I had caught her watching porn with her vibrator overheating and teased her mercilessly, especially as hard, rough, anal "punishment" porn was what got her off... Not the soft, sensual, tantric, aroma, massage and yogis style of womens erotica I'm used to expecting...

I let her play with women solo with my blessing as I found it exciting to think she was discovering her sexuality. We had talked about swinging and some of our own independent sexy encounters and decided we'd both like to experiment with it at some stage, but weren't rushing to create the situation.

We had one trip to CKK which we both loved.

To my surprise, I enjoyed watching her getting fucked, and she loved watching me fucking.

A super sexy 30 something couple Jackie and Mike, approached us, we are fit, but these two were honestly like models you'd see in fitness magazines Jackie was 5'9", beautiful blonde, incredible figure. Mike was a 6'2" Adonis, not like puffed up bodybuilder, more like an athlete you'd see in the Olympic Decathlon, balanced purposeful athletic muscles.

We swapped partners, then all showered together. I started kissing Jackie as her hands started playing with my already hard cock. I turned around so I was on her right side and started massaging her wet pussy with one hand and lightly toying with the rim of her arsehole with the other. Jackie was moaning increasingly louder and kept forgetting she was stroking my cock at the same time. I didn't care, as it was such a turn on she was getting overwhelmed with pleasure. The simultaneous sight of Mike and Annie fondling each other right beside us just made the eroticism super intense. I soaped up my hands and entered Jackie's steaming slippery pussy and simultaneously slipped a soapy finger inter her tight but rapidly loosening arsehole, she came moments later and I could feel her pussy and arsehole squeeze with pulsing contractions as she groaned in delight.

We dried each other off paying dutiful attention to all the intimate nooks and crannies and the 4 of us moved to a room. The pleasure of fucking this stunning beauty, while watching her equally stunning boyfriend fucking my gorgeous Annie was just exponential. After a while we swapped back and I fucked Annie to orgasm then entered her arse as it drives her wild especially once she's come.

Mike was reaching accross and massaging Annie's breasts as I thrust in and out of her lubed arse.

Mike was fucking Jackie right alongside us, she had her thighs up against her chest and her legs in the air. I reached accross under Mikes legs to Annie's prone ass and started massaging her anus that was wet from her juices and lube/semen streaming down from her pussy as Mike and I both pumped away in our beauties. I could tell my thumb action was getting Jackie to climax so I inserted it deep to the hilt of my hand and started a wide slow circular motion. She came so hard again pulsing and clenching around my thumb.

Mike and Jackie then joined me in pleasuring Annie. Jackie straddled Annie's face as Mikes cum began to drip out of her, Annie loved tasting the combination of his and her juices while tongue fucking her Jackie's perfect pussy. Jackie and I kissed as we pleasured either end of Annie and Mike licked and massaged her breasts.

All the attention and stimulation was sensory overload for Annie who started bucking and writhing like she was having shock therapy. She exploded in what she later said was the biggest orgasm of her life!

It was all too much for me and I squinted, pulsing my come deep inside Annie's tight hole, before we all collapsed in a sweaty slippery heap and could do nothing but lie around exhausted and pleasantly overwhelmed.