This is a story about the dirtiest thing that ever happened to me? OK... I say happened to ME, really I guess I mean happened to my (then) girlfriend.

She had this thing about outdoor sex, and over time it developed into quite specific needs. It turned out that what she really wanted was to have sex in a muddy field. Now, we thought about this a lot, and the requirements were that obviously it had to be warm enough for sex, but still wet and at least a little dirty.

We found what we needed at a rugby club... I won't tell you exactly where. It was April, one of those Aprils that often seem to come along that are unseasonably warm (this was in the UK). It had rained during the day, and although sunset is before 8pm, at 8.30 it was still warm enough to be outside in shorts (or less).

We parked 100 yards down the road from the club, and walked quietly up the road, then sneaked in the gate and immediately turned left to hug the hedge at the side of the grounds, staying as discreet as possible. At the far end we hopped over a rope and onto the pitch. Our shoes were already soaked - it was obvious that the afternoon rain was still lying on the pitch.

When we were under the posts, Kay said "this'll do" and grabbed me suddenly, pinning me back against the upright and kissing me passionately. I was surprised by how quickly she was turned on - the location was obviously working exactly as she thought it would, because she immediately knelt in front of me and started to rub her face against my groin, looking up at me as she opened her mouth and let it wander all over the tightening front of my jeans.

I was getting aroused by her keenness, and I was very excited by the time she undid my belt, then my fly, then slid down my jeans and shorts in one rapid action. She took hold of my shaft and started to wank me slowly, kissing my stomach and thighs. By now I was completely hard and dying for her to suck me, but she started instead to give me occasional teasing licks inbetween strokes of her hand. She stood up again and kissed me (still holding my cock) and whispered in my ear "what are you waiting for? I want you to fuck me. My pussy wants you, right now". It always turned me on when she talked that directly - she really knew how to do it, and she knew too well the effect it would have on me. She stepped back and very very deliberately removed all her clothes, until she stood in front of me, somewhat more visible now than 10 minutes earlier as my eyes got used to the darkness.

She took my hand and knelt, encouraging me down too. Once on the floor she got on all fours and turned her back on me, looking back over her shoulder and whispering urgently: "do it, do it to me now". I pulled up behind her and reached around to stroke her between the legs. She was very very wet, and I didn't wait for another invitation: I entered her deeply and suddenly, making her gasp. I leaned forward and placed my hands on her shoulders, and hesitated there for a second, just taking in the sight of her pale skin, a contrast to the darker and just visible anus that pointed up towards me. Her hips pushed back, encouraging my first thrusts, and I fucked her progressively harder and deeper, enjoying the slight whimpers that started almost immediately to escape involuntarily from her.

A noise over to my right made me jump slightly. Framed against the light of the suddenly-open clubhouse door, I saw two figures emerge into the club car park. This was the first time that it occurred to me that April is within the rugby season (which would explain the mud that I now realised my knees were sinking into). I froze, realizing that only noise could give us away, since we were against a dark background and the eyes of the men emerging from the club would not yet be attuned to the darkness.

This would have worked, had it not been for the light that came on as they stepped across the car park. This light was obviously designed to give security for the cars themselves, but it was much too bright for that job, way too bright.

I think the first guy was actually in the car before his mate saw us. I heard low voices between them, not loud enough for me to make out any words, but it was obvious they were looking in our direction.

"Shit, shit, shit - we have to go, right now" I said, withdrawing from Kay. I stood up and started to pull my trousers back up.

Kay turned her head around toward me, a strange look on her face. "No we don't" she said, and there was a charged note in her voice. Panicked, I noticed that the guys had now abandoned getting into the car and had stepped over the rope, making their way toward us.

"Come on, come on" I said. "You go if you want to" said Kay, "I'll be fine."

By now the two guys were nearly upon us. Any question of the two of us getting away had vanished. I stepped between them and Kay, and said something useless about not wanting any trouble. The larger of them - I'd guess he was a second row, easily 6'4", pushed me out of the way. There was no real violence in it - it was an act of calm certainty of success. By now his mate - the scrum half? Certainly a small, wiry man - had reached Kay, and I was surprised to see her look up from all fours and grin at him. Without hurry he walked around her, getting a good look at her from every angle, before stopping right behind her and kneeling - in fact, taking up the position I'd just vacated. Slowly and deliberately, he undid his jeans and lowered them occasionally breaking off to stroke her ass with one hand. He drew up close behind her and entered her surprisingly gently, slipping a hand around her hip that - to judge from the way she lifted her head and closed her eyes - had immediately found its target between her legs.

For a minute or so he thrusted while his mate just watched. Then the one who had pushed me stepped in front of her and undid his trousers, before lowering his shorts to reveal - I have to say - the largest penis I have ever seen in all my life. It wasn't the length - although that wasn't exactly lacking - it was the GIRTH. It must have been nearly six inches around. He was already very hard, and he deliberately and with a show of great interest stroke it all over her face for a minute or two before she lost control and buried it deep, deep in her mouth.

Now obviously I'd watched Kay give me a blowjob on many occasions, and she was pretty good at it, but the way she blew this guy was completely different. She went at it almost like an animal, repeatedly bobbing on it, tugging at his balls, taking it out of her mouth and hungrily licking it from root to tip, circling the head with her tongue before plunging again, all the time her mouth tightening and loosening while he held her hair with one hand. Of course, whenever I'd seen her blow me, she hadn't been being fucked deep and hard like she was now, the small guy having quickened his pace considerably. He stopped stroking her clit - something I would have never dared do at that point and reached under her belly to her breasts, alternately stroking and pinching them. Some part of this combination made her grunt with pleasure as she contined to blow the big guy.

Suddenly the little guy pulled out and lifted Kay to her feet - she released her oral grip on the penis almost in surprise. His mate seemed to immediately know the drill - it was almost choreographed the way he lay on the floor and his mate lifted Kay bodily onto his swollen member. She perched there for a second, almost balanced on it, until the combination of her weight and his hands on her shoulders made her slide down the pole until she took it completely inside her. Now the pair of them had changed places completely, because the little guy stepped right in front of Kay, one foot either side of his mate's chest, and watched satisfied as she unhesitatingly started to suck him with the same enthusiasm she has honoured his mate with. She sucked and sucked, keeping her concentration impressively even as she was penetrated from below by the guy on the floor, who bucked his hips in an even rhythm.

I was surprised at this point to notice how aroused I was. I'd lost my erection when I'd first seen that the guys were coming towards us, but now it was back with a vengeance.

I could see that Kay was quickly getting close to coming, and this wasn't lost on the two guys either. The little guy whipped his cock out of her mouth and started to jerk off right in front of her face, while she hungrily tried to recapture him. I swear that at the EXACT moment she started to come, he ejaculated impressively on her face, two, three, FOUR hot jets of cum spraying her, before she got a grip on him and sucked him dry even as she continued to go through the throes of her orgasm.

As soon as she finished the big guy threw her off effortlessly. He moved her back into the original position and knelt behind her, forcing his massive cock deep inside her. Then, my eyes wide, I saw him spit carefully onto her anus and massage the saliva in with his thumb, before inserting the first joint into her. I'd never done this with Kay, and I didn't know if she'd go for it, but she immediately started to buck more forcefully. He removed his cock from her.

There was an odd moment of calm and anticipation, broken only by the panting of the two of them (the little guy was by now just watching, and I was surprised to notice that he was smoking - I hadn't even seen him light up), then he took his cock in his hand and EASED it into her ass. Kay gave a low moan, part pain and part pleasure, and I noticed her hands clawing at the mud. I have to say that the guy was pretty kind to her - with a tool that size he must have learned to be sensitive - because his thrusts were at first quite subtle (although long). Before too long, however, he had built up quite a rhythm, until the dominant noise was the slap of his hips against her buttocks.

After a couple of minutes he gave a sudden grunt and I knew he'd just filled her with his cum. He held his position for a minute or so, then without ceremony he withdrew and stood up, pulling up his trousers. He walked over to his mate and they walked off together, pausing only for his mate to give him first a fag, and then a light.

Kay stayed on all fours panting for a little while. Then she stood and dressed, before turning to me as if we'd just finished a pleasant evening at the pub. "Run me home?" she asked, smiling.