Written by true experience


the redwoods is a popular place for people to walk their dogs go walking, jogging the trees are magnificent its is a place that never seems to be crowded.I was on this site and met a lady who lived not too far away we hit things off and the proposition of meeting was possible,we wanted it to be different with a kink.

she confided she loved the idea of meeting a stranger and even more wanted to experience some mystery adrenaline being blindfolded.To give it a greater wow factor was her interest in being an exhibitionist and liked the thought of sex where she might be seen or caught.

last week end was one of those incredibly hot fine days, perfect for the outdoors.the opportunity for her drive over meet was on but my place was out we discussed the redwoods and that led to the scenario of a secluded place, blindfolded sunbathing in only panties and bra.

the texting started telling me she was on her way with regular text telling me where she was . i was nervous excited amped up the anticipation added to the excitement.

the plan was for her to park at the ngapuna shops across the road from the forest i had found a place in the trees laid out a blanket wine some plastic glasses.from my place in the trees i could see her arrive, an attractive middle aged woman blonde well presented wearing a simple long skirt, carrying a small handbag got out rang me she had arrived.

i could see her and gave her instructions where to go, she hurriedly crossed the busy road i could see by her body language she was really keen the way she quickly moved.

the build up to the encounter enhanced everything.she walked deep into the trees i talked her to the secluded spot id found concealed from the walkers and joggers , it was perfect the rug wine and sun just filtering through the trees picturesque and private.

she arrived slipping off her long dress now only in panties and bra removed the bra stood in a pair of sheer black lace panties she was stunning.

I was concealed she could not see me, from her bag she laid out ky massage gell some oil and a silk scarf, sat down and took a drink of wine to sooth her nerves then blindfolded her lying on her back legs spread wide inviting wearing a really sexy pair of lace panties so erotic adventurous daring.

Well that was the start the next time she wants to repeat it a couple!