Written by need it again


This happened it is a genuine event something unbelievable, I would love to repeat.The setting, I live just out of town on a nice secluded life style block, long drive way big lawns lots of trees gardens.It was a blustery chilly winters day the family were all away.I was rattling around home, because it was chilly I had lit the fir, the house was warm and cosy.Just before I dared to venture outside I got on line and started chatting with couple in Tauranga, they were swingers.I was curious if they had much action and how successful their advertisement had been.We messaged for a bit and it seemed plain he was interested but not willing to make any promises.I thought he was just being all talk.He sent me his cell phone number to text him, and I gave him a general description of where I lived.

I hate sitting around inside wasting time I logged off about nine in the morning, ventured out into the cold brisk wind, deciding to mow my lawn.A three hour mission if done all at one time.

I was racing around the front lawn on the ride on, and spotted a four wheel drive vehicle driving past slowly, and turning around looking like they were looking for something.It stopped up the road, my cell phone went.It was him, the guy i had been chatting to on the computer.

Wow! he said his wife was with him blindfolded dressed to thrill wanting to be delivered to me to have, where exactly did I reside.Far out this was a total surprise too good to refuse.I tore off up to the house and watched them slowly drive up my drive way stopping outside the front door.I grabbed a bottle of wine and some beer , opened the door to welcome them in.

He opened the door of his car sure enough was an attractive well dressed 50 year old woman blindfolded. He guided her into the front room, in front of the blazing fire it was warm and inviting inside.He told me to take her, no limits he would watch and decide later if to join in.

She had a nice trim figure very attractive well presented, clack skirt white silk blouse sheer lace bra , black stockings, when i raised her dress a tiny lace g string covering her shaven pussy.

He was obviously in charge of her and told her to stand and wait, while we enjoyed our wine.I could not believe what was happening.I went over to her she stood motionless as undid the buttons on her blouse and slipped down her skirt.She was standing in her black stockings g string and bra.I was really turned on and we had more wine as she stood there waiting to be taken.I loved as my fingers slipped inside her gstring to feel her she was so wet ready...will need to continue later