Entering from the street Michele turned immediately to the right and found the old-fashioned lift. She pressed the "Call" button and waited for the lift to arrive.

It is a manual affair. Manually open the outer door, manually open the inner door, enter then close both doors and press "4" on the far side. It is a slow, gentle ride up - or possibly even back in time.

After a short ride Michele arrived at the fourth floor. Her heart was thumping now as she turned right and was confronted by the door. 407. "Will I?" she thought. Hesitation was there - she could turn and go - he would never know. But what would happen on the other side of the door?

Knock Knock.

Two single knocks was the agreed code. Nothing else. Michele waited.

After a pause the door opened - the interior was dark and she could not see who awaited within. Her instructions were precise. Enter the room. Look directly ahead and do not turn around. Once standing beside the bathroom door she was to stop. And wait.

The door remained open. His presence in the room was palpable. He was standing behind her and eyeing her up - and down. Even now she could still walk backwards and exit. The choices were Michele's completely.

Michele stood her ground - the excitement within her was becoming intense. The door closed and the room was in darkness except for the lights of the town that were barely visible behind the curtains. Edith Piaf played from a small speaker nearby. Hymne a l'amour.

She became aware of the faintest touch to her hips. His hands were holding her and moving towards her shoulders. The gentle touch was so arousing - but she was not here to sate her own needs. She was here to discover her future.

His hands gently touched her breasts, teasing her nipples through the fabric of her blouse, as they explored her torso. The caress ended at her waist, and he pulled her buttocks back towards him. His clothed erection pushed against her.

Mon Dieu! Could that really be? Michele pushed back against his crotch as his hands re-discovered her breasts and firmly began to massage them as her own hands reached behind her and discovered the length of his member.

Tim was quite simply in awe. Perfection is a rare quality and Michele had his measure. She seemed instinctively to know what to do excite him. Michele's actions and her mere presence were having an effect on him.

The feel of Michele's bottom on his crotch - her left hand exploring the length of his erection in his trousers was exquisite. Tim responded by first gently caressing and then more firmly massaging her breasts in their silky coverings. Michele's head fell back against Tim's right shoulder and he gently kissed her neck and ears - marvelling in the aroma of her hair and perfume - what was it? Doir's Posion?

Slowly Tim released the top two buttons on Michele's blouse. Even in the gloom of the room he could see her firm pert breasts cradled beneath his gaze. Her blouse slipped lower on her left shoulder. Soft skin was bared.

All the while Michele caressed Tim's member. She was learning about his penis - discovering it's length, it's girth, his glans. Tim quivered with particular touches along the underside.

Michele's right arm extended to Tim's head and pulled him down her neck to her shoulder. Tim kissed her shoulder and turned her towards him as both Michele's arms reached around his neck and pulled his mouth towards hers.

They stood, mouths locked, tongues and lips busily exploring the other - a dance that was causing both their bodies to sway in rhythm. A dance that continued while Edith Piaf sang "Non, Je ne regrette rien." A dance that continued as they both removed each other's clothing - somehow making even that awkward moment while shoes were removed a part of the seduction as they moved up and down each other's bodies.

As Edith sang "Chante moi" the last of their clothing fell to the floor and their naked embrace lingered. Tim's erection pressed firmly against Michele - her hips pushed back and their kissing moved from lips to ears and neck.

Their dance had taken them around the room - they were able at times to feast their eyes upon the other and marvel at the other's physical form illuminated by the lights from beyond the room.

Inevitably their dance took them near the bed. They both struggled to resist the temptation to immediately succumb to it and by the fourth encounter it was all too much and both dragged the other down where they lay on their sides, facing each other, embracing each other, kissing each other.

Tim turned Michele on her back. Rays of light struck her bare body - the shadows accentuating her form. It was time to begin to explore her beauty and her mystery more fully. It was time to bring this woman to her first orgasmic crescendo of the night and Tim knew just how he wanted to achieve this.

It was clear that the woman in whose company Tim was with possessed a body that more than deserved attention - it positively demanded it. Michele lay in the dim light before him. The rising and falling of her chest as she took each breath caused the shadows of her breasts to invitingly lure him towards her. Fate had sealed the deal and there was only one path to follow.

From her side Tim began to kiss Michele's neck, shoulders and chest before his lips met her right nipple. Simultaneously he repeated the actions with his right hand on her left breast and nipple. Teasing, running his tongue and fingers around each nipple, savouring the flesh and delighting in the rigidity of each nipple as it was teased either by hand or mouth. Soft moans escaped Michele as she relished in the sensations and her body began a slow but sure rise towards her climax.

Sensing her desire Tim moved his lips ever lower on Michele until his head was nestled between her thighs and his tongue began to massage Michele's clitoris. Tim would press hard, flick his tongue around Michele's most sensitive place, and inhale her beauty. For some time he kept this up with both hands reaching for a breast and causing a continuous stream of sounds of ecstasy. But even this was just the beginning.

Tim slipped his right hand down Michele's side and under her left leg searching for the entrance to her vagina. Whilst continuing his oral massage of Michele's clitoris he slipped his finger inside her very wet, very warm pussy. This caused an almost instant reaction and Michele raised her hips to push herself fully into Tim's face and increase the pressure that was building.

Still he had more to offer. His finger explored inside Michele and found that spot under her pubic bone that so requires attention. Slowly but firmly he massaged, sometimes with one and sometimes with two fingers - all the while caressing and revering Michele's clitoris and using his left hand on her right breast and nipple.

The pleasure levels were intense. It was becoming one long orgasm that knew no end but still there would be more and further pressure was brought to bear on her clitoris and that spot within her. Just when Michele thought she could not reach a higher plateau her orgasm took her to the next level. Her legs squeezed Tim's head and held him in place as her body writhed near uncontrollably in the most exquisite pleasure that left her gasping for air.

This was no ordinary orgasm. This was a natural high of Himalayan proportions and one that required expert management from Tim. He could not just stop - Michele had to be brought slowly down from her climax and he gently released her over several minutes until she was relaxed before him, no longer quivering and with her breathing returned to slow deep inhales.

Edith sang "Padam, Padam" as Tim kissed Michele's lips and turned her face down to begin a soft rub on her back. This soon became the lightest of teasing touches to her buttocks that caused goosebumps and involuntary gasps of rapture as Tim's fingers played their own dance on Michele's bottom and upper inner thighs and the places between.

Michele turned on the bedside light and rolled on to her side. The soft light revealed her wry smile - and that smile said it all. Their erotic encounter was really only just beginning. They held each other's gaze and teased each other with their stare - raising their eyebrows, widening their eyes and tempting the other to partake. It was Tim who lost the battle - his eyes dropped and lost the gaze. Michele simply thought he was trying to redirect her attention to his manhood and she shifted her focus towards his member.

"That really is quite impressive" she marveled - unaware that she had actually verbalised her thoughts. Tim smiled back and lay down beside her. Michele shifted to cuddle in, snuggled against his chest with her right leg entwined with his. Her hand discovered Tim's chest and brushed against his nipples and down towards his erection that extended to his navel. "That really is quite impressive" she repeated, knowing she had spoken what she previously intended as a private thought. Her hand began to explore the full length of of his penis, gently squeezing and stroking it, and applying delicate touches to his balls.

"Well - your happiness is - well - my - ha - penis too!" Tim spluttered.

Oh God - how corny he thought to himself. Control yourself! Michele simply smiled, stared into his eyes, kissed him, then reached further between his legs to explore beyond Tim's scrotum.

Slowly Michele worked her kisses down Tim's body until she was staring directly at his massively erect phallus. The kisses continued on the head of his penis and down the shaft, with flicks of her tongue adding to the excitement. She began to take him in her mouth, all the while continuing to caress his balls and to squeeze firmly around the base of his penis. Michele tried to take as much of it as she could but it was no easy feat and there is, after all, a limit to what a woman can accommodate.

Tim simply reveled in the sensations. As Michele worked him he lay back, relaxed and let the moment take him. He ran his hands through Michele's hair and built up a rhythm with her as she consumed him. But Tim knew he could not yet reach his own climax so he pulled Michele up towards him and kissed her.

"Would you like a treat?" he asked.

Of course Michele responded in the affirmative - even though she had no idea what that treat could be. She was already feeling very special so letting the sensations continue could only be good. Tim disappeared briefly to the kitchenette and returned with a platter.

"Sustenance" he said.

The platter contained an array of crackers, blue brie cheese and a fruit paste that smelled incredible. "Damson Plum" Tim said in response to Michele's query. He assembled the food and passed one to Michele. What a delight it was. And the pinot noir to sip at the same time made it a heavenly experience. They sat up in bed, snuggled, eating, drinking and discussing life in general. There were smiles aplenty, giggles and kisses.

Lovers with a connection know what they want and what their partners desire. They can sense it and soon Michele and Tim were back in their naked lustful embrace - kissing and exploring each other in tandem.

The music had changed. The duet "Let me see beneath your beautiful" now filled the room.

Tim reached beside the bed and produced a condom. "Would you like to?" he asked.

Michele nodded and Tim handed her the condom. She opened it and began to roll it down his erect penis, ensuring that the air was squeezed from the tip as she did.

"Mine - all mine" Michele said as she smiled that wry grin again. Holding the condom firmly in place on Tim's cock with one hand and parting her labia with the other, she straddled him and began to slowly lower herself onto one of the more impressive erections she had ever encountered. All the time Michele was wondering how much more she could take. Their eyes held each other's gaze and Tim's hands on Michele's hips helped guide her on to him.

"Oh - my - Godd ddd" Michele murmured - the feelings of pleasure mixed with a hint of pain were intense. She leaned closer towards Tim and changed the angle they met at, forcing his cock deeper inside her and up against the same place that Tim had earlier massaged to such great effect.

Sometimes what a woman needs is a really good fucking. She doesn't want to think about how she's going to be fucked. What she needs is to be fucked - sometimes gently, sometimes furiously. She needs her partner to take control and place her in positions that allow her to focus on her own climax. Michele could have rightly said "It's all about me ..." except that she didn't need to - Tim already understood his role in the fucking process. His primary objectives were simple. Stay hard, vary it, and don't cum (for a while at least). And that was exactly how things went.

It would have been easy for Tim to climax. The sight of Michele moving on top of him, her breasts bouncing before him, was magical. Especially as she was clearly enjoying every thrust and every move on Tim's erection.

Tim rolled Michele onto her back and then arranged them so that he was both behind and beside her. His left hand was able to stimulate Michele's left breast and his right hand could work her clitoris while his cock performed it's magic in her pussy. Tim quite liked it too as it meant his balls were in contact with Michele's inner left thigh and the sensations were truly wonderful. Michele had one arm raised and wrapped around Tim's head while her other hand fondled her right breast and nipple. If there had been a mirror there they would have seen that they looked very much like two naked spider monkeys in a tangle.

In this position Tim was able to vary the pace and the depths of his thrusts. It did not take too long for Michele's next orgasm to develop. Her climax rolled in like an electrical storm with the background pleasure punctuated with peaks of intensity.

Variety they say is the spice of life. The scissor-like entwinement of their bodies made it easy to change to doggy style with no need to part. Tim moved Michele to the edge of the bed and raised her onto her knees and stood behind her with his hands on her hips and bottom, slowly fucking her and probing her deeply, placing even more pressure with the head of his cock on that spot inside her.

Michele added to the thrill by rubbing her own pussy too. The crescendo built and passed that of a mere electrical storm as by now the earth was truly moving too. To not explode inside her was now his only motive as Michele's body shook and spasmed. If this had been the Olympic Rodeo event Tim would have earned a gold medal.

Slowly the earth ceased to move and their bodies relaxed. They lay with Tim on top of Michele savouring the occasion. The sheer wetness of the experience had caused their bodies to part.

"I want you to cum" said Michele. "Inside me. I want to know your pleasure too."

Michele sat on the end of the bed with Tim standing in front of her. He looked a little limp after so much action but there was one adage she knew well: "It is hard to find a good man and good to find a hard one. When you get both at once magic happens." She stroked Tim back to a full erection with one hand whilst massaging his balls with the other, sometimes daring to explore further to hasten the process.

Once fully erect they moved back up the bed. Tim knelt between Michele's legs and raised her ankles to his shoulders, nearly bending her in half as he entered her in search of his own climax.

"Mine. All mine ..." he smiled and embarked on his journey to Nirvana.

Michele's silky legs felt terrific against Tim's chest. There was once an architect who had his house maid in such a position that she could not answer the phone and the position that Tim had Michele in was very comparable. She was his to enjoy and he entered her again, savouring all 18 centimetres of travel as his penis slowly slid in - sometimes retreating yet always making progress. Once fully inserted to the base of his erection and their pubic bones met he held himself in place momentarily and then started his slow rhythm, each time holding firm for a moment when he was as far inside her as he could be.

Their eyes were locked together. Michele's lips were parted allowing small sounds of pure bliss to be heard as each new thrust was made. Her arms wrapped themselves around Tim's back and pulled him towards her, increasing the pressure on her legs and allowing extra millimetres of penetration - Tim's cock was further inside her than any man's had ever been and it reached places and did things to her that no other man's cock had ever done before. The warm wetness of Michele's pussy against Tim's cock was delighting him too causing his rhythm to increase it's pace.

For Tim the feeling of his balls meeting Michele's pussy on each stroke was mind boggling. It was building him towards one huge orgasm. The same was true for Michele too - she had already experienced near continual orgasms and yet one more was now in reach as each thrust built pressure against her clitoris.

The mood in the room was highly charged. The bed began to shudder in time with their love making. The scent of sex filled the air. Room 407 had witnessed more that a few liaisons in it's time but never one that was as intense and erotic as the two-person orgy that was currently taking place.

They both were enraptured with the other. Both were making noises that signalled to anyone who could hear them that their climax was near. Indeed Michele was already at that place and her pleasure was continuous. This aroused Tim even more and he continued to increase the pace and maintain the pressure.

Before a man orgasms he can feel it start to build. Tim was now aware of that feeling happening to him. His whole genital region was warming and waiting for that final release. It only caused him to continue to search harder for that blissful moment and he held Michele's gaze until the pleasure forced his eyes shut.

Tim's orgasm exploded inside Michele. The sounds of delight were muffled as he buried his face against Michele's neck. His body shuddered involuntarily whilst his cock remained buried in her pussy. There were several small thrusts as the last drops of his cum were forced from his cock. And there were many small shudders that resonated over his entire body as his climax subsided.

Silently Room 407 applauded them. Bravo! [Hip Hip]!

Post coital moments are special like no other. They are the moments when two people kiss and know that they have given the other their bodies. Michele and Tim savoured it - but both also knew that partum was needed. There was an awful lot of cum in the condom surrounding Tim's cock and as unromantic as it was it had to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Reluctantly Tim made a retreat and the cool air was a slight shock to his penis after the wet heat of Michele's pussy.

With the messy necessities of sex attended to they pulled the covers over their naked bodies - much to the disappointment of Room 407 - it had enjoyed being a voyeur and having it's own vicarious sexual adventure.

Michele and Tim snuggled together. Smiling. Happy. Content.

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