Written by hornynicky


Hi there well its time to hear how Roger finally made the grade, as you that have been following this will know Roger got to finger fuck me anally during our sexual encounter at the end of March,

The next few weeks passed very quickly, Andy and I were fucking on a very regular basis, far more often than previously, possibly due to the fact that I was really horny and things at work had settled down and Andy was not so stressed, the one thing that was unusual was the amount of anal sex that we were having and I was enjoying it more than previously, Andy was the first guy to fuck me anally, previously some guys had finger fucked my arse but never had their cocks inside me apart from Andy and his closest friend only 1 other guy had anal fucked me.

Right back to Roger, it was a late Easter on this particular year, Andy and 2 of his mates went to the South Island fishing on the Thursday night due back Monday, Dean my son was involved with a girl from Taupo and was spending the weekend there with her, Roger was working all weekend, and I was organised to do some day trips with a couple of my girlfriends we were also doing Dinner out on Saturday night.

Roger was doing different hours due to it being the Holiday weekend, on the Friday 5am until 3pm, Saturday 8am until 5pm, Sunday 8am until 3 pm Monday 5am until midday.

On the Friday afternoon at 5 oclock when my 2 friend's and I got back from our trip Roger was in the spa, we asked him if he minded us joining him, he said no that was okay with him as there was plenty of room, it was a 8 person spa, my friends and I all had on 2 piece suits a couple of them quite revealing, and they had good figures as well, we bought out 2 bottles of wine with us and started sitting and drinking, Roger joined us for some drinks, I noticed that Roger was very interested in Jenny who was about my age and had just split with her partner of 15 yrs, she was also starting to flirt with Roger.

After about 45 minutes Roger said that he was going to leave us girls and head out for the evening, as he got out of the spa it was very obvious that he hard an erection starting, after he left Jenny said did you see that, he was packing a nice bundle, we all laughed and carried on drinking until late.

Saturday we went out to Dinner and when I got home it was about 10oclock,I had consumed a far bit of wine at dinner, Roger was in the lounge watching some TV program, I sat down on the couch next to him, then he put his arm around me and moved closer to me, then he started kissing me, our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths, his hands were inside my dress tweeking my nipples I was braless as usual, I reached down into his lap and could feel his erection starting,

Roger moved sideways off the couch and in the same movement laid me down along the couch, he removed his jeans and shorts to expose his huge hard cock, I immediately reached out for it and started sucking on it, his hand was now up inside my dress pulling my briefs aside so that his fingers could get inside my wet cunt.

Truth be known I was wet before I even got home that night, as while I was at dinner I was thinking about how great it would be to get home and fuck Roger.

He pushed 2 fingers deep inside my cunt, I could hear myself moaning around the cock inside my mouth, he started pounding my cunt with his fingers as I continued to suck and stroke his cock, licking the head and then swallowing it deep inside my mouth, with his fingers doing their job I could feel myself starting to get very existed, also knowing we had the house to ourselves made it more exciting, I said to him "Roger I need your cock inside my cunt it is just driving me crazy I need you inside me,"

The next thing I am aware of is that I am leaning forward over the arm of the couch, my dress is up around me ears, my briefs are on the floor and Rogers cock is being wiped up and down my wet juicy slit as he prepares to push it inside my cunt, then I feel him jerk his hips forward and the head of his cock breaks through into my cunt, he pushes deeper and once again those lovely feelings as my cunt stretches to take the width and length of his magnificent cock deep inside me.

Roger then grabs my hips and starts to push in and out, I am gasping for breath, and asking him to fuck me hard and to fill my cunt with his cum, he starts driving in hard and deep, I am now screaming at him to go faster and harder, luckily our neighbours do not live close otherwise I am sure they would have heard me, all I could think of was that I wanted his cock so deep inside me and to be pounding me until we both exploded, when he started cuming, he withdraw until just the head was inside my cunt, I could feel the globs of cum shooting out of his cock deep inside of my cunt, I screamed as I orgasmed.

Afterwards he picked me up and carried me to his room, he laid me on the bed, then he spread my legs apart and went down and started licking my pussy, the sensation of his tongue on my pussy just after having an orgasm started my juices flowing from my cunt.

I then ask him to slow down as I cant get my breath, he lays down beside me and we drift off into a light sleep, knowing that we have the house to ourselves we could relax, at about 1pm I woke to find Roger leaning on his elbow looking at me while I was sleeping, then he leaned across and kissed me deeply our tongues dancing around each others mouth, I reached down and took hold of his cock which was semi hard. I started to stroke it as his hand went between my legs searching for my wet pussy lips so that he could stroke me, I spread my legs wide apart, then I felt 2 fingers enter me and start to stroke the upper side of my cunt looking for my g spot, he gently finger fucked me while I was stroking his cock which is now getting nice and big, Roger then lets his 3rd finger start to stroke the spot between my cunt and anus just as I had taught him, sliding his finger up and down sometimes brushing across my rosebud and gently probing it, then back to stroking again he did this for what seemed ages and all the while he is doing it I am getting more excited, I can feel myself lifting my hips off the bed to allow him better access to my rosebud, then finally he pushes his finger inside my arse, I let out my breath as I experience the thrill of his finger inside my anus, he then continues to finger fuck both of my holes while I am stroking his cock, then he stops and the next thing I feel is he has pushed his thumb inside my cunt and 2 fingers inside my arsehole and he is rubbing them together the sensation is unbelievable it just feels so incredible.

I look at him and say" Roger you have got to fuck me again I just have to have your cock inside me," so I move onto my hands and knees and tell him to take me doggy style again, he pushes his cock inside my cunt, this time however because I am so wet and stretched from the fucking less than 2 hrs ago, he goes in without any effort, he starts pounding my cunt I can hear his cock making slurping sounds as he fucks me, then I feel him slip 2 fingers inside my arse and start to finger fuck me anally while his cock is pounding my cunt. I have my face buried in the pillow as I am screaming with ecstasy, finally I can stand it no longer, I look back over my shoulder at Roger and simple say" Roger FUCK MY ARSE, I WANT YOU COCK INSIDE MY ARSE," he looks at me and says "are you sure you want this"" YES YES YES PUT IT INSIDE ME" is my reply.

Roger pulls his cock out of my cunt and takes his fingers out of my areshole, he positions himself higher above me and I feel him take hold of his cock and place the head of his cock at the entrance of my arsehole, he then gently pushes against my rosebud, I can feel the head gently pushing inside my arsehole, I can feel myself being stretched as the head of his cock enters me I let out a gasp as it feels so big, I ask him to go slowly, which he is doing gently pushing in inch after inch, I look back at him and can see at least 4 or 5 inches of cock still outside of me, I am now pushing back against him wanting more cock inside, then he gives a final push which brings a yelp from me as it hurts , he then starts to slowly move in and out, I can feel my arsehole stretching to accommodate his cock and it feels really nice, he starts gently fucking me, I find myself counting how many times he pushes in and out, 10, 14 , 16 the feeling is starting to get overwhelming and I can feel an orgasm coming, 18,20 24 then it happens I start orgasming, I shove 3 fingers inside my cunt at the same time as I start, then I am yelling at Roger to fill me arse with cum, "cum inside me cum inside me I plead" then I feel his cock starting to throb as his cum spirts inside my arse filling me again.

Roger finally withdraws from my arse and lays beside me, I look at him and say" Fuck that was the most intense fucking I have ever had" he just looks at me and smiles, then he says "Nicky you are the most yummy mummy around thank you."

We both slept until about 6oclock, when Roger woke he slipped 2 fingers inside my cunt and then I felt his cock pushing against me, I pushed him onto his back and straddled him lowering myself down onto his cock, I then rode him hard and fast grinding down on him with the full length of his cock buried inside my cunt, I rode him until he couldn't hold off any longer and shoot a load of cum inside my cunt.

What a fabulous Easter that was.

Part 3 of Roger takes place several months later.

Cheers Nicky