Written by hornynicky


Hi there I am back, for those that have read A NICE BIT OF YOUNG COCK, you will know that when this all happened I was 39yrs old and Roger was my sons 19yr old friend who was living with us, you will also know that Roger and I had fucked, and that my husband Andy knew about it and was happy for it to continue if I wanted as long as we were discreet.

It is the end of March and still a really hot day, I have been up town shopping, I am wearing a short dress no bra and a thong which the moment I get home I take off as it is making me hot.

I walk through the house down to the back bathroom and put new towels on the stand and toilet paper, as I am walking back up the hallway and approach Rogers door which is partly open I hear some noises coming from his room, I did not know that he was even in the house, I stop at the door and listen, I can hear some voices and a woman saying" Yes fuck me hard fuck me fast cum inside me" I realise that Roger is obviously watching porn on his laptop, I knock on the door and walk in, there s Roger naked on the bed with a huge hard cock masturbating, he looks at me and grabs the sheet to over himself.

I move into the room and say to him," don't be shy I have seen that before, and you look like you could do with a helping hand" with that I pull the sheet back and expose his huge cock, he smiles and said "yes that would be nice, it is ages since I came and I really need to cum".

I sit down on the edge of the bed and reach across and take his cock in my hand and start stroking it, I look at the porn and it is 2 guys fucking this woman, they are taking turns to anal fuck her, I say to Roger "have you ever had anal sex of any type, have you ever touched a woman there,"?

He looks at me and said" no but he has always wondered what it would be like, and that on a couple of occasions he tried to put his finger inside his ex girlfriend but she went crazy"

By now I am really working on his cock stroking it and I can see that he is getting very close to cuming, his legs are starting to tense up and he his starting to breath heavy and in short bursts, then he says" I am going to cum if you keep doing that "

I smile at him and say "isn't that what we both want" he just grunts and I see him grabbing hold of the sheets as he fights back the urge, I then lean over and take his cock into my mouth and swallow as much of his cock as I can, I move up and down the shaft twice when I hear Roger say" I'm Cuming" at that moment I lift my mouth so that just the head of his cock is inside my mouth, Roger then starts ejaculating and I feel huge gobs of cum hitting the back of my throat as fast as he is cuming I am swallowing his cum, my hand is rubbing up and down the shaft of his cock milking as much cum out of him as possible, when he finally finishes I take his cock out of my mouth, I have cum seeping out of the corners of my lips, I then lean over and start to kiss Roger, that is when I say to him," Okay that is you sorted now it is my turn, I want you to lick my cunt and finger fuck me until I cum as well."

I pull my dress off and lay down on the bed spreading my legs wide apart so that he can see my wet pussy and can start to lick me, while he is licking me I start to tell him that a lot of women enjoy anal sex, however they hardly ever let anyone know as it is a taboo subject, and it seen as the thing that porn stars, whores and slut do.

I tell him that Andy [my husband]and I have anal quite often and that we both enjoy doing it, I ask Roger would he be interested in finding out more about anal sex.

Roger has 3 fingers inside my cunt reaching up and finding my g spot, I get him to take his fingers out and to lay down beside me.

We start talking about anal sex and he said he would like to learn more, so I take his hand and place it between my legs, I then ask him to slip 2 fingers inside my cunt and to gently stimulate me, and to let his 3rd finger go down and touch me lightly between my anus and my cunt that little bit of flesh that separates both areas, I tell him to gently rub that area as his fingers go in and out of my cunt, I can feel his finger rubbing that area and it is getting me quite stimulated, then I whisper in his ear to get his finger nice and wet with the juices from my cunt and to gently push your finger inside my anus being very gentle, I feel him move his fingers to my cunt and wipe up and down then he reaches back and slips his finger inside my anus, as it enters a moan escapes from my lips and I can feel myself pushing down onto his finger, now he has 2 fingers in my cunt and 1 in my arse, I tell him to now finger fuck both holes, as he starts pushing his fingers in and out of my holes I am starting to moan and gasp for breath, I have got his cock in my hand stroking it to make it nice an hard again, I can feel his fingers working there magic on me.

His cock is now hard as a rock and I look at it and wonder whether I can take it anally or not or whether I should just have him fuck my cunt again like last time.

I tell Roger that I want his cock inside my cunt and that I want him to fuck me until he cums again, he says" I thought you were going to let me fuck you anally", I just look at him and said "Roger lets take things a little slower you will get your turn its all about the woman being ready for anal not just the guy wanting it". so I ask Roger to fuck me doggy style, I get on my hands and knees, he positions himself behind me and slowly pushes his hard cock inside my cunt, once again I can feel my cunt stretching to accommodate his thickness and length, he pushes right in until I can feel the full length inside me, then he starts pulling in and out and fucking me really hard, I ask him to slow down a bit and to reach under and stimulate my clit with his fingers this gets me very excited and I ask him to keep fucking me with nice long slow strokes then I ask him to speed up, I look over my shoulder and Roger is completely upright driving his cock in and out of my cunt, I reach back with 1 hand and pull apart my bum cheeks and run my fingers up and down across the rosebud of my anus, He is watching me do this, that is when I say "Roger do you want to put your fingers inside my arse and finger fuck my arsehole" he looks at me and smiles, he then reaches down and gets his fingers wet from my cunt which is full of his cock, he then gently rubs his fingers around my rosebud, then gently slips a finger inside my arsehole, I let out a moan as the feeling is intense, I then ask for more fingers so he puts 2 fingers inside my arse and starts finger fucking my arsehole at the same time as his cock is buried deep inside my cunt, this only last about 2 minutes before I have the most amazing orgasm and when I start to orgasm Roger unloads another huge load of cum inside my cunt, what with his cum and my juices there is so much that it is running out of my cunt down my legs onto the sheets.

After we have both climaxed Roger takes his fingers out of my arse and pulls his cock out of my cunt we both lay down completely fucked, he has a smile from ear to ear and I must admit that I was also very satisfied.

I tell Roger that he has now learnt part of the process of getting a woman to accept anal sex, you just need to take things slowly be gentle and most of all stimulate them in the right spot before slipping your finger inside her.

I left Roger and went to my room and had a shower before going back and finishing the house work that I had started.

Part 2 later.

Cheers Nicky