Written by hornynicky


Hello There for those who have been following Rogers path it is coming to an end as all good things do,

Roger has taken a job in Hastings at the New World Bakery so he is shifting into a flat with some other people from New World, possibly a good thing as what started out as a bit of fun a 19yr old fucking his mates mother had turned into an obsession.

Following the Easter Weekend of fucking we had started to fuck at least once sometime twice a week, I was now hiding this from Andy [ husband] and had not told him that Roger was fucking me anally as that was Andys special thing. My sex life was going crazy what with Roger 1-2 times a week, Andy was also fucking me at least 4-5 times, I think that he had this thing going on in his mind that as long as he was fucking me I would not be fucking Roger, he asked occasional whether Roger was fucking me and I would say on the odd occasion we had fucked, but only maybe twice a month.

Roger has learnt the art of seduction down to a T he knows just what to say and which buttons to push to take me from a suburban housewife to a quivering sexual deviant who just craves his cock inside me.

Any wise the week prior to Roger moving out Andy said to me would you like some time by yourself with Roger on Thursday night? as Andy was heading to Hamilton for a meeting on Thursday afternoon and Manukau City on Friday and then back for a late Friday meeting in Hamilton, He said that Dean [son] was going as far as Taupo to spend time with his girlfriend and they would both be back on Saturday to help Roger move out, Andy also said that while he was in Hamilton he might take Sandra out for a meal, Sandra is the widow of a guy Andy worked with for years, they had both dated Sandra, I knew that Andy called in and saw Sandra often when passing thru Hamilton and figured that he was fucking her occasionally but it would always be during the day as he travelled home, this time he was giving me a hall pass to fuck Roger however also letting me know that he intended to fuck Sandra, I was relaxed with this arrangement. however someone forgot to tell Roger what was planned.

Thursday come around and I am expecting Roger to be at home all night with me, however at 4 oclock he informs me that he is heading out for drinks with his workmates to celebrate him moving, He arrives home at about 12.30 drunk to the point he can hardly stand up, he staggers to his room and immediately falls asleep, At 6 am his staggers off to work, I get up at 7.30 and start my usual Friday housework day, off for a coffee at 10.30 back until 12.30 then out to do the weekly shopping, when I get home at 2 oclock I see that Roger is home and in the spa pool not looking very well, slightly hungover.

I continue the housework I am wearing a short dress, I am in the back bathroom on my hands and knees leaning into the bath scrubbing it when I feel a hand in the middle of my shoulders holding me down as another hand is running up the inside of my leg, stopping at my briefs, then I feels his fingers rubbing up and down my slit I can feel my juices starting to flow as I am getting wet, then Roger whispers in my ear," You are wet already and I have this hard cock that wants to fuck your cunt, do you want me to fuck your cunt??" all I hear is myself saying " yes fuck me fuck me"

Then I feel him pull aside my briefs and I feel 2 fingers slip inside my wet cunt, while his thumb is rubbing up and down across my rosebud, I can feel myself getting stimulated and I hear myself moaning each time his thumb is near my anus, I am pushing back against his fingers, then I am asking him to put 3 fingers inside me, suddenly he has 3 fingers inside me and then I feel his thumb enter my arsehole, he then gently finger fucks both of my holes, which results in me having an orgasm and screaming at him to fuck me with your cock.

Roger stands up and helps me to my feet, he reaches up under my dress and pulls my briefs off, he then turns me around and gets me to bend over and grab hold of the vanity unit, he spreads my legs apart, lifting my right leg up and getting me to put my foot on the vanity draw, this exposes me completely to him, he then stands behind me and I can feel him wiping the head of his huge cock up and down the lips of my wet cunt, he then positions the head at the entrance of my cunt, he takes hold of my hips and then thrusts forwards and upwards driving his cock deep inside me in 1 single motion, I feel the full length of his cock push into me. I gasp as this is the first time he has driven his cock deep inside in one motion, it feels wonderful it feels like I am being violated and dominated, I gasp and moan and then recover, by which time he is now fucking my cunt with long slow deep thrusts stretching my cunt around his huge cock making me feel the huge head push thru the lips of my cunt as he drives in and out, then his fingers enter my arse and he is finger fucking my arse, I cum again I can feel my juices running down my legs, then I am pleading with him to slow down and then go faster, after what seems ages he still has not cum, I look behind me watching him fucking me and that's when I say ," put it in my arse I want to feel you cum inside my arse 1 more time," Roger pulls his cock out of my cunt and then he holds the head of it against my rosebud he guides it so that it gently parts my rosebud and enters into my arsehole, he just slowly pushes in deeper and deeper, I know that he will end up with 5-6 inches of his cock inside my arsehole, I am pushing back against him wanting to feel him go deeper, I now have 3 fingers inside my cunt finger fucking my cunt while Roger fucks my arse, he now starts to move in and out building up speed and depth pushing in deeper and I am at that point of no return when I feel him start to shoot a load of cum inside my arse that then starts my orgasm which goes on for ages, as after Roger has come he keeps on fucking my arse and that just keeps me cuming and cuming and screaming and moaning as I am totally lost in the sensations that are being created by his cock inside my arse fucking me, I lost track of time however I would guess that he had his cock inside and anal fucked me for about 10 minutes, I was just cuming over and over to the point that I could hardly stand up, Roger was supporting me as he kept fucking me..

After he finished I managed to struggle back to my bedroom and collapsed onto the bed, I feel asleep for about 30 minutes then got up and had a shower put on some clean clothes and went and had a coffee.

I was due to meet with my girlfriends for drinks on the Friday night, however at 4.30 they called it off, so I rang Roger and asked what he had planned he said nothing, I said okay I am having my nails done and will pick up a Pizza on the way home for dinner.

When I got home Roger was in the lounge on the couch watching TV I put the Pizza on the coffee table and went and got us both a beer to have with the Pizza, after we had finished eating I said I was going to have a shower and freshen up, I knew that if I left the bedroom door partly open and the ensuite door open from where he was sitting he could look at the mirror on our bedroom wall and see into the ensuite, I went into the ensuite stripped off my clothes and stepped under the shower which is one that has no doors, I knew that he could see me rubbing the soap all over my body, reaching down between my legs and he could see me leaning back as I slipped 2 fingers inside my cunt and gently fingered myself, I could image his cock growing inside his shorts as he watched me, I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off, I then put on a pair of sexy bikini briefs and a low cut bra, I could sense him watching every move that I made, I then walked out of the ensuite and out into the lounge wearing nothing but the bra, briefs and a smile.

I was right he was sitting there with his huge cock trying to be restrained by his shorts, I went across and sat on his lap facing him and started dry humping him.

I could feel his huge cock pushing against my cunt if the fabric was not there he would have been inside me, I leaned in and started kissing him our tongues entering each others mouths, then I stood up and undid his shorts and took out his huge cock, then I bent down and started sucking his cock taking it deep inside my mouth licking around the head, now it is my turn to control things he is moaning each time I swallow his cock deep inside my mouth, I am now pumping the shaft of his cock with my hand, the sensation is getting to him I can see that he is tensing up a sure sign that he is close to cuming, he says to me "I am going to cum, I want to cum in your cunt" I just look at him and continue to suck and pump his cock, then I feel his cock start to throb, just as he starts to shot his cum inside my mouth I push my finger up his areshole and start finger fucking his arse he cums and cums and when he finishes I am still finger fucking his arse and he is pleading with me to stop as he cant get his breath.

I then stand up a pull off my briefs, pull down his shorts, I then turn around and reach between my legs and take hold of his cock, I then position myself with his cock at the entrance of my arsehole and lower myself onto his cock, he takes hold of my hips to support me as I start to ride his cock feeling it deep inside me I push down harder, I want this last anal fuck to be the 1 that I take all of his huge cock inside me, I am only 160cm high and 50kg, he is 195 cm high and 85kg so he has no challenge lifting and lowering me up and down on his cock, I am sitting as upright as I can to allow the deepest penetration possible, I look over my shoulder and say to Roger" let me know when you are totally inside me I want all of your cock in my arse, I want to feel you so deep inside me that it feels as though your cock is at the back of my throat".

I keep riding up and down I can feel him going deeper and deeper, then he lifts me up a little and holds me still and says "

this time I you will have the full length of my cock inside you" then he slowly lowers me down onto his cock and I feel him lift himself up of the couch as well as to push my hips down, that is when I feel as though he is going to break through every part of my body, he holds me there not allowing me to move, then he says "here it cums" and he lifts me slightly as he starts ejaculating deep inside me arse I can feel his gobs of cum hitting parts of me that have never been touched before I am screaming for him to keep fucking me I am cuming and cuming over and over as he is filling me full of cum, I have shoved 3 fingers inside my cunt, I can feel my cunt contracting around them as I keep pumping juices out of my cunt all over my hand, I cant stand it any longer I am pleading with him to stop fucking my arse as he keeps lifting and lowering me up and down on his huge cock. I reach the point that my whole body is spasming as I cum and cum, I struggle to get my breath, I am pleading with him to stop as I cant stand it any longer.

Roger finally lifts me up and off his cock and sits me down on the couch next to him, I cant talk as I am so out of breath, I have never felt anything like that before, having the whole 8 inches of his cock up my arse and then to have him continue to fuck me arse over and over after filling it with cum was just too much for me to cope with.

We both look at each other and that is when Roger says to me "Nicky you are one awesome woman and have taught me so much, thank you, I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have" I just look at him and say "Roger it has been a pleasure to teach you about sex and yes I have enjoyed it. I have experienced things with you that I never thought possible having your huge cock inside my cunt and arsehole has been a really pleasurable experience, just remember you tell no one about what we have done, hopefully we might get the chance in the future to fuck again."

Saturday Roger left.

I hope you enjoyed Rogers experiences, Nicky