Written by SocialFun


We planned to have a weekend away and the plan was to have no plan.

We were both ready to see what eventuated and were both turned on by the thought.

The drive to Auckland was warm and after a little encouragement from me you slid your nickers down around your

ankles and stretched back giving me a glimpse of your moist pussy as we drove down the road.

Trying to concentrate I kept glancing down as I was turned on by the fact that the day before you had a wax leaving your lips and butt totally bare.

I stretched out my left hand and gently stroked your lips with my finger.

As you let out a moan I slipped my finger in, then brought it back to my mouth and licked it clean.

You were getting horny and reached over to the back seat and found your friend Red.

By now, we were well down the motorway in the right hand lane passing traffic.

All I wanted to do was get to our room and unleash my cock from my jeans.

I still had memories of you sucking Alexis' s cock whilst I fucked u, you did this for ages and I wanted a bit of the same attention.

It was not long and you started to pant and moan, getting louder and louder as Red worked his magic.

Steaming past cars you erupted into a long loud orgasm call fuck, fuck fuck I want cock.

If there had been somewhere to pull over and fulfil your need I would have.

Checking into our room with a boner you stayed in the car whilst I got our key.

Up the lift with our bags, into our room, slammed the door shut I roughly pushed you onto the bed then removed my


My cock sprung out of my boxers and you began to work your magic.

I positioned your head hanging down off edge of the bed then stood over you and slowly slid my cock deep down

your throat.

We had been practicing this and you were now able to perform the perfect deep throat.

It was not long and I was ready to explode.... as I started to moan you held me with two hands and pulled me out

enough so I could watch my cum eject onto your tongue.

You ran you're tongue around you're lips cleaning up the last bit.

I collapsed on the bed done.

A few minutes later when I recovered I reached out to you're bag and pulled out Red, moving between you're legs

I smiled as I slipped Red in and licked you to another orgasm.

Fuck you were horny and went off with a scream.

We lay there for an hour dozing on and off then got up to have shower ready to go out.

to be continued …..