Right out of the blue!

I wouldn’t say I’m a cuckcold, neither would I say I’m the dominant, I’m not in denial, my wife is the dominant and she knows it. She is a stunner with a beautiful body and knows how to carry herself in a classy, sophisticated way with a huge dose of cheeky and naughty, as for myself in terms of my sexual growth, I had always been sexually explicit leaving no room for doubt or confusing messages so as to dispense with a lot of unnecessary peripheral activity along with a touch of Bi-curiousness but was always too nervous or scared to explore that concept beyond fantasy.

I had been talking to my wife for quite some time about the possibility of pushing our fantasies past the fantasy stage to where I so wanted to share this stunning creature with another man, she always agreed that we should push our boundaries and experience new sensations, initially a part of me felt she was playing along, for two reasons;

1: she loved teasing me and making me so hot and so hard that I would eventually plead for release, plead to cum.

2: secretly she loved the Idea, she even talked about how she had been fantasizing about a strange tongue searching every warm wet crevice followed up with a nice thick cock penetrating her ever so slowly in a strong deliberate manner yet so sensually, taking her to celestial realms she had yet to experience, the thought of another man’s thick cock entering her inner sanctum secretly excited her, she would talk about the fantasy while licking my nipples and stroking my cock with warm oil taking me to the edge and then pulling me back from the abyss just as I started to swell and pulse, oh my! After so much teasing and cliff hanging we would both surrender and go with the flow to finally collapse into a ball of delightful entanglement.

It had been a long couple of months working, we decide to go away for the weekend, kids are taken care of, It’s a warm summers afternoon so ends up being a delightful drive into the city, we arrive at our Motel, a little classy but hey, why not, we deserve it. A long hot soak in the spa, some drinks etc to set the mood, plenty of time to hit the city as nothing happens till later in the night, I get changed and we’re ready for-what-ever, Jen steps out of the room wearing a red and black tartan buckle up skirt, a black lace top, nice pair of red open toed High heel shoes and we are away! Look out Welly!

About 3 & a half hours go by, we had strategically dined and wined our way back to a small bar adjacent to our motel, ordered our drinks only to hear our names called out, we look at each other, our hearts sink simultaneously, oh no! Hope we’re not stuck having to entertain a work associate, to our delight it was our friend (who I shall name for this story Josh), our barista. A handsome man who stood about 6 ft. 2 inches, olive to sandy complexion, he was slightly older than us.

He always made the best Latte and was always a such a delight to talk to at any time of the day, what made it even more special was the fact that he was always so caring and a true gentleman at all times, especially to the ladies who all thought so highly of him, I was quite sure I had caught the tail end of an enchanted moment between Josh and my wife some time back, that excited me no end and I mentioned that to Jen, she laughed and brushed it off but later admitted she also found it exciting so Josh unknowingly took his place amongst our fantasies.

After a couple of drinks Josh mentions that he’s keen to enjoy more of the night as he’s also been burning the work candle at both ends but would like an opportunity to head back to his place to grab a couple of things before it’s too late, I can only assume he’s referring to something to help enhance the night, Jen and I both look at each other with a somewhat blasé approach asking each other that silent question, what do you want to do? are you tired? We both look at each other, shrug our shoulders and say why not, doesn’t happen that often, we mention to Josh that we’ll wait here at the bar for him or if we’re not here we’ll be across the road upstairs in our room freshening up, room number given, we depart ways for what seemed a brief moment.

Half an hour goes by, we decide to use the time to head across the road to the motel and upstairs to freshen up before Josh arrives back, we had only just kicked off our shoes and poured a drink, opened the balcony doors to allow fresh air to flow in when there’s a knock on the door, open sesame, there’s Josh standing there with a huge smile on his face apologising for taking so long, he’d even taken the liberty of grabbing two bottles of red wine, in a chirpy voice Josh says let’s have a couple of wines before hitting the town, Jen and I agree, grab some glassware and make ourselves comfortable.

It’s a sizable room with a beautiful glass dining table with a lower coffee type table along with two elegant stylish settees, a single and a double set towards the balcony window, Jen takes the single facing us and Josh and I get comfortable with the double facing her. The wine is good, Josh knows his wines remarkably well, to our surprise Josh asks if we would like to try some smoke or do a line to help get through the night, surprised Jen and I look at each other, I’m fairly quick off the mark and say, its ok, perhaps a smoke to take the edge off is enough for me as for the line, you two go for it. So here I am on the balcony puffing away, Jen and Josh join me briefly then Josh disappears to the table to prepare a snow capped treat for Jen and himself, Jen asks me to reconsider participating with her, I say no, honestly babe, I’m fine, you go and enjoy.

With all the peripherals out of the way and the night elevated to another level we find ourselves back on our seats, Josh and I seated next to each other with Jen seated facing us, the wines flow along with the conversation, not too sure if it’s the enhancements but the laughter and banter is flowing really well, Jen stands up and announces she wants to jump in the spa briefly to help the body adjust from the long walk we had had earlier and that she would see us shortly, Josh replies ‘we can’t leave you all alone, why don’t we all just move to the spa’ I agree and so it is, bubbles, steam and wine, Jen in her Bra and panties, Josh in his under wear and then there’s me yet to hop in who brazenly discards my under wear and slides into the water on the other side of Jen placing her between us, Jen gives a cheeky wide eyed smile which is followed by laughter from Josh who having already submerged two thirds of his body decides to follow suit and discard his as well, Jen laughs and discards her bra after receiving some banter but keeps her panties, she slips down to water level, her breasts remain visible, her nipples erect, her long hair let loose and flowing.

Regardless that the bubbles were dancing violently, the steam filling the room, it was very evident that Josh, who was leaning back with his eyes closed and hands intertwined behind his head enjoying the moment, had a penis that when excited was more than impressive and was increasing in stature every minute to the point I was quite sure it was going to break water at any moment, I glanced at Jen who smiled at me with those large expressive eyes and glanced down again at the beast growing in front of her below the water line all the time maintaining the conversation without missing a beat, I’m quite sure Josh was aware of our admiration but kept smiling and talking to us with his eyes closed, I turned back to Jen and smiled, my heart started to race, I was absolutely excited by this turn of events, I really wanted to ask Jen if what was happening excited her but I held back not wanting to ruin the moment, I could see that her breasts were heaving ever so slightly with an elevated heart beat so left it alone, it was Jen who broke first and exclaimed it was time to dry off, get comfortable and cool down as the spa was making her feel quite flushed, I’m guessing the flushed feeling was a result of a number of components, either way I was following the flow, Josh opens his eyes just as Jen gets up from the spa revealing her nicely toned body and a clean waxed pussy under those wet panties, grabbing a towel she made her way to the room, wasn’t long, she re-appeared wearing the buckled tartan skirt she wore earlier and the lacy top, she topped up her wine, run her fore finger through the white residue remaining on the glass table, licked her finger slowly while throwing a quick glance our way and returned to her single seat facing the double settee.

Josh and I take that as our cue and exit the spa, I get another chance to inspect this anomaly a little closer, I can’t help being absolutely impressed with Josh, I’m not quite sure why it is with my average sized cock I’m not feeling intimidated at all, in fact quite the opposite, am definitely feeling excited, we make the most of the Motels bath robes and wrap up making sure to open the last bottle of wine before returning to our seat to face my beautiful wife and continue with our conversation.

This is where it came right out of the blue, Jen turned the conversation on its head quite unexpectedly by talking about wives who although married and are in a secure loving relationship sometimes have a deep yearning within, a need to explore their own sexual horizons which in some cases may take them beyond the current parameters they find themselves in, to fulfill their sexual needs along with helping her husband explore his if he so chooses, I was spell bound, it was as though my wife was directing the whole scenario, bewitching Josh and I, we were charmed and totally attentive to all she said.

Josh exclaimed that he totally agreed with her and said it was only natural to explore all facets of life, especially sexuality, he asks, Jen have you decided what it is you want to explore and how you want to do that? Jen responds very casually with a ‘yes, I do, all I want you two to do is sit there quietly and say nothing, do nothing unless directed to do so, do you two understand?’

With our lower jaws partially disconnected from the upper, we sat quietly, Josh looks at me with that distinctive ‘is this ok with you’ look on his face, I shrug, smile and nod towards Jen signalling that she is in charge. So it is we sit and wait for her to command, to direct, the mercury in the Barometer is rising steadily not to mention the bath robes, Jen see’s the excitement in our faces, especially mine, she smiles at me then runs her fingers over her erect nipples which are quite visible without a bra under her black lace top, she allows her head to fall slowly back, lets out a soft sigh as her eyes close momentarily, her fingers follow the contours on her thinly veiled body with every male molecular cell at full attention she continues downward, I can’t believe this is happening, how excited I am, is this my Jen? I swear my heart is going to beat too fast and burst through my chest!, I am so erect, although average in size its forced its way through the thick flannel bathrobe in search of light, I glance to my side at Josh who is watching Jen so attentively with lips slightly parted, he’s motionless like a wax figure in Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, he seems oblivious to the fact I’m even there, his forearms begin working diligently to prevent his huge erection from separating the over-lapping bathrobe and bursting through into the light, it looked amazing in the spa but now, even covered, seems even bigger, even more impressive, it was quite clear that that huge, thick penis which was continually moving, growing below the flannel bathrobe trying to escape was also visibly exciting Jen, It was so hard controlling myself, my inhibitions were evaporating rapidly watching Jen who glanced at me occasionally to assess my excitement then reverted back to watching Josh, I allowed my cock to break through the flannel robe into the light, their eyes continually lifting to connect with each other briefly then falling to witness the magic below, I drew a huge breath as I watched Jen slide her skirt slowly up her thighs, she opens her legs to allow her fingers to progress further inland, I’m half expecting to see the smooth, shiny, wet material of her lacey panties but am dumb struck to see there are none, to witness Jen revealing her smooth waxed and totally wet pussy for Josh to admire, she closes her eyes, lets her head fall back to rest against the back of the settee and sighs softly knowing Josh was holding onto every move however slight, the beads of wetness accumulating, glistening in the light, she spread her legs wider, her fingers push downwards against her swollen Clitoris, her swollen vagina and rise slowly creating a soft suckling noise, opening herself for him to admire.

Oblivious as to how it eventuated I find myself standing to one side admiring this beautiful seductive show that was playing out with me on the outskirts, it felt so erotic, so uncontrollable, I was lost, I was spell bound! Heart thumping!, pre-cum flowing, there I am standing with my cock in my right hand masturbating, left forefinger caressing my nipples as I watch my wife masturbating while she looks into another man eyes, this has gone beyond any fantasy script I could have imagined.

Josh manages to mutter a soft, awkward ‘aw Jen, you’re so fuckin hot’ he pulls the Flannel robe aside to release his huge cock which partially resembles a huge Cobra un-furling and lifting upwards from its slumber towards the sun, he reaches to assist its clumsy ascension, he massages the foreskin on this beast back and forwards, his hands although very big only just manage to touch forefinger to thumb, Jen motions for Josh to move closer, he falls to his knees in front of Jen, she places a gentle hand under his chin and another behind his head drawing him in closer to her where they kiss softly, so passionately, she stops, looks into his eyes and leans back, spreading and lifting her legs upwards, she places both her hands on his face guiding Josh down onto her pussy, as Josh drives his tongue into her wetness, my wife arches backwards, her eyes roll up and then her eyes close releasing a moan that rocks me to the core! I so nearly cum! My cock is pulsing so hard, throbbing oh so badly! Here I am trying so hard not to cum while this Adonis looking Alpha male is eating my wife’s pussy, driving his tongue deep into my wife’s arse then back deep into her soaking wet pussy, upwards to tantalise and tease her swollen clit, watching her body react to each touch, to each passing flick of his tongue is driving me insane!, she opens her eyes, trying to catch her breath, her breasts heaving up and down with excitement, she smiles at me and motions me to come closer, she guides my semi hard cock into her mouth, it seems as though I’ve cum continually since she lifted her skirt to reveal her wet pussy, her mouth feels so soft, so velveteen like, so gentle, her tongue, her lips working so magically, Josh looks up to catch my gaze as I admire his enthusiasm to please my wife, he smiles and returns to what he was doing so dutifully in the knowledge that her mouth will at some stage endeavour to service his huge cock, the thought alone releases more cum and sends a throbbing, a pulsing feeling through my cock, Jen feels my excitement while I’m in her mouth, she looks up and smiles.

Josh stands to position himself in front of Jen, he massages his cock from the balls back along its length pulling the foreskin back to reveal a thick pink knob, Jen moves herself forward resting on her knees, she carefully takes his cock in her hands, her hands seem so small and petite in comparison to this beast, she pulls the skin along its length forward towards her to gather at the head and then releases the mass of skin to return comfortably along its length, Jen looks at me and smiles sheepishly, she looks up at Josh and says ‘this is such a beautiful cock Josh!, please be gentle my darling!’, she lets out a sheepish school girl giggle then places the first 3 to 4 inches in her mouth pushing the skin back to give access to his huge pink knob, OMG! It’s like parking a bus in a diagonal wellington carpark, the over-hang is outrageous, regardless her lips and tongue work their magic, Josh lets out a long sigh of pleasure, my wife is amazing!

I take the opportunity to kneel next to my wife as she’s servicing Josh’s huge cock, she takes his cock out of her mouth and begins stroking it with her left hand, she reaches over with her right hand and guides me into her long lingering kiss, she rolls her tongue around in my mouth, the taste is very different, it’s very new, I can taste Josh on her lips, on her tongue, in her mouth, it’s an odd sensation, she lifts that huge cock up again and begins worshipping Josh’s manhood once more.

I take the opportunity to get up and refill our glasses with the remaining wine, I take our drinks into the room and pull the covers, Its time to move this to another level, I lay back on the bed facing the ceiling with my feet towards the head board, my head is partially over the end of the bed where I motion to Jen and Josh to come, saying it’s a lot more comfortable in here, Jen gets up, takes Josh by the hand and leads him to the room where she immediately climbs over the top of me placing her mouth on my cock, she works her magic, her pussy is slightly elevated above my face, I want to reach upwards to taste her extremely wet pussy but notice Josh positioning himself behind her, I figure it’s time to lie back and watch the magic and that’s exactly what happens! Her at one end and Josh at the other, he stands directly behind her, he places his left hand on her lower back, the fingers massaging the small of her back, the tip of his lubricated thumb slightly inserted into my wife’s arse, her body responds erotically to the moment, he holds his cock in his right hand rubbing it up and down on her wetness, that huge cock pushes downwards to rub her clit before returning to her pussy, each time, it passes my face by mere centimetres, Josh prepares Jen by telling her he’s going to push his knob into her wet pussy really slowly, if she feels she can take more or wants more she just needs to say, ‘give me more Josh’ she encourages him to begin, I position myself to watch everything, Jen is still attached to my cock, licking down around my shaft, tantalising and cupping my balls with her mouth, Josh begins by pulling the skin back and pushing his big pink knob slowly into Jens pussy, I watch as he pushes, slowly sinking his fat cock approximately 1 to 2 centimetres each time into my wife’s pussy only to be withdrawn time and time again, each attempt leaves a creamy tell-tale substance which indicates the depth of each successive attempt, with each attempt Jen moves and moans with excitement, my cock still in her mouth.

I watch with total obedience as Josh pushes time and time again getting deeper and deeper, his balls swing ever so close to my face, Josh pushes forward, softly but deliberately, his huge cock lubricated with her juices, starts to disappear inside my wife who lets out a huge gasp and clasps tighter onto my cock, I’m in heaven witnessing this, he pushes again, unimpeded he sinks deeper into my wife, what tipped the balance was the fact that my wife not only surrendered to that huge beast, she actually started thrusting rhythmically back against Josh, taking everything he had to offer, watching from beneath as this huge wet cock appears and disappears as this rhythmic dance continues, I couldn’t take it anymore, I exploded in my wife’s mouth! Again! I was spent! I let out a deep groan as let go only to open my eyes, look up and see this thick cum dripping down onto my face from my wife’s pussy as Josh withdraws from Jen, it dawns on me, wow! Both Josh and I had cum simultaneously inside my wife.

Now this is where I have my ‘right out of the blue’ moment. As Josh is withdrawing from Jen, she looks underneath towards me, reaches back around, takes Josh’s huge creamy cock and works my lips apart to receive his knob, I’m frozen, Jen says to me softly, its ok baby, I love it and so will you, Josh who’s still standing there smiling down at me takes his cock and starts pushing it slowly between my lips, rolling the lengthy thick shaft through my opened wet mouth, for some unknown reason I surrender completely, I can’t explain how this feels? I find myself in unchartered waters, the feeling is exhilarating, Josh leans his head back, closes his eyes and enjoys the moment, once serviced, Jen who has been watching so attentively lowers herself gently to my mouth, the cum leaking from my wife is a substantial thick load, I eventually take it all, licking and swallowing, cleaning my wife and our good friend Josh, it’s the least I can do for her and Josh who have just provided me with the ultimate erotic experience, Jen, Josh and I have tried a few different things since that time, pushing some of our boundaries out far beyond expectations, and once again we fall into a ball of delightful entanglement.