Written by TRIPLE_X


It wasn't until we pulled out of the driveway en-route home after visiting her parents up north that I really took in the fact Penny’s skirt was so short, ridding most of the way up her slender thighs now she was seated.

It was a beautiful sunny summers morning appreciated all the more because the sun was streaming through the windscreen directly, almost purposely, onto Penny’s smooth legs and thighs. As if I didn't already find her delicious, her body and legs heaven sent and our sex together electric the brilliant sun now seemed to be highlighting and warming the very spot I was yearning for since awakening this morning.

My mind wandering with lust and my occasional stare while driving was in the hope her skirt might magically hoist itself up further so I might glimpse her panties. When my eyes did finally venture further than her sweet spot they were met with a knowing smile, as if sprung and only minutes into our journey.

What I wanted to do was pull over, just anywhere, the way my blood was boiling in anticipation, to have pure spur of the moment lustful sex in the heat of the great outdoors. Especially as that familiar wanton smile Penny afforded me knowing full well I was getting hard just glancing at her thighs suggested she would be up for it.

What I did though was reach over with my left hand as I often did but not for her hand this time. I gently but suggestively placed my left hand on her thigh just under the hemline of her skirt. My God! She was smoother and warmer than my imagination lead me to believe. My foot nearly went to the brake to pull over right then and there but I managed to control and curb my now obvious excitement to ponder her reaction. It was all too apparent Penny was also enjoying the moment as without so much as a word spoken she slowly parted her legs as wide as the restraints of her car seat would allow.

Still with that smile but now in sync with the come hither eyes she reached over to what was an obvious bulge in my now tight jeans. I had to intercede momentarily only to shift my dick to point north now it was fully erect.

I needed no encouragement to hoist the skirt up and explore the inside of Penny’s legs but I didn't want to rush things. I wanted to savor the moment, the intense pleasure both physically and mentally, and man, the sight of her panties had me almost salivating. I so wanted to bury my face in what I affectionately refer to as my little piece of heaven, oh yeah; I’m driving, bugger!

It was with but a few gentle strokes and caresses up and down her inner thighs that the back of my hand happened upon her panties. To say that this close encounter of a sexual kind teamed with driving, not saying a word and the warm sun on her skin was arousing would be an understatement, she was so wet on another inspection of her panties I had to do a double take and make sure they were still on. I managed to still keep my composure, my right hand on the wheel and my gaze on the road ahead, most of the time. This repetitious and often mundane drive home we had done so many times before had now become very erotic and charged, and one I would remember for a very long time.

Still without speaking and admittedly this adding to the intensity and Penny’s obvious wet pussy she without hesitation shifted in her seat to remove the only barrier between me and that little piece of heaven. The very act of sliding them over the length of her legs and then placing them over the handbrake was poetry in motion.

Still torn between stopping, driving faster or saying “here hold the wheel” I reach back over to her open legs and eagerly awaiting wet smoothly shaven pussy. Again not wanting to rush in, so to speak, I keep up the gentle stroking around her thighs and pussy until I can’t help myself. I run my fingers through those beautiful wet lips knowing my tongue must miss out, for now. Penny could not possibly get her legs to open any wider although I see her trying as she writhes around in her seat. I insert one finger then two and gently work them in and out all the while thinking they must surely be melting.

Penny is no longer rubbing my member straining to get out like a bull at the rodeo as she is now gripping her seat with both hands. I so want to unleash my cock but it is not about me right now. I was getting a great deal of satisfaction out of pleasing her and wanted to revel in the glory that is her pending orgasm. My thumb naturally rests on her swollen clit as the melting fingers work her ever increasingly wet pussy. Her heavy breathing and rhythmic thrusts on my fingers tell me she is not far from our heaven opening up and pouring down so I maintain my rhythm inside her and the gentle pressure on her clit till that familiar squeal of delight resonates inside the car. The arched back, dripping pussy and gasping with the occasional exclamation of “FUCK” or “OH MY GOD”, although non religious.

I reluctantly remove my fingers from her now pulsating, sensitive yet satisfied pussy and can’t help but grin from ear to ear. Penny has already broken the silence with her ecstatic exclamations and there is still little to be said in the aftermath that would add significance so at a loss for words in that instant I can only utter the obvious “Fuck that was hot”. She smiles contently and concurs only to add that I would be looked after the moment we got home. The panties never went back on and as I snuck glimpses of her moist lips as she rested for the remainder of the trip home I couldn't help be impressed and proud of myself for the accomplishment. Not being selfish and orchestrating her orgasm left handed and while driving, nice moves.

I look forward to our long distance trips now in the hope they may spark new sexual escapades; I think the rest stops look promising.

Oh, I was well looked after when I got home, but that’s another story.