Written by Rotorua Redwoods Follow up


We both enjoyed the excitement of meeting playing where the possibility of being caught was a real danger. It is difficult to explain the adrenaline rush of meeting at an agreed place

knowing she is there waiting undressed to thrill.She now knows how much i like her in a tiny lace gstring that barely covers her pussy so on every occasion she buys a new one to wear to add to surprise.

The next step is find a couple , we are looking at a new scenario, we have investigated and found a suitable up market hotel room. Now comes the scenario, she has me scratching my head!

Wine candles blindfold ties and an Ipad with her favorite music.The room will be darkened she will arrive undress gstring suspenders stockings, lie on the bed waiting after soothing her nerves with the wine.She will blindfold herself put the ipod so the sense of sight and sound is not there.

The anticipation the thrill and adrenaline of the unknown is a major turn on.

I would meet a lucky couple in the hotel bat have a few drinks . We will slip into the room .The visitors will silently watch and enjoy the sensual foreplay massage touching arousing her.

When the moment is right to be surprised and taken by the feel of strangers hands and extra cock to totally fill and satisfy her.After the session no talking socializing have them just melt away into the night leaving as if it was a fantasy dream.

Perhaps if you are daring attractive middle aged couple in the Rotorua district looking for that extra wonderful experience we would love to find you.

the next story posted will tell you all what happened!