Written by Next time it might be you


My favourite space and personal activity is my daily walk through the rotorua redwoods the setting is magnificent, even the air feels crisper fresher.it is invigorating seeing so many different people enjoying the stunning environment, Lycra clad fitness fanatics to older people obviously recuperating from some form of illness.my walk has been regular daily and routine.

The other week I encountered a fit attractive older lady I suspect in her very late sixties or early. Seventies , she used to accelerate past me as I ambled on way exchanging a good morning.after a few days we sort of started to chat pas the time, co or donating or pace and daily routines for the walk.innocent at first, we got on I could sense she was lonely probably too young minded for the retirement village she was living in.

One morning she started to tell me she missed company, and about an old affair, there was something unspoken suggestive when I said a goodbye until tomorrow.i said I thought the walk was good it kept me out of mischief, her reply was some mischief was good for you , she missed it.this weighed on my mind that night.

The idea set in my imagination, the next day we encountered each other as usual strolling through the huge glade of trees, I had some loose track pants as we talked I could feel and erection rising, I knew she could see the bulge it was uncomfortable obvious.i was a bit embarrassed by excited sensing she was taking a secret interest.as we walked past the information centre into a more secluded part .i confessed I told her her discussion on her past affairs were sexy and exciting making me interested.

She was walking close to me I took her hand placing it on the outside of my track pants she could feel my erection, her reaction was to gasp and she slip her hands down inside my pants and briefs, to encircle my erection with her fingers to stroke me.

I reached down unzipped her jeans she was wearing a tiny black lace gstring , natural tuft of hair already wet as I touched her fingering her pussy.

The whole thing was unreal unexpected.

We went behind the biggest tree just off the track, I undid her pants lowered them to her ankles pulling her g string panties dowd . Slipped down my pants briefs guided my cock between the lips of her pussy. It could not quite penetrate just rubbing along her lips.so wet so hot.

More to follow.....