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13 Jun 2013

"Im in a meeting"


8 minute read

He looked at his watch again... Fuck im sure its slowed down.. 3:09 in 21 minutes all the talk will come down to the crunch. Grabbing keys and jacket he slips out the door and heads to the car... fuck here goes She reckons she's in Palm Beach man how fucked is that.. better not get spotted heading into the Resort. He parks down the road a bit and checks his poor excuse for a cool hairdo... ahhhhh that'll do, door clicks shut head down he heads for the Apartments .. mmmmm number 16...... 12....... 15......... 16 there it is door slightly ajar just as they planned. A few quiet steps and he was inside door softly clicks behind him .. and lock so no cunt disturbs them. A quick check of the watch 3:29 sweet nothing better than being reliable ay swingers. Here we go the last few steps this is surreal... excited yet shunting just a bit he moves to the edge of the door frame....... what a sight oh my fucking gawdddddddd.... true to her words there she is softly curled up on the bed, knee high socks, white panties and a long sleeve Grey top. The fine fabrics traced her skin and outlined her perky young tits... at 19 was almost taboo but fuck me the anticipation was burning his soul so much that he shook a little Edging toward the bed she stirred shifting her body arching her back .. eyes shut she had been so horny waiting for this moment.. she could hear him shift closer aware that her she had told him he can do anything he liked.. " use me" she had teased.. their flirting had revealed fantasies and desires that made both their bloods boil. 37 37 oh my god hes going to destroy me.. the porn she had earlier watched ran through her mind.. how she loved it when the older men pinned those young girls down and used them.... she couldn't help but bite her lip Quietly he rested on the bed and lowered his lips onto the small of her back, slowly moving up her spine gently teething her flesh through the fabric.. her hair smelled beautiful her body so tight and fragile.... anything i like he grinned. slowly he kissed her neck a hand searching her thighs, squeezing her arse and tracing along her panty line.... quiet girl he fucking loved it when they were quiet.. a soft whimper escaped from her lips as his fingers ran down her calf and gripped her heel, softly biting her buns gently teething towards her sweet snatch.. just a layer of cotton separated his lips from her wet pussy. gently he rested his tongue on her snatch his cock ached as he searched her hot mound through the cotton.. gripping the pillow she bit into the bedding in her wildest dreams she could not believe how turned on she was..... those lips so close to her pussy it was almost to much to bear,, she felt herself willing him to pull her panties aside and take her aching pussy in his mouth.... unspoken he followed her lead a gentle wiggle of her hips guiding his lips onto bare flesh... was this mind control she questioned??????? fuck fuck a surge of pleasure rocked her soul how the fuck did he have her so close to the edge so soon..... hands groping her small firm tits he softly sucked her pussy... his cock now a wreck in his pants.. how he wished someone would come and strip him down. A hand through her hair startled her a little..... she had just come in his mouth and was incoherent with lust.... drawn to her knees she saw that he had removed his pants.... the bulge in his undies looked way to big to be cock... fuck she thought.... how am i going to get that in my mouth??? the man stood and moved closer her hand reached out and groped the insane cock lazying in his undies... she lifted a leg hole open and it hung before her... she had never seen anything like..... my mouth oh my god how it that going to fit in my pussy...... she bent her head and rolled her tongue slowly over the swollen head.. fuck it felt so nice.... here we go as she took his cock in deep.... gently thrusting she loved it.... fuck my mouth she willed...the mind control was working well in the mirror he could see her mouth clenched firmly around his cock.. wetting his shaft fuck it felt so good what a good girl his mind wandered between reality and lala land.. some meeting he grinned...... deeper and deeper she struggled her mouth so soft made him ache her little tittes exposed top pulled up puffy nipples mmmmmmm he moaned encouraging her to take her hands off... just her mouth as she sucked him deep .. her snatch in the mirror looked hot.... pulsating... daym he loved bush this was perfect... Carrie .. the name on the jewellry box.... so much for no names... today im Tim anyways hahahhaaa he grinned..... how can such a young girl suck cock so well? fucked if he knew all he wanted to do was unload and watch his seed spill onto those titties.... nope cant do the reach between reality and fantasy nearly led him over the edge.... she pulled away as if reading his mind.... baby i want that cock inside me .. fuck my pussy fuck my pussy i want to feel you so bad fuck me.... was the invitation as she kneeled on all fours swinging her hips to his hand... his knee spread her legs hands fumbling torn panties hang from her thighs.... safe sex safe sex he moaned and reached for his jeans.. fuckin joeys they both laughed........... slowly he pushed his big dick inside her pulsating snatch....... she moaned as it filled her every being.. feeling like her pussy was going to swallow his whole body....... mmmmmmmhmhmhmhmhhhhhhhhhhh her moans were long and timed with each slow thrust.... his cock wetting the full length.. be gentle he told himself.. be fair as he watched her pussy lips spread on each thrust... fuck perfect was before this is something else.... the mirror reflecting the pair of them like some high end porno... some meeting this is.. Baby fuck me she moaned half biting the pillow oh my god baby im going to cum fuck fuck he cock rammed her pussy.. flooding with warmth he felt her verge then with a few more careful thrusts he took her over the edge.. pussy flooding .. cum squeezing wringing his cock so tight e felt his balls tighten fuck it fuck im so close babe he moaned her mouth hung open speechless her eyes begging for him to let it go .. ramming deep inside her he mustered all his will against pumping a load in her.... pushing her down onto the bed.. pinning her this was his game.. his rules.. whatever i like he gritted his teeth.. not yet babe i want to fuck you properly.... arranging her body into a semi side position his cock still deep inside her..... he pulled his cock joeytime.... she smiled cheeky.. happy that he gave a fuck the trust promised quickly earned.... Her sweet breasts lay so pert he leaned over and suckled the left one.... her hand guiding his cock to her wet feel so big fuck me baby she begged.. his cock sank deep inside her pussy...... breasts heaving a little as each thrust bottomed out his cock.. rocking her body she felt her pussy flood with lust oh my god mmm mmm mmmm her cute little whimpers awoke the beast and he rammed her pussy like a freight train... lets face it at 105 kgs he had 60 on her small frame.... his cock grew with her clenches a fight of will.... gimme all you can take wet as hell her snatch took each hammering deep sweaty arms locked she bit down on his bicept his arms so big she felt so safe yet so out of control.... whatever you want she mused fuck yes use me take me Slowly his load built her snatch milking his sanity.. do i hold on or let go both were as bad as each other.... bring her off shes gotta break first he pounded away feeling the familiar clench of orgasim in her they met each thrust minds alike fuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkk he groaned her pussy flooding as he let his load go bang bang bang bang ramming her body rough fucking as he unloaded his soul, her inside her white blinding light she grabbed his hand and held it for the ride her orgasim sending her into semi coherrant state...... breasts heaving he collapsed on top of her.... out of it on adrenline still cumming still feeling her gripping his cock my god .... fuck.... they lay in each others arms body temps cumming down, soft touch so pretty what a girl ... What a fucking meeting xxx

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