I had some work to sort out in Queenstown, so I emailed a guy in Queenstown to say I would be up for a couple of nights and to see if he want to meet again I got a reply he was keen and would come to my motel at about 8-00 pm Friday night, I was looking forward to meet up with him again and let him use me as his slut like the last meet, so I showered and dressed in a very short mini skirt, lace panties, stockings, high boots, bra with a nice lace top wig and all the makeup.

I sat back and had a couple of wines then the knock at the door when I opened the door I was a bit shocked he had 2 other guys with him , so we all sat back and had a drink then one of the guys said lets go to a bar for a drink and then we will come back and fuck you, I was nervous about going to a bar but with 3 guys ok I will go, we walked down and walked into the bar it was packed only standing room the guys went to get drinks and as I was just standing there I felt a hand touch my bum and give it a rub ( I did not move ) then I felt the hand lift the side of my panties and start fingering my bum hole it felt nice just then the guys come back with the drinks and the hand very quickly pulled out form under my skirt, we had our drinks and headed back to the motel, I was telling them what happened and we had a laugh BUT what if he had touched my cock and balls ???????????? back at the motel was a night of fun I got a lot of cum to swallow and the guys got their pleasure taking turns using me as their slut, after a couple of hours playing the guys left, I cleaned up and fixed my makeup and was thinking about taking a walk when there was a knock at the door it was one of the guys back again I said I was just going to take a walk up town window shopping and he said ok I will take you then we can come back and play , it was fun a guy holding my hand taking me for a walk treating me as female so when we got back to the motel I said use me as your slut in anyway you want and he did, a fun night and looking forward to the next time I am in Queenstown.