Written by stranger66


We'd talked online, but only briefly. She knew what she wanted and at six months pregnant she didn't have time to waste with endless messages. So, two days after we'd first spoken we'd learned enough about each other and there I was, pulling up outside her house.

Strictly speaking it wasn't really hers. She was house-sitting for friends, in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. With a baby on the way, separated from friends and family, it was no wonder she was feeling a little lonely and restless.

I parked the car and walked the few steps to the door. She must have been watching because I didn't need to knock before she opened the door, wearing only a thin silk robe of blue.

God, she was beautiful. Glowing, like only a young, pregnant woman can, with a clear, olive complexion and bright blue eyes. She smiled shyly and held the door open for me with one hand, the other holding her robe, which must have fit properly once, closed over her growing body. I stepped inside and she closed in quietly behind me.

No sooner was it closed than we were on each other, her robe falling open as her hands slid beneath my shirt, our mouths pressing hungrily together. My hands went to her huge, firm belly, sliding around her full hips and pulling her body as close against me as her condition would allow.

Our lips parted briefly as she stripped the shirt from my back and when we came together again I moved down to her neck, gently at first then stronger as I felt her tense in my arms and heard her moan as she bared her throat to my teeth. Her hand gripped my hair tightly and I took her swollen breasts in my hands and lowered my face to her huge, hard nipples. I felt her fumble with my belt as I licked and sucked them each in turn. I slid my hand down over her belly once more and beneath, between her thighs, my searching fingers finding her hot and wet and open for me just as her own had slipped into my jeans to caress my hard cock.

I brought her to orgasm the first time like that, pressed up against the door, rocking against my hand with my fingers inside her and my mouth exploring her breasts and throat. She held me in her hand the whole time, not stoking, just gripping my cock hard like she didn't want to lose it.

When she finished trembling I slipped my fingers from her a gently kissed her lips and face.

"Mmm", she whispered, "thank you." They were almost the first words spoken since the door had closed and they would be the last she would say for a while because she was already lowering herself heavily to her knees.

"You're welcome", I replied as she ran her tongue along the shaft of my cock before taking me in her mouth.

It was one of the most erotic sights I've seen, to look down at her, her robe flowing down over her back but doing nothing to conceal her in front, her huge, swollen breasts laying over that vast belly, kneeling on the hard wooden floor as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. I could have cum right then, but I held back, wanting this feeling to last forever...

Of course it couldn't. I knew it couldn't but when I had just about reached my limit it was her that broke off. The it was too uncomfortable down there she said, and apologised. I told her there was no need, and he took my hand a led me downstairs to the room she was sleeping in, where it would be more comfortable for her. That was fine, it gave me a moment to recover myself.

When we got there I was surprised to find the french doors wide open, the curtains billowing in the wind. I asked if we should close them but she shrugged and said nobody would see. I could look directly into the neighbours windows from where I stood but it was her choice. I stripped the robe from her then and she lay back on a small day bed in front of me.

I knelt on the floor before then, parted her legs gently and lowered my face between her thighs. I couldn't see past her belly but I could feel by her movements she was rubbing her breasts as I began to lick her. It didn't last long though. I had barely begun when I felt her hands tugging at me.

"I think you better fuck me now", she said.

Still kneeling I pulled her toward me, her feet easily resting on the floor as her ass perched on the edge of the low bed. I lifted myself a little higher and looked into her big blue eyes as I slid my cock deep inside her in one long stroke. She pressed back against me and we rocked like that for a while, grinding our hips against each other, my hands running over her body, so firm in places, so soft in others. She moaned softly and made small, unbearable cute noises.

Then I helped her turn over.

She rested on her knees and elbows and this time reached back for my cock. She stroked it once or twice, still slippery with her juices, and then inserted it into her pussy herself. It was anything but gentle now. She pushed her ass back against me hard with every stroke, driving me on, my cock pounding into her again and again, her cries barely muffled by a pillow beneath her face until I exploded, my cock throbbing inside as I came. It felt like it would never stop, like it was pouring from my soul.

I was drained. We both were. We lay there, sweaty and exhausted, and she was almost asleep when I dressed myself. She looked adorable, younger than her years and sweet and innocent. I kissed her gently and spread her robe over her before I left...