Written by porkchop


Best to supply some background info i suppose, just to paint the picture.

This happened back in the 80s , in England. My wife and i are naturists, her family have lived this lifestyle for 3 generations, whilst i and my sisters family are the only ones from myside.We are both what you might call " Respectable Middle Class', wife is a Teacher whilst I work in a bank.

As most of you know naturists, in the main, dont go into group or public sex. Thats where we differ, we love outdoor sex and have had fun in all kinds of weather. But only as a couple, alone no audience. However we have had all manner of photos traken over the years, but in the pre digital age you had a problem getting to find a discrete developer. A chap at our naturist club was a keen photographer who developed films for club members at a reasonable cost.

Colin would also do " naughty photo work" , this was very discrete and only a certain few knew about this. My wife found this out from my sister who had had some photos taken for her hubbies 40th birthday.

We discussed , from time to time , the idea of having a photo shoot done. Wifey at times was , keen to say the least, other times ,shy. But one day when we were having a slow fuck in the garden { very private and rural} she said she would love to be photographed and would i mind organising it. Now i dont mind in the least having a fellow naturist about when we are nude and frolicking,and the thought of colin taking the photos was ok by me.

Wifey was so excited that she asked me to phone colin right then. It was somewhat strange being on the phone , with an erection , asking a friend if he would take photos of me and my wife fucking. We agreed to do the deed the following day, at what colin called his studio. This was in fact his house, also with private grounds.

We were both excited the following day, driving to Colins place. I asked Wifey if she was still ok about it. She took one of my hands off the stering wheel and placed it up her skirt where her knickers were damp,that was all the answer i needed.

It came as a supprise to be welcomed by Colins wife when we knocked at the door, it turned out that she was the assistant, Colin explained that for "porn" shoots Jane insisted that she was there. Jane said it helped with the lady knowing that another " bystander" was there, and that Colin kept his mind on his work. She also said she loved watching people have sex and liked people watching her and colin indulge in some fun them selves.

We were soon nude and it was , for me at least, odd to be standing there with an erection with friends. The garden was selected for the location, Wifey was trembling with excitement, but in a short while had my cock in her mouth. Colin got to work with the camera, whilst Jane directed the shots. We just went wild , jane told wifey what to do , colin got into place and i just did what i was told. Wifey said that she wanted me to cum over her boobs, so when i was on the point of cumming i let them know so that the shot was right. Bingo a great gush of sperm hit wifeys tits, at this point wifey came, she shuddered like an earthquake as she climaxed.

After we had showers , Colin developed the photos. Whilst he was doing that , Jane explained how they got into doing porn. Apparently in a moment of lustfull madness, whilst on holiday in Portugal the set the camera up on a tripod, fucked and took anumber of shots. This they dully to to a local developer. When they went into the shop 3days later , the owner said that he had developed the film but not printed it unless they paid him a lot more money. Not happy about that they took the negatives and upon returning to the uk Colin developed them himself.

Jane got out some photo albums for us to look at, by the stars what a sight. Jane and colin were like acrobats some of the positions that they got into, and for the first time in her life wifey saw a woman having anal sex. Jane laughed at the look on wifeys face, jane explained that they saw acouple in a sex show in Amsterdam do it on stage. Curious as to how it felt, they tried it in the hotel afterwards. Wifey was impressed, and shoked. I was fully erect letting wifey know my feelings on the matter. Colin returned with the still damp photos, which we all agreed were first rate, you know that it feels strange looking at a photo of yourself and wife , fucking ,especially with the people who took the photos there as well.

Jane having noticed that Colin was not erect,, soon got him stiff with a cocksuck, wifey started to give me a good sucking. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching each other couple pleasing themselves .

What developed after that was a life style change, we had many photo shoots, fuck sessions and even swapping and foursomes. Wifey said that it was a extra buzz ,in that she would have had some explaining to do if the school and the bank found out that we were ,a, naturists and ,b, wife swapping fuckers.

We were good fuck buddies for years afterwards untill we moved to new Zealand, Wifey tired anal a few times but really didnt get on with it,she even tried dp but said that it hurt and she wanted to suck both cocks so it was a quick pause whilst the membership got washed, which spoiled the moment.

all in all we have a great photo album, its a pity that we didnt have digital photos back when we were teenagers, we just have to look at old polaroids and colins great camera work.