Written by Tricky Dicky


After my first taxi experience I tried a couple of other times without success to get it on with the driver. One night I was really drunk and hard and horny and checked out the drivers on the rank but none of them seemed the type. The last cab was an older indian guy who motioned me into his cab and seemed so keen for a fare. I didn't even think about trying it on and decided to just go home and try online to hook up. But as we were driving I noticed him looking at my bulge. This made me horny and my cock started growing he said are you going home to your wife. I said shes no good wont even suck my cock. I asked him does your wife still suck your cock? He said she never does. I said I cant understand why some women wont do it - it's fun. He looked confused. I added every married guy says I suck better than their wife anyway. He said so you suck cock? I could see his cock was getting hard. I said I like to suck off married guys because they are discreet. He laughed, and I added and they shoot more cum. He squeezed his cock and said and you like the man to shoot in your mouth. I was rock hard and wanted his cock. I said yeah I like it when a guy cums in my mouth. I like to swallow it all. I put .y hand on his thigh and moved it up towards his crotch. He didn't stop me. I could feel his hard cock under my hand and I said. If you would like to I will.suck you off. I wont tell anyone. He pulled into a dead end street and stopped in a dark spot and I pulled down his pants. He had quite a big thick circumcised cock but he wasnt fully stiff and I leaned over and lifted the big mushroom head up and started licking it before wrapping my lips around it. His cock was getting bigger and stiffer as I sucked him deeper. He started saying suck it man. Rub my balls suck harder slut. Do you want my juice in your mouth whore . Stuff like this. I was getting so turned on by this and I started deep throating him and jerking myself too. Next thing I felt his hand reach down the back of my jeans and his finger pushing in my ass. This got me really going and I started really working his cock which by now was rock hard and with a big upward banana bend and a very big mushroom head. At first I was confused when he said I like the backdoor too but not for long. Sensible me didnt get a look in. Without another word I hopped in the backseat and took my pants off and got on my hands and knees burying my face in the seat with my ass in the air. He didnt muck around. He got in the backseat, grabbed my hips and pushed his cock against my ass forcing the big head in as I stiffled my pain then he was pulling out and pushing it in deeper. He said you have a tight ass are you virgin. I wasn't but I knew it was turning him on so I said yes and that got him going harder saying do you like this you like having a cock in your ass you're gay now and he was really fucking me hard but all the pain had gone and I was slamming back against him when he buried himself in me and started shooting in my ass collapsing on top of me as I spurted my cum all over the back of the cab. He didnt say anything and drove off leaving me very satisfied naked in the street with his sperm running down my leg.