Written by freshfields


We had become stale, our relationship was heading towards a cave like a sleepy bear wanting to sleep the winter out but we were looking at sleeping what remained of our best years together out through winter and summers until we neither cared what the seasons were.I had taken to websites looking for a like minded woman that was trapped tired emotional abyss but alas that was not the answer to my plight.

It happened by chance one evening, i had not closed my computer down and my wife wanted do some Internet banking and she inadvertently opened a page of a dating site i had been browsing and she confronted me.We chatted more openly and honestly than we had for years but she was clearly very hurt to discover that i had mentally reduced to such a level.We sort council and discovered the need for greater openness but this was never going to be that easy and straight forward.

We continued to flounder and i was sure that the cancer that had developed in our relationship was heading towards a terminal state, so i figured i had nothing to lose by putting my remaining cards on the table.

Donna was aghast at my proposal and i was sure i had cast the death rattle over our marriage and for a fortnight i was sure that we were heading for separation until one evening as we lay together after lights out the silence was broken with a question of was i really wanting to test our relationship in such a manner.The door has been ever so slightly opened and we talked for ages it seemed until sleep was demanded.

The next evening after tea Donna asked how i proposed to find a male that we both might feel comfortable with and i asked her to join me browsing the different websites i had visited.

We actually found that we both enjoyed laughter as we read profiles and looked at pictures, we started a selection process that evening and then worked on narrowing it down until we had 6 guys that we were both really comfortable with based on the limited information that was available and then we emailed each of then requesting further info.Given that we felt that such a pathway could make or break our relationship we wanted to at least feel like we had made a decision that we were both going to be happy with.

6 turned to 4 and at this point it was agreed that i would meet each of the guys first, we were honest and up front telling them the process we were going through and to be fair the four guys i met with were very respectful.

4 turned to 3 and at this point Donna was going to meet each of the guys, not much going to happen if she was not happy.Well 3 got stuck, Donna had met all three and was captivated by each of them, a threesome was not on the cards BTW.

We tended to hit a bit of a speed bump at this point, Donna was having second thoughts and rather than push the issue i buttoned off which proved to be decisive because one of the 3 thought we were teasing him and that we were not genuine so said he wanted no more contact so then there was 2.She agreed to meet the two remaining guys with the clear intention of making a decision so one was on the Wednesday after work and the other the Thursday.Wednesdays meeting went excellent and she had all but made up her mind that John was going to be the man but i said best to at least satisfy yourself that you are 100% happy and make final decision after Thursday.

Well the meeting was at 5.30 and i expected her home as previously had been the case about 7pm but when 8.30pm was reached i started calling her phone but no answer and my mind began racing until finally just after 9.00pm lights came up the drive way.I tryed to remain calm and uninterested but Donna came in with a beaming smile and i had to know what had happened.She had the 5.30 appointment and it went really well and concluded an hour later, he had to go early, Donna was sitting there finishing her coffee and a guy that had been sitting at a near by table had eves dropped some of there conversation asked if he could join her for a coffee.Apparently he had recently separated as a result of his marriage had headed into the doldrums's but his wife would never have entertained our course of action to recalibrate there marriage.She said that he asked her if she would mind going with him tomorrow afternoon to check out a townhouse he is considering moving into, a woman's view point, and he would shout her a meal afterwards.

I was somewhat bemused but considering her vibrant state of mind considered that taking the offer up may not be so bad, furthermore what about the other two guys i asked and she replied that she wanted to put them on hold at present.

I made a point of leaving work earlier, heading home with an apparent headache, to find Donna just about to head out,she was dressed very smartly and i joked to her that her attire was a bit to sharp to simply go looking at a house but undeterred by my comment she headed towards the door, i asked what time she would be home and she replied that i would see her when i see her.10.00pm rolled around and so to did the lights come up the drive way and she bounced into the house all very chirpy, i had to know what had happened and she said that they looked at the house, went for a drink and a bite to eat and that at the end of the evening they did have a wee snog in the car park.

Martin was the guy that she said she was really interested in and that she had a proposal to put to me, i was all ears.She said she wanted to book a room in town and go out again with him with the view of going back to the hotel, just the two of them as she felt that for a initial first time she would like to be by herself since it would be the first man that she had been with in our married life, a long time, and that she would be very nervous if i was around, but she wanted me to come to the room later in the evening to stay then night and meet Martin.

I was really taken aback by her proposal but under the circumstances felt that i had little option and even considered that she probably has the right approach so i gave her my blessing.

We booked a hotel that morning and Donna made arrangements with Martin for dinner but at this stage had not told him about the hotel, clearly she was still erring on the side of caution.She said she was going to make a day of it shopping and meeting a girl friend and that she would check herself into the hotel and taxi to meet Martin.She was going text me that evening when she had returned to the room and i was to give her an hour before arriving at the hotel.I'm not sure who was the more nervous, me or her that day.

I seemed to be watching my clock every 5 minutes and i was considering a mental picture around 6pm of what might be happening from that point as i knew she was meeting Martin at that stage.i tryed looking at TV and having a couple of drinks but confess to feeling a bit like a cat on a hot tin roof then just after 8.00pm i received a text saying to head to the hotel in an hours time.That text really kicked started my adrenalin for i new within my mind that my wife was in a hotel room with a complete stranger who was there with the clear intention of fucking her.

At nine i jumped into the car knowing it would take me 20 minutes to get there and soon pulled up at the hotel, heart pumping i headed to the room and knocked on the door.The door opened by Martin, middle aged, solid build, both arms heavily tattooed which really surprised me and Black hair with traces of grey.He stood there with a towel wrapped around his waist and extended his handshake that was firm on application.We did our somewhat shaky introductions and i entered the room, Martin said Donna had just gone to the bathroom, i didn't know if they had fucked or not at this point but Martin remarked that i had a pretty amazing wife and that he wished his wife could have taken a similar approach to saving there marriage.Donna entered the room a few minutes later and i knew instantly she had been fucked, she was glowing!!.She was wearing new lingerie with stockings and suspenders, she looked incredible, i hadn't felt so good about her in ages.She kissed me and asked if we had done all our introductions.We all sat around chatted for 20 minutes and became quite relaxed with each other, Martin took the initiative and said that we were all here to show Donna a good time so why not lets do it.I said i wanted to take a quick shower and i would joined them in a few minutes so off i went, i returned to the room 5 minutes later to find them both on the bed with Martin receiving a blow job, something that i had not had to the pleasure of for many a full moon, i was immediately in Orr of this guy he had a cock that made mine look like a cheerio compared to a dog roll.Donna looked to me and told me to come to the bed, she removed my towel and started to suck my cock, i noticed her panties were gone and Martin was now fingering her pussy, he remarked to me how hot her pussy was and i to slipped my fingers into her and she was wetter than i have experienced in ages.Donna alternated between our cocks until Martin moved between her legs and started eating her pussy, Donna was moaning as she sucked harder on my cock and i was starting to get that familiar feeling just before i am about to blow my load, i said that i was close to coming and she sucked harder, normally she would back off but not this time she sucked until i emptied every last drop down her throat.Martin in the meantime was still giving her pussy death with his tongue but Donna was now starting to moan like she wanted more so with that Martin desisted with the oral and prepared to give her the cock that she clearly hungrily craved.Martin stood up and spread her legs, his cock was a good 8" with a thick girth and huge ball sack, he guided the head of his cock to Donna's slit and rubbed the head up and down lubricating his knob the probing the entrance, Martin pushed for home in three thrusts causing Donna to buck welcomingly to his thrusts, once fully entrenched in the folds of her heavenly pussy Martin looked to me and not sarcastically said that i had kept her pussy nice and tight for him.I lay there with my limp penis twisting back to life as i watched this stranger fuck my wife, equally watching my wife love every thrust that his cock made into her pussy until the pair of them were crying orgasms that clearly wracked there bodies.Martin pulled out of Donna and she asked me to join her, my cock was hard and i entered her pussy in one stroke unconcerned of the sloppy seconds that i had entered and i made love to her as a husband does.

Martin said he was going to head off and give us some time together but would love to join us again, he did so twice more and on each occasion we became more comfortable and i was sure that Donna enjoyed all the attention from two males that made her feel so special.We parted our ways as Martin had found a new lady for his life, for our part we feel more connected than we have been for years and are now looking again for "freshfelds" to be a part of our lives.