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14 Oct 2016

Part 2 Adventures of a Foxy Wife......


3 minute read

After dipping his long dark cock in and around her pussy lips she just let it slide all the way in...he sighed and seemed amazed she was letting him do this....all the while husband filmed. He started to fuck her and build up a rhythm as she lay there and let him do it. I really understood at that moment just how strong my cuckold desires are. To let another man fuck the woman you cherish, that makes you hard every time and you desire so strongly....well it was even stronger feelings watching this unfold. Her pale skin, his dark cock. Her boobs bouncing with each thrust, her moans and his excitement. I wanted this to happen, in fact I wanted more of this to happen, it was fuelling the sexual side in me so much. I dared not stroke myself as I was primed. And when I think thought about it to myself I knew my near 8 inch solid cock gave her great pleasure and yet I wanted to see her with bigger endowed men, or thicker cocks and watching her enjoy it too. His thrusting picked up and he was getting close to unloading. "Cum inside her" I said, and thinking to myself she had always fantasised about men cumming in her and playing with their loads as she touched herself. And he did, almost seconds later he pounded her on her back and blew inside her. Shortly after his black cock slipped out of her wet pussy, she sighed and I turned off the video and had her get on all fours. The first guy other than me to do so in many years I reckon. This was new territory for me but I played and fucked her briefly knowing what had just taken place. Was I really a cuckold husband, a man who wanted other men, especially men with big or long or wide cocks to fuck a wife who was a stunner and who other men would die for......was I really wanting this? Yes is the simple and honest answer. A little later he caressed her, got hard again and soon was fucking her, she was sucking him, and then he again laid her on her back and she enjoyed his long big cock stroking in and out of her pussy, he started to push harder and faster and you could see he was ready to let go with load number 3 of the night. I walked forward stroked myself and came all over her face and hair. This got him primed and he pulled out to cum on her tits but only just made to cum on her pussy and let a really good load go, not bad for 3rd time round. Another break and I ended up being sucked as did he and I came in her, he took over and fucked her well from behind and pulled his cock out and blew a 4th load on her ass. At one point he ate her out while I sucked her tits and held her hands over her head and she came over his face. "Are you hard?" I said to our fella and when he said yes I asked if he could fuck her knowing her pussy would be sensitive from orgasm and he did. Watching his very long firm cock repeatedly thrust into her was supreme for me, the sight, the sounds and my fantasies all delivered. Looking back on the films, the pics and the thoughts, I want my wife to have 3 well hung men who can play with her, be filmed but do a clip for you the readers. No faces, no distinguishing features, but enough to get a little turned on and see how good she looks and maybe even see what this cuckold husband is so in love with his Foxy wife. Thanks for reading...

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