Written by needingamiracle


After all the to-ing and fro-ing It was finally arranged, I was coming over to your place. I was eventually going to me face to face in the flesh. After chatting to you on yahoo I was now incredibly horny and eager for the afternoon to hurry up and end so I could get on the road to yours.

An hour out I jumped in the shower enjoying the hot water washing over me. It's soft touch was making my body tingle, that combined with the thought of your hands touching my skin soon was incredible. I finished my shower and felt wetter than when I was in it, oh boy, guess that's what the thought of a good hard cock can do to you.

I dried myself quickly and threw on my light summer skirt and blouse. It was a lovely warm night so I didn't bother with my jacket. I jumped in the car and headed into town thinking about riding your hard shaft all the way. I was about 5 minutes away when I got your text saying your mate had just busted up with his girl friend so was crashing at yours.........DAMN YOUR FRIEND!!!!!! You said to come over meet and chat. I wasn't that keen now but I was so close I thought what the hell.

I knocked on your door and you quickly stepped out and shut the door behind you. I wasn't even allowed in, crikey what a reception! but you quickly explained your mate was on the phone trying to patch things so we'd go for a walk to give him space. Oh, boy did I feel stupid, you were a being a good mate and I was quick to judge. We headed down the drive and the street lamp lit up your face. I could see you were good looking and immediately felt my knees slightly weaken.

We got to the end of the drive and looked both ways. As I had no idea where I was you gently put your hand on the small of my back and guided me down and then aross the road. I could see the darkness looming up ahead and tingles started running down my spine. You were talking general chit chat but your body language was saying something else. There was a cool breeze and I must have shivered as took off your jacket stopped in front of me and gracefully threw the jacket around my shoulders. Your hands brushed against my shoulders and slowly they pulled the jacket close, gently moving across my breasts. We both stood there mezmerised as I wanted you to keep touching me. You stepped back and we carried on walking

The darkness got ever closer and I realised it was the park. You took my hand in yours and led me into the trees. My heart was racing as I knew all I wanted to do now was have you touch me and for me to do, well.........I couldn't think, my mind was almost a blurr!

You apologised yet again for your friend and I pulled you to a stop. My finger went up to your lips to stop you talking. My other hand gently lay on your chest and I pushed you back slowly up against a tree. I lay my body up against yours so there was no gap between us. I pulle dmy finger away and replaced it with my lips. I kissed you softly to start just in case I'd done the wrong thing but I immediately felt you respond in more ways than one. You kissed me back passionately and I could also feel the warm mound growing in your trousers. One hand was now around your neck pulling you closer, so I could kiss you harder, while the other was slowly tracing down your chest, tummy and finally resting on your belt buckle.

I pulled back to see if you were happy about the direction things were going, well, I could tell by the look on your face I was all good to go. I let both hands start your shoulders, slowly caressing your body as they moved down. I slowly bent down on my knees so I could line myself up nicely for what I really wanted to do..............

My hands fell on your buckle again and within seconds I had it undone and was carefully unzipping your fly. You threw your head backwards in anticipation as I slid my hand underneath your briefs. That growing mound was now, to my delight, a full on hard cock. I rubbed he slowly, which must have been nice as you let out a little moan. I was encouraged by that and so gingerly pulled your briefs down to free your cock completely. I pulled them right down along with your trousers so your cock was completely exposed in front of my waiting lips.

My hands came back up your legs and finally sliding up the inside of your thighs. I didn't touch your cock, just rubbed around him, clutching your balls and thighs. Your cock was standing so proud now and I caught a quick glimpse of light reflecting off what I knew was your cock juices oozing out. I couldn't resist it any longer, I let my tongue gently lick your sweet juices and it carreid on around the tip of your cock. My god, you tasted so good. I finally let my lips close around the head of your shaft. I could hear you take a big breath so I knew you were enjoying it.

My moist lips were now wrapped around your big hard cock and were moving slowly down taking you all in. My hand was leading the way making him really hard for my mouth. Your juices were flowing now and I pumped him a little harder. Your cock went in deeper with each stroke and I swear he felt harder each time.

While doing that I could feel my pussy starting to drip. I hadn't put any knickers on as I was hoping for this very thing to happen. I could feel my juices start to trickle down the inside of my thighs and I knew from the aching that I needed that cock inside me quick. I unwilling released your cock and gently pulled you down so you were sitting against the tree. I grabbed both your hands in mine and put them on both knees. You seemed to know what to do as your hands slid up and took my skirt with them. I carefully knelt over your cock allowing my breasts to rub up against your chest. I undid my buttons quickly and released them so you could genlty suck my pert nipples.

Your mouth on my breasts sent me into raptures, I could feel myself get even wetter so with that I lowered myself down and let my pussy rest on the length of your cock. Oh that was heaven. I rubbed my pussy back and forth allowing your cock to rub all our juices over my clit. i couldn't take it any more, I lifted up again and tilted forward so you'd go straight in..........and boy did you. I didn't let you go in far as I had to feel that sensation over and over again. I pulled up and back down again. I could barely contain myself as the sensations was out of this world. Finally I had to just do it. I dropped myself down plunging your cock deep inside me. You hit the spot almost instantly so I rode that cock hard........slowly to start then I got faster and harder. I rode your cock so hard that I could feel all my muscles suddenly start to tighten. I thikn you knew I was about to orgasm as I heard you ask if you could come too. With that I whispered yes and could feel every muscle contract wildy around your cock. I could feel your cock pulsing inside as you exploded, releasing your big load. It felt like minutes that we lay locked together feeling your cock in me until I finally tore myself off you.

It wasn't until I pulled my skirt down and sat next to you that I realised we weren't alone in the park...................................