Written by Anonymous


I was going across to Wellington for a meeting and staying in a cbd hotel. Keen to find some fun while there I had been messaging Kerry for a couple of days on another site. She was new to playing but her husband was away often on work trips and she said she had needs that weren’t being met.

We arranged to meet up at the hotel bar and had a drink. She admitted she was nervous as hadn’t done this sort of thing before and was worried someone she might know her would see her. We decided we should head up to my room as it would be a lot more private.

Before long we are on the couch kissing. My hand is up her skirt and her panties are already wet. I pull them to one side and slip 2 fingers inside her, before long she’s cumming as I kiss her and finger her at the same time. She suggests we get rid of our clothes and retire to the bed which doesn’t take a lot of encouragement from me. Before long I’m between her legs eating her pussy which is now sopping wet. I eat and finger her to orgasam again before she instructs me to roll onto my back and takes my cock in her mouth. I’m in heaven as she sucks me hard before moving up the bed to mount me. She starts riding me and I gently put my finger in her ass to see how she might react. There is no objection at all. We fuck missionary before I go back down and eat her again, by now her juices are well and truely flowing. I start fucking her from behind, deep and hard before she asks if I will fuck her in the ass. That needs no further prompting and I gently insert my cock into her butt and start fucking her ass slowly at first before increasing tempo making her explode in a huge orgasam. I’m about to cum myself and pull out and blow my load all over her butt and back.

She tells me hubby is away all week and can she stay the night. What a question to ask. What followed was a night of pure bliss. Welcome to the world of casual play Kerry.