I was staying in a motel in Te Anau for a couple of nights work, bored so I dressed in my mini skirt, boots, stockings etc with all the makeup and wig and took a walk down to the waterfront, I sat down on a bench seat just looking a the lake when a couple in their 50s come over and sat down beside me the lady said the lake looked nice and then stared talking about the views, when I said "yes it looks great" she and her hubby were shocked I was male but then stared talking about dressing and what I was looking for, I explained I liked dressing and how it made me feel sexy and like to meet guys and couples for just discreet fun times, the hubby laughed and said they had always talked about a 3 some but never been game to do it, to shy, it was then the wife said lets go back to the motel for a drink, at the motel we had a couple of wines and hubby started playing around with his wife Sue telling her to go to the bedroom and put something nice on, just then Sue stood up and took my hand and said come and help me find something we went into to bedroom and she showed me he nightwear and then she stripped naked ( great body ) I said don't spoil your body by covering it up and took her hand and walked her back out to the lounge and then Sue and I stripped hubby naked kissing , sucking and licking him all over he was rock hard and could not hold back he lay Sue back and started fucking her hard I was kissing her then hubby cum and before I knew it Sue pushed my head down on to her cum soaked pussy and said make me cum and with a bit of sucking and licking her clit she cum hard screaming keep licking , we then sat hubby on a chair and her and I sat between his legs dipping his soft cock into our wine and sucking the wine from his cock and it was not long before he was hard again , Sue then bent me over took my panties down and started fingering me she then said to hubby to fuck me ( his first with a guy ) he started fucking me hard as Sue sucked my cock hubby and I cum at the same time Sue lay back with a mouth fill of cum as I bent over and we kissed and cleaned cum from each others mouths and few more wines and they lay back on the floor as I acted as their sex slave doing what they asked licking her pussy and sucking her clit then over to hubby sucking his cock and licking his balls, then Sue would want more then back to hubby giving them plasure then time for bed, it was a fun night , they were from ChCh and have asked me to come up for a few nights in May with the deal I be their sex slave day and night when ever they ask, so I think it could be a fun time, in the last email I got from them they told me they had to many wines one night and told a couple about their night and by the sounds of things they want to join in, I could be a very lucky cd for the weekend.

Kim xxx