Written by Anon


It was his turn to "arrange" the night. I had been out most of the day and came home to my husband sending discrete emails and texts. We had previously discussed the option of having another male or female, but hadn't really thought of a couple. Unbeknowns to me, he had organised the meet. As we had only discussed it in the past and role played it, I didn't think he'd actually go ahead with it ... but he had.

The lounge was set up with the fire going and glasses on the table - four glasses, and plenty of vino! This made me intrigued as to what he had organised and he said I was about to find out. My husband instructed me to take my clothes off and take a seat on the couch. I did so and he placed a blindfold on me.

I was getting quite anxious, but also excited. Had he done it? Were we really going to have our first actual encounter with another person?

Not long after, I heard a knock at the door and a female and male's voice. They walked into the room and whilst I felt vulnerable, sitting there completely naked, it also turned me on immensely, knowing that I was going to get exactly what I had wanted for so long.

As I sat there, I could tell there was a male sitting next to me. But, it wasn't my husband. He started running his hand up my leg and inner thigh. I started breathing rapidly and the closer he got to my throbbing wet pussy, the frequency of my gasps of excitement increased along with the intensity of them.

As I leaned against him, I had noticed that somewhere in the time that he had arrived at our home and then seated next to me, he had removed his clothes and he too, was completely naked. My blindfold slipped off and I noticed my husband standing directly in front of me with his amazing and hard, huge cock. I love it ... the thought of a male sitting next to me and my husbands hard cock right in front of me started to make me lose control.

I also noticed another female in the room. At this stage, none of us had any clothes on and she was cradling my husbands balls and cock in her mouth. She was gently sucking on them and he was arching his back in pure estacy. Things started to heat up pretty quick. I reached out to my right to feel the stranger's cock and he was as hard as a rock. She then leaned forward and started sucking my nipples. Gently grabbing them in her teeth. I reached down and touched her ... she was more than welcoming and I could feel how hot and wet she was. This was all coming naturally ... and felt amazing!

From there, things became out of control. She started sucking my husband's cock and while she was doing that, he was watching me getting licked out by the other guy. He was penetrating me with his fingers and I was arching my back in absolute pleasure. As I hadn't been prepared for this, I excused myself and went and got some of my toys.

My favourite, the double ended dildo was the first one that we tried. Her and I spread our legs and pushed our pussies together. That alone was amazing as we could feel our clits rubbing against each other. I got the dildo and slowly and gently inserted it into her pussy. I knew exactly how to touch her, she started to moan as I pushed it in, slowly pulling it out and pushing it in, until it was easily sliding in and out. I then pushed the other end into my pussy and we started to fuck each other. Both of us were arching our backs and the men decided to take the opportunity in turns, to lick us both while we fucked each other hard with the dildo.

While each of the guys sucked and licked us as hard and strong as they could, the other was wanking himself. I loved to watch that. My husband leaned over and pushed his huge, hard cock deep down my throat while I was fucking her and her husband did the same with her. We then swapped and I watched my husband getting sucked off by her. It was amazing. I was getting hornier and hornier. I sat on the couch and spread my legs. She had bought an amazing toy and used it on me. I couldn't control myself when she used it. It blew my mind. I screamed in esctasy. Never had I felt such stimulation like this. I thought I had felt everything, the most amazing orgasms with my husband, I would cum for a long time and kept on cumming. He would make me cum over and over again, but this was a different type of enjoyment.

I think it was more because it was so different with a female pushing it against me. She pushed it against my clit and it was incredible. At that stage, I moved onto one couch and she moved onto the other. Her husband moved down and started licking me out. As he moved up, I could feel his cock against my inner thigh. He was wanting in. At the same time, he had grabbed the vibrator that she had been using on me and continued to make me moan. I glanced over and saw my husband sucking her clit, sucking it hard. He then moved up and starting sucking her tits, nibbling on her nipples. Hubby moved over toward me and stood next to me. He put his cock in my mouth and fucked my mouth hard while her husband was still between my legs. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder. Two cocks, all for me. I was loving it. i could grab both of them in my hands and wank them ... I saw her sucking my husbands balls as he was fucking my mouth. My legs were completely spread, my long, slender, toned legs. I wanted to cum, but I wanted to cum while i was being fucked and fucked hard.

I dragged my husband onto the ground and he pulled his wife down. We were lying next to each other and both of us were getting fucked harder and harder. I was watching his cock slide into her and I reach out and touched his balls. I pushed my fingers into her as well as his cock. She couldn't control herself and I could feel her cumming all over my fingers. I started to lose control and could feel myself building up, I started playing with my pussy and rubbing my clit, harder and harder while my hubby fucked me. His cock is so big I could feel it going deep inside me. That was it ... I couldn't control myself. I screamed as I came and he thrust deeper and deeper into me as I came. It wasn't long before he too came all over me. Seeing this, she decided to start rubbing it all into our bodies. Licking his cum off my tits and stomach and then sliding over me with his cum between us.

We all lay on the rug, exhausted. After a bit of a break and a glass of wine, we were all ready for round two ... here we go again!!!!