We are not really into dogging or public exhibition but after an enjoyable evening out, my wife and I grabbed a couple burgers and went down to the Hamilton Lake for a nosey, Even tho it was a fantastic clear and very warm Saturday evening there was not much activity down at the lake, so we sat in the car enjoying the quiet, the view and the burgers.

Things got amorous and we moved to the back seat of the car and were very soon both naked and started to make love.

Shortly into the fun, I heard voices approaching, it was a group of young adult males passing through the park, I thought .... cover up or get risque .... decided "nah just carry on and go for it and see what eventuates".

as the group came across the car a couple of them came closer to check the vehicle out and saw us making out and made comment on it.

I called to them inviting them to join us and fuck my wife as well.

Well, to our disappointment (and to our utter amusement), they all ran off ...... what a shame .... one of my long time fantasy's has always been to see her gang banged.

The group of young guys could have had a night to be remembered that night and most certainly one that my wife and I would have smiled about and treasured for a lifetime.