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jonan 10 years ago

Our Holiday

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Our last holiday was to Mexico and we had decided to stay at a Clothing Optional/Couples Only Resort with a all drinks and food inclusive package. We arrived, booked in and went straight to the pool and enjoyed the large loungers and cold drinks while lying naked beside the pool. There would have 30 – 40 couples there all just relaxing and enjoying themselves. As I looked up from my book, I glanced across the pool and opposite us was another couple and the woman proceeded to open her legs and show us her beautiful, shaven vagina. At this stage I thought that we will really enjoy our stay here. We did meet this couple later for drinks at the Jacuzzi bar. The Jacuzzi Bar was a giant spa that had a walk-up bar that serves people in the spa and those outside. There are usually about 30 couples being served with drinks. Around the pool there were 4 large for poster beds that couples would be making love on while every-one enjoyed their drinks, watched or joined in. On our first visit we got our drinks and sat in the spa with a lot of happy, friendly people. The guy beside us sat on the side of the pool while his slim, dark wife proceeded to suck his cock. She had the shaft in his mouth at one time and then would switch to licking and sucking his balls, whilst stroking his cock. It was all very arousing but we were a little intimated with all the people but Ann still stroked my cock as we watched. We finished our drinks and headed back to our room to finish off Ann’s hot, wet pussy. After dinner, each evening the Disco would open and there was a playroom behind the bar with large sofa’s and subdued lighting where you can play with each other or other couples. We went in and there was one couple naked, in the 69 position, with him having his head buried in a delicious looking pussy. We sat opposite for awhile, watching while stroking Ann’s pussy as she wore no knickers at any time on this trip. We undressed as the couple started to fuck and Ann lay back as I started to lick and saviour the taste of her hot, open cunt. I looked up as another couple entered the room and sat down beside us to watch. Ann was close to cuming and lifted her hips up to allow me better access and also inadvertently give a better view for the other couple. As they moved away, both the male and female stroked Ann’s small but lovely tit’s plus stroked my bum. It was very erotic. As Ann is very shy and we are new to this, she did not cum until they had moved to their own booth. We dressed and went to move on and as we went through the bar on the way out, the female that had watched, caressed both our arses and said “bravo”. We headed back to the Jacuzzi bar and took one of the beds as I had not cum yet and Ann said just lie back and enjoy. Ann proceeded to suck my cock while the bar tenders and a few couples watched her expertise from the bar. I was so hard and ready and it did not take long until I could not hold back, as the sensation was so good it was almost painful, and I came in hot spurts which Ann swallowed greedily. It was a great week and we had also booked a couples massage that we had heard a lot about . We went to the spa centre and showered and were taken into a very pleasant room with soothing music being played and two massage tables at either end. Two attractive Mexican women then took us to each end of the room and as we relaxed, proceeded to massage us individually with hot oil and soft hands. They dripped the oil between our butt cheeks and it felt exsquisite as they carried on massaging. It also was dripped on the back of my balls and Ann had it dripping onto the rear of her pussy.They turned us over and had us now on our backs and those soft, gentle hands massaging and were now dripping the hot oil onto my hard cock and onto Ann’s swollen pussy lips .The woman then took my hand and put around my cock and started helping me stroke it as she poured more oil onto the end of my cock. Ann’s lady took her hand and stroked her pussy while slowly dripping hot oil on her pussy lips and rectum. After encouraging us both to masturbate while they continued massaging, they brought us both back together onto the one massage table. Ann was lying on her back with her legs wide apart and her fingers deep into her hot, wet, throbbing vagina while I was kneeling between her legs stroking a raging hard cock, all while the Mexican ladies continued to slowly massage us both. They brought me down on top of Ann and put my cock in her while we still had two sets of hands massaging us. It felt so good to be inside Ann and feeling her dragging me deeper into her wetness along with the added sensation of oil and two sets of hands still massaging us. After a few minutes of this they quietly left the room so we could enjoy each other’s bodies and we exploded into the most intense orgasm that we have ever experienced. After that, we washed off all the oil and went to the Jacuzzi bar and enjoyed a couple of drinks relaxing at the bar in the afterglow while another couple put on an energetic display of sexual gymnastics that could almost gain them a place at the Olympics’. It was a great holiday and we hope to return again.

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