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15 Feb 2018

Our first time


3 minute read

We had been to CCK and come home horny as, fucking like rabbits for hours. Hubby had been working on me for year about this sort of thing i realize now. We started talking about swinging more and more after that night and found KS online and decided that we should have a squiz and see if i was keen. We chatted to some really nice couples and saw some crazy pics and then he messaged us " HI", that was the start. Pics were shared and i started to get really horny. After 27 years with my amazing hubby i had never considered another man but i definitely was now. The boys chatted and then after awhile so did i. He was really lovely to chat with and that sealed the deal really. A date was set and the nerves were of the rector. It was like a first date lol. Waxing done, nails painted, new dress and lingerie, bottle of wine. The drive was long so i was calmer by the time we got there. He opened the door, OMG he was lovely with beautiful eyes and a great smile on his face and hot, god did i mention HOT. We chatted for what seemed like hours and then he touched me, fuck my body was screaming to have these two gorgeous men take me whatever way they wanted by this point. The boys undressed me and rubbed and caressed my body till i desperately wanted more, i had both there cocks in my hands and wanked them slowly. Shit i'm getting wet re-living this as i write!!! I was lay'd down on the ottoman and licked, sucked and truly treated like a goddess. I sucked one while the other put my legs over his shoulders and slid his cock deep into me. i got flipped over and taken from behind while i sucked more cock. The throbbing pleasure that every girl needs to experience i was getting. One cock long oh so long and the other fat was the ultimate combo. The fun went on and on and then i got to ride our new friend. Oh god it was good, i rode him in my stilettos that i had kept on and i rode him till he gave me his come and i gushed all over him. We drank and talked more, i had fingers slipped into spots i would save for our next visit and oh yes there would be another visit. I went home that night without any underclothes on and felt amazing. I could feel him deep inside me for a week later every time we has sex it felt like he was still with us, where he had thrust and hit way in deep was pleasantly tender. i just want to say If you are a stable couple that want some extra fun without hideous affairs this is an awesome way to experience it together. Thanks to our amazing friend that we will keep in touch with for as long as were all keen i'm sure. Thanks for reading. Dee :)

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