Written by Anoy18


I texted her to see if she could get my kids from school as the bus was late.....from there the banter starter...I was drinking so the banter became easy. We carried this on for most of the night and into the next day.

The next night we continued the banter where I had the opportunity to visit her house late at night, with her husband away i took the opportunity not thinking much of it...we chatted and watched TV comfortable in each others space. It wasn't till I went to leave that she approached me and kissed me on the lips. Although i am no virgin to another man's wife...I sort of backed off, as i needed...wanted her to know what she was getting herself into and the fact her husband and I were good friends. However, unknown to me at the time I was not she first affair, but that is a story for another day.

After a short conversation, I got up to leave, she was a little dejected by me turning her down so I went over to give her a hug......that led to my lips finding her soft lips then our tongues exploring each others mouths...there was no turning back now.....nor was I planning too.

At this stage we were in her lounge with her kids in their beds knowing they could walk through at anytime....she was wearing what I call the female condom - dress gown and flannel PJs.

As my hands found every inch of her petite body I wanted more...to see more...to taste more. My lips find their way to her neck lightly sucking as I removed her dressing gown letting it fall to the ground...lifting her arms and removing her PJ top to reveal her small breasts with hard dark nipples. I worked my lips to her hard nipples spending equal time on each. By now she was panting, my lips and tongue exploring her mummies body. I quickly dropped her PJ pants to reveal her dark haired pussy. Her scent was strong I knew she wanted more...

I lay her on the couch spread her legs to reveal a very wet pussy. Her lips were big and dark when parted they revealed her pink glistening pussy. Her mound swollen with excitement. My fingers found their way inside. She was so wet she literally flowed with her juices. I have never come across this before...I loved it. My fingers and now tongue were now working her as she moaned holding my head in place.  Taking my time I explored her pussy with my fingers, lips and tongue.

Working my way back up her body, my shirt removed not long after my shorts. My cock hard and excited, my precum a clear indication I was ready for her....slowly and gently I entered her...she was still wet...her warm pussy wrapping around my cock as she took me with easy. Taking my all, I made sure I gave her all of me with every stroke. Leaning back I watched as her dripping pussy took me with every stroke. Pausing to turn her over and bring her to her feet bending her over the couch I took her from behind. Holding her hips my thrusts become stronger and harder. Reaching round and under i find her clit to fondle.  My thrusts and playing with her clit became to much as she came. Her noise muffled by the pillows so not to wake the kids. She was so sensitive after she came....I couldn't remove my cock still inside her or touch her. Again i have never come across this before....she rode her orgasm to the point where i could remove my cock. From here I let her relax so i could continue to touch and kiss her.....this was our first time from my memory. Wait for her recollection......to be continued with Our First Time - Her Story