Written by Tata


The nerves were on edge as hubby and I made the final walk into the hip Auckland pub, where we were to meet up with a complete stranger, someone only spoken to online a handful of times....a man that we had planned to have sex with.

After spying him and making awkward introductions we settled down to a few much needed drinks and eyeball each other.

I was wearing a short, funky halter neck dress tied at the top, that dipped very low down my chest, exposing a large amount of my DDs, not something I would normally wear, but wanted to step out of my comfort zone.  High heels and no underwear at all finished my outfit off.

After bar hopping we found a more secluded corner, where I was placed on a barstool between the two men.  I twisted my legs in the strangers direction and leaned back into my husband for a kiss.  Then I felt the lightest sensation fluttering over my leg...the stranger was slowly running his fingers up and down, and slightly under my dress.  I shivered with the thrill of having two sets of mens hands on me, my husbands running over my breasts and the strangers up my thigh.  They swopped places and I cheekily gave hubby a flash of my smooth bare pussy as i parted my legs wider in his direction. He gasped in excitment then proceeded to slide one finger inside me, his eyes widening he exclaims loudly " holy shit, you are fucken dripping!" and he sucks the wet finger with his eyes on the stranger who is pressed up behind me, kissing my neck and reaching around to slide his fingers inside my dress to my hard nipple.

I moan in the back of my throat and close my eyes, not believing that I am being fingered and fondled by two men in a very public place.

The decision is quickly made to head back to the apartment.  So I find myself sitting squeezed in the back of the taxi between two fiercely horney men.  Both start to slide their hands and fingers all over me,  my skirt is quickly hiked up and my wet pussy exposed to prying, eager fingers.  My halter neck top his yanked aside and bare breasts glow in the street lights as mouths bend to suck on marble hard nipples. My hands reaching across to two crotches and rubbing at two very hard cocks as they strained against jeans. We are all oblivious to the man driving the taxi, totally absorbed in the exquisite pleasure we had found ourselves in.

Of course the ride has to end, and we head up to the room, with eyes dark with desire, eager to continue what had started.

The apartment has a large deck, so we take the stranger outside to look at the view.  As I am leaning on the rail bent over looking, I feel hands grabbing the back of my dress and then sliding my skirt up to bare my tight ass to the moon light.  Then another set of hands untying the halter neck, allowing the fabric to fall free from my breasts, sliding down my body leaving me almost naked.  Then a warm mouth closes over one nipple, flicking and sucking it, while another warm mouth is softly licking and sucking on my pussy from behind as I am bent over the rail, out in the open.  I make little mewing noises of pleasure as the men start to work on me...driving me into the intense desire to be impaled on them.  

We move it to the bedroom, where I am gently placed on the bed.  The men don't even speak, they just move around me like opposite magnets, taking turns to lick and suck my pussy, finger me, fondle and suck my breasts.  No words were spoken, just moans and groans of pleasure were quietly uttered.

I sucked each man feverishly, relishing the different sizes and widths, drawing them deep inside my mouth, making them cry out.

Then each man had their turn sliding their rock hard cocks inside my dripping tight pussy, slamming into it, making me gasp,  jarring me against the other mans cock that i was in turn sucking.  I was cum in two holes at the same time...a first for me.

After we had all been satisfied we got dressed and went back out  clubbing, with the secret knowledge that they had both just fucked me. We danced and flirted, causing many eyes to turn...who was she actually with?

Then another heated taxi ride back for two more long, and extremely intense sessions of pleasure.  That took us into the next morning.

I have never, ever cum so much in my life...i was left feeling like jelly. And with sore muscles I forgot I even had.  

Our first kiwi swingers experience was the highlight of our sex life.