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We had never played with a couple before as we could never click with the ones we had meet. One night out of the blue a friend of ours turned up on our door step and directed us to have a night out while she would look after our child.

Not knowing what to do with ourselves I suggested to Liz if we should try our luck again and see if a couple is up or a drink? Unexpectedly Liz supported this suggestion so away she went to get ready while I quickly texted a couple we had been talking to online for the past few months. Even though it was short notice they were keen to meet so we agreed upon and a public place to meet for the first time.

So we turn up at the Esplanade Park in Palmerston North. For people who know this area, it’s a massive park with lots of secluded areas especially at night in the middle of winter! Lucky for us it was a clear night but bitterly cold. We get there early and Liz as always looks amazing. Tight jeans, black fuck me boots with a thick black jacket with a hint of her big cleavage showing. After a few minutes two people approach us. Nervously we introduce ourselves hoping it would be them. Rose was average height and build and judging by the outline of her jacket, she had plenty of size in her bust. Sean looked like your typical Kiwi bloke, laid back and not dressed for the cold!

So we finally introduced ourselves face to face and after a few minutes of talking we agreed upon that we need alcohol so we would shoot away and meet back up in 15 minutes for a drink. But we also agreed upon that if you’re not interested don’t turn back up and there would be no hard feelings.  So we shoot down the road picked up some booze and headed back not knowing if they would return.

As we headed back to the Esplanade we could make out the shape of two people sitting on a bench. As we got closer we all cracked up laughing which was more of a relief as both couples were not sure if the other couple would turn up!!

So we sat there what felt like all night talking away about everything in life from growing up to how we got into swinging and recent experiences. By the time it got 1 am the cold started to affect us so we agreed to go for a walk to warm up. We end up walking up the two story playground and as we got to the top Sean grabbed Rose and started kissing her. I grabbed Liz and started passionately kissing her while my hand rubbed the outline of her breasts.

It was extremely dark and there is not much lighting in the park but you could just basically make out each other. Then Sean and Rose moved towards us as I hugged Liz from behind. Rose moves up to Liz and starts kissing her. As they start kissing I can feel Rose hands moving all over Liz’s breasts, so I pull Liz’s jacket to the side and lifted her top exposing her bear skin and bra to the cold elements. Rose moves down and starts kissing around her bra whilst Liz hand moves to my cock and starts rubbing it. Rose moves back to kissing Liz on the lips before pulling back and let’s out a giggle.

I can just see Sean standing behind Rose watching this all go on so I grab one of his hands and guide it to Liz’s breasts. Then what I can only describe felt look something had been rehearsed many times before, we swapped partners as he moved into Liz and I grabbed Rose’s hand and moved to the side and started making out with her. First thing that I notice as Rose’s tongue goes deep in my mouth was that she had her tongue pierced.

Eger to explore her body my hands make their way all over her body and release her breasts from her bra. To my surprise she is has a nipple pierced which is something I had never experienced before. As my tongue flicked and played with her nipple my hand made its way down to her pussy. As my hand slides down I can instantly feel the warmth and wetness of her pussy. Rose’s hand moves down and unzips my pants pulling out my hard cock. With a few rubs of her clit and hard suck of her nipples Rose let out a little loud moan. Then in the back ground I hear a familiar noise, my wife moaning. My cock goes rock hard as I look over and see a guy making out with my wife and judging by the sounds she was making, she was enjoying it. This turns me on more so I slide two fingers into Rose’s pussy and slowly start to finger fuck her. Within no time Rose starts to cum and she drenches my fingers.

As she finishes cumming the quietness of the area is broken again as Liz lets out a loud moan before letting us know she was about to cum! After she quiets down me and Rose move down to the bottom of the slide where I lay Rose down on her back and slide her pants and underwear off one leg. I then get between her legs and start licking her sweet warm pussy. The taste and warmth of her pussy was amazing. I look up at Liz and can just see Sean is finger fucking her again as the sound of his fingers going in and out of her wet pussy at a fast pace echoed through the Esplanade. The sound of Liz cumming again to another guy was something I thought I would never enjoy, but I loved it! Rose’s whispers to me “Sounds like they are having fun up there!”

As I get back to sucking and licking Rose’s pussy I slide two and then three fingers inside her. It wasn’t too much longer when she came again whilst I twisted her nipple with my other hand. After licking up her juices I moved my way up her body before locking our lips and tongues together again. Rose’s then pushed me onto my back and moved down and pulled my pants down around my ankles fully exposing my rock hard cock. Wasting no time she took it all in her mouth before sliding her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock whilst flicking her piercing across the tip of my cock.  After sucking furiously for a few minutes she then moved down to my balls and started to lick and nibble on them while her hand wanked me off. After sucking on and playing with my balls Rose moved back to my cock and started sucking hard and fast while playing with my balls. At this time I looked up and I could see the outline of Liz on her knees sucking Seans cock at the top of the slide. The thought of my wife sucking another guys cock while another girl was sucking me off at the same time blew my mind.

This sent me over the edge and I warned Rose I was about to come and she didn’t let up and swallowed every drop I could give. She moved back up gave me a kiss on the lips then layed against my chest while foundling my drained cock as I fondled her still exposed breasts. We both layed there, we listened to Sean being sucked off by Liz and it wasn’t long until your heard him let out a loud moan and grunt as he camen down Liz’s throat.

After we sort ourselves out we check the time and realise it’s nearly 3am and decide to call it a night. The last thing we all agreed upon was that we need to repeat this night again and soon!

Over the next couple of years we meet Sean and Rose multiple times at hotels or their place for more fun, but that’s for another day.

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