Written by sheneedsffm


We had been having a little luck on a dating site, and we were loving a new side to our sex lives. We had a couple of FFM's with a girl in June 2013, and again in February 2014

February was a long long time ago, and a lot has happened in our lives that has kept us busy. We have posted pics of some of hot moments including the FFM experiences.

But since it was such a long time ago, we've both been hungry for some extra fun outside the bedroom.

In Auckland, there is a swingers club known as CCK. We have been talking to others on a dating site regarding it, after many complimentary recommendations, we both agreed that one night we should check out this club.

Browsing through the calender, we came across a bi-curious and lesbian themed night, on New Years day. That seemed like a perfect kind of night as we have no interest at present of playing with another male outside of a couple play situation.

We partied hard as always on New Years eve, both flirting with other girls just to tease each other.

New Years day, we left our home late afternoon and got to Auckland early evening. After finding a light meal for dinner, we went to our hotel for some nerve calming drinks (some things never change).

10:30pm came around and we made the charge towards the premises. Which with some awesome planning was only a 3 minute walk from our motel. But it was a long 3 minute walk when you are so so so nervous!!

We got to the gates which were now open, and walked to the front door.

The owner greeted us, and in the 2-3 minute chat with the owner, most of our nerves were shaken off.

He took us for a walk around the property. We were relieved to find that on our first night, the place was having a quiet night. There were about 3 other couples and a 2 girls in the place when we arrived. And throughout the night, it never got busy. We found that comforting as newbies (but for sure, very keen on seeing what a busy night brings!!)

We checked out the rooms, what toys they had on offer and what facilities were where. Afterwards we had a drink and kept to ourselves just to take in what we were up to.

We downed our drinks and decided to see what was happening. We walked to the swing where we decided to give it a light go. I got harness up with my legs spread, while my man fingered me to my first orgasm of the night. It was a great way to begin.

We went back to the bar for another drink. While enjoying the beverage, one of the guys from the couples walked up to the bar stark naked. That was eye opening to us as we had never seen that situation before. But laughed it off as we knew that it's just normal business.

We walked into a room and watched a couple playing with each other, and us two got turned on again. My man sucked on my tits while gently rubbing my pussy, then he bent me over a stool and fucked my doggy style. I was lost in the orgasmic zone, but when we were done, we noticed we were being watched by said couple on the bed, and also another couple fucking up right against a door frame. And it felt so normal and natural.

We had both shaken off all nerves. We still weren't keen on joining others at this stage however.

We then walked to the dark room after another drink, and jumped on the bed. I rode my man while forcing his head in the direction of the porn. I thrusted myself hard on his cock, and got myself off once again.

My man then got off the bed and pinned my legs up and licked my pussy out. He spent a good while down there, and we noticed we werent alone in the room. A single female was watching us, and we continued as per normal. We were now very accustomed to the environment we were in. I came over his face, and our spectator congratulated us and told my man "Good job"

She left us to it and my man fucked me once again.

We returned to the bar and then I had laid eyes on a sybian in the corner. I hadn't really seen much of them in porn, but I had to go for a ride.... Lets just say I will be now putting some money aside to save for one. Holy fuck it was awesome!!

My man was in control of the dials while I rode it into ecstasy.

Once I had regain my composure, we cleaned up the sybian and returned to the bar for a drink.

After earlier spying a St Andrews cross, I suggested we try it out.

We approached with a sense of open mindedness (even though we were in a club naked with others), as we are only just starting to act out on the bdsm side of things. So to have serious equipment at our disposal was an opportunity not to be missed.

I was tied up hands only to the cross, and reminded of our safety word. He gentle teased me with all sorts of ropes and whips that were hanging on the wall, with nothing to heavy when it came to flogging.

We were nearly done on the cross when the woman who had early viewed us asked if she could join in. We exchange glances and figured while not. She immediately went and sucked on my nipples. My man then joined on the opposite nipple, and combined and his experience, it wasn't long before I was cumming standing up. This woman was quite a bit older than us, maybe late 30's early 40's and had never experienced an older woman.

She then kissed me while pulling out her massive tits. My man then started sucking on her tits and I joined him. Us as two strangers sucking the breast of a third stranger.

She started fondling my mans cock, and then politely asked if she could suck him. He asked me if I was comfortable with that. I was!

She gloved him up then put his hard cock in her mouth. Me and him kissed and smiled into each others eyes, he then started sucking my tits while I fondled hers.

She sucked him for about 5 minutes then they kissed, thanked each other and parted ways.

We had one final drink, and watch our earlier visitor play with herself and a robotic dildo, we then went down to the sex swing for our final play of the night.

I wanted my pussy wrecked, so my man drove his cock deep inside me, and thrusted hard and fast inside my wet pussy. It was the perfect height and he was pounding my pussy. I came in a way I hadn't cum in a long time and it was fucking hot. My clit was on fire, and my legs were weak. I struggled walking to the lockers to get changed, but my man was at my side every step of the way for my safety.

We got changed, and bumped into the owner once again.

He asked how we were, whether or not we enjoyed ourselves etc. We thanked him immensely for the venue and environment and assured him we would be back.

We checked out of the club and returned to our hotel. We we werent quite finished yet. My man ate me out with my super sensitive clit, then he jerked off over me.

I reached for my favourite toy and got myself off for one final time... before we both fell asleep in sex comas.

That was our first night in a swingers club.

For fellow kiwis.... highly recommend CCK! For tourists to Auckland city too.