Written by Anon - H


Last summer my girl friend and I decided to take a trip to a secluded beach in the Coromandel with the hopes of chilling out in the nude. Her and I are 26 and 27 years old and consider ourselves to be a bit kinky in the bedroom. So we got down to the beach and found a spot about 30 minutes from the car. Since there was no one around we decided to strip off and lay down on our towels to get that all over tan Katie had been talking about all week. After 15 minutes I started to get hungry and rummaged through the bag we had taken along. It wasn't long before I realized that all the food we had bought 2 hours ago was still sitting in the car. I got up and got dressed and set off back to the car since we planned on being there for the rest of the day and not wanting to have our day cut short by hunger pains.

5 minutes of walking back to the car i realized i had forgotten to grab the keys so turned and headed back, as i came over a rise and into view of Katie i could see her hands moving between her legs and decided to stop and watch her from a distance enjoying seeing her masturbate like no one is watching. I had been laying on the brow of the rise for a further 10 minutes watching Katie working her pussy when I heard some voices and looked up to see 2 young guys round the corner with their fishing rods, I watched on as they approached Katie who was completely oblivious and halfway to orgasm.

I watched on as the boys were only feet away from Katie when she finally realized there were people upon her. She stopped her masturbation but didn't bother to cover up which was not like her as she was fairly conservative, the boys both laughed knowing she was probably fairly embarrassed. I suppose she decided they had already seen it all anyway as they had a pretty good view of what she was up to. The boys stopped in front of her and began chatting with her, I couldn't quite hear what they were saying so i stayed put until they moved on, only they didn't move on. Katie stayed on her back and left her legs slightly open, I knew that these guys would be getting a fantastic view of her pussy and she didn't seem to mind one bit.

What she did next totally shocked me, Katie sat up onto her knees in front of the leader who seemed to be doing most of the talking. she then tugged at the bottom of his trunks and slid them down to his knees, leaving his cock dangling in front of her face. she lent forward and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and slowly slurped away. Although i was aroused by this I quickly moved from my position so I could get close enough to stop things if they went to far. Now that I was much closer I could actually hear what they were saying starting with Katie releasing his cock from her lips and saying 'You guys can't f#%$k me though ok?'. I never would have imagined her doing anything like this but I guess she wasn't expecting me back for another 1hr and 10 minutes and being interrupted mid orgasm was definitely another factor. With a better view now I could also see that the blonde guy leader had a very fat cock, it wasn't extremely long but his girth was amazing! I would compare it to the thickness of a rexona can, he laid down on the ground and as she put it back in her mouth i could imagine it really filling out her mouth. The dark haired guys decided to position himself behind her and began to explore his hands around her pussy, she was really wet already and this prompted her to lower her head even further as she worked on the thick monster, arching her back allowing for better access and view behind her. She wiggled her bum and mumbled something with that cock in her mouth, I think it was a queue for dark haired guy to eat her pussy to which he obliged. Being young and eager he was really pashing her pussy and I could see the juices flowing from where i was hiding.

Extremely turned on I decided not to intervene and continue to watch as she worked on a big thick cock and had her pussy vigorously eaten by a guy at least 9 years her junior, I mean these guys had probably not long left high school. The guy behind her decided he need to give some attention to his own cock and positioned himself behind her pressing the tip of his cock against her outer pussy lips, she quickly released the cock from her mouth and protested by yelling 'No fucking! I have a boyfriend!'. He laughed and said he was only going to cum on her ass, happy with his response she arched her back again and went back to work on the horse cock in front of her, guy number two began to wank his cock against her opening and stopping every 15 seconds to rub the head of his cock the length of her pussy and over her clit. This was certainly driving her crazy and it wasn't long before pressing against her pussy turned into her pushing back and dipping the head of his cock into her gooey mess. She began to moan and every time she decided to push her ass back his cock would slide further into her pussy. Because this had happened so gradually I didn't know when enough was enough and before i knew it his whole cock was inside her at no fault of his, he had stuck to his word and was not fucking her...it was her doing all the work by pushing back onto his cock and fucking him! She was getting frustrated by the lack of response from his end and yelled 'Well are you going to fuck me?' this was all he needed to hear so he sat up straight on his knees, grabbed her hips and began to pounding away.

It was a bag of mixed emotions for me, now watching my girlfriend of 10 years being spit roasted by two strangers in their late teens. I could see her now beginning to orgasm and she was really slamming her ass back on the cock behind her, she lifted her head off the large cock and continued with to wank him off while she enjoyed her orgasm, this had all become to much for the young buck behind her and he must have been holding on for a while now as it exploded rather quickly with 10 fast hard pumps filling her velvety hole with thick streams of cum, I couldn't believe my eyes. When she realized what had happened she yelled 'Fuck did you cum inside me?' He didn't need to say anything as she felt the warm liquid leaking out and flowing down the inside of her thigh. She wasted no time being angry and quickly climbed on top of the monster cock, before he could protest about his mates cum leaking she had the head of his cock inside her pussy and she slowly but shallowly bounced on his cock working it deeper at a pace that wasn't to fast for her. She was using the cum as lube for this huge cock, grimacing with every inch that she pushed further inside her. As well as enjoying the size of his cock you could tell there was discomfort by the way her lips gripped his cock with no effort every time she withdrew it from her pussy. As much as she was feeling full she wanted this guy to cum as quickly as possible so she turned around reverse cowgirl which is what she usually does to me when shes tired and needs me to cum quickly. He now had a perfect view of himself stretching her pussy wide and she started to pickup the pace and using her signature twerk motion which would get any man going quickly. I decided now was the time to move out of my hiding place walking over to where they lay, as I approached i could see the build up of cum at the base of his big cock which stopped me from having any chance of calming my erection, this sight was such a turn on. I walked around in front of her and you could see the shock on her face when she opened her eyes. She stopped riding and lent back trying to climb off using her arms to push herself up from behind her giving me a perfect up close view of the cock currently buried inside her pussy. The guy with the monster cock was not done yet so he grabbed her hips holding her there as he pumped his cock up and down until he too filled her with his seed. Katie was exhausted and gave up fighting, his cock quickly shrunk and flopped out of her pussy leaving a steady stream of cum to follow his cock out. Her pussy was an absolute mess and I was horny as fuck now. She rolled off of him and laid on her back, the two young guys quickly grabbed their gear and left opting to move along before even putting their clothes on.

Katie covered her face with her hands in shame, I pulled my pants down without her noticing and climbed on top of her. She protested at first but i quickly plunged my cock into her over flowing hole. There was a considerable difference in the tightness of her pussy and my cock was flopping around in there but i didn't care i was going to get my nut off no matter what. I took no notice in her needs as she'd had her fun and i roughly pounded away until i blew everything i had inside her (she very rarely lets me cum inside her). As i withdrew her pussy as a master piece with cum oozing out and more cum splattered all around her pussy which was a result of the cum leaking out around my cock while we were having sex.

We packed up our gear without speaking a word all the way back to the car. Once we were on our drive home i started the conversation with 'do you want to come back to the beach next week?' Her face lit up and she lent over and kissed me.