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9 Jun 2021

Ottoman Playdate

Ottoman Playdate


2 minute read

Originally written under my old profile mid 2019. My delicious sensual, sexual playmate arrives, and we share a passionate kiss and a glass of bubbles. Our play has developed and expanded with each meeting; it is a highly erotic mixture. We start to fondle on the settee – I have prepared the large leather ottoman with a fluffy towel that envelopes it. We kiss again, tongues exploring one another’s mouths, and he starts to pull and squeeze my nipples, just the way that turns me on, and I can feel I am wet already. I kneel before him; ease his undies down and give his glistening cock a lick, nuzzle and suck. I ask him to kneel on the length of the ottoman and go around to his face - we share a mouthful of bubbles and kiss again. With legs wide apart his hot body is perfectly exposed to me – I massage his strong back with a block of fridge cold coconut oil, which melts and with my hands assisting trickles onto the cheeks of his bum. I take a large sip of champagne and dribble this directly on his asshole, something we both find highly erotic. At the same time, I reach through and stroke his hardening cock, which instantly becomes rock hard. Suddenly the tempo changes, and my playmate takes the lead; he requests I sit on the long side of the ottoman. I instinctively know his mind has be taking in the possible options of the ottoman. He gently but firmly pushes me down so that I am laying on my back, I open my legs and he begins to lick and suck my pussy; he slides a finger inside me, the sensation is exquisite – he doesn’t stop….licking, sucking and fingering me, and then I am there – the position, the licking and sucking, the fingering and I cum all over his mouth and face. He then brings the head of his cock and rubs it on my still throbbing clit before sliding his cock deep inside me. I know his orgasm is close and I move to kneel on the floor so he can slip into me from behind; we are quickly aware that we can see the whole erotic movement on the dark TV screen. With his hands on my hips he quickens his thrusts, my fingers rub my clit, my pussy spasms and squeezes his cock as he explodes inside me. Holy F…… Moly.

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