Written by tommy_welly


I hear the front door of the house open and someone nervously stepping on. I am extremely nervous and horny at this point. Naked, laying on my bed with me ankles tied to the bed posts, a blindfold covering my eyes, oh and a throbbing erection. I hear steps on the stairs, followed be a nervous giggle as she enters the room. "This is how I like to find a man she says". She brushed her hand up my inner thigh and unexpectedly slaps and grabs my balls, laughing at my obvious discomfort, "you are not going to be needing that, loser" she says with a chuckle. Next thing she is climbing on the bed, lowering her pussy towards my face, sitting on my face. I start to lick and tease her pussy and ass with my tongue, worshiping her as I was instructed. It does not take long for her to cum, wetting my face with her juices. She orders me to keep going, riding my face and occasionally smothering me making it hard to breath. After what seems like ages, and to the relief of my aching jaw, she cums again, long and hard. Laughing she climbs off the bed, slaps and spits in my face, says "thanks loser" and walks out of the house, leaving me hard horny and used.

One of the best meets I have had, and would love to do it again. Loved being used and that she left with a smile on her face. The thrill of having a complete stranger come to the house and my vulnerable state was such a turn on.