Written by yummy


Was at a party, drinking a few beers and a guy arrived with a slim young chick. The party was out in the garage so the house was only used for people going to the toilet or the kitchen.

Anyways 5 minutes after arriving the 3 of of us was in the kitchen chatting about nothing really, then he went outside and it was just me and her.

As soon he shut the door I was locked in a deep passionate kiss with her, and I did'nt even know her name. We sucked tongue and I ran my fingers along her ass crack, then I licked down her neck and lifted her top to suck on her very hard nipples.

She said "oh yes"... I pushed her jeans down and wet my fingers in her mouth and rubbed her clit.

I knew we did'nt have much time before someone walked into the kitchen and caught us... lol, so I pulled my pants down and nearly got a face slap by my cock. And I turned her around and she bent over the kitchen sink, I slid my hard cock slowly all the way into her hot wet pussy. It was pure animal instinct, she was humming like an angel and I was banging her like a jackhammer. It felt so good I could have done her for hours. But after about 15 minutes of pure lust someone came in the door. Me and her just froze with fear, and my cock was up her pussy to the hilt.

We thought we in the shit, but this lady did not even see us standing by the kitchen sink fucking. Probably too drunk she looked straight ahead and went to the toilet.

We quickly pulled our pants up and joined the party.

There were some lustful looks between us at the party, but nothing else happened.

She left with her boyfriend after and I never knew or asked about their names.

I still think about that very intense fuck... it was sooooo farken hot.

I do have others I remember, I might share if anyone interested.??