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loser 5 years ago

Open Relationship

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So she comes back out of the bedrooms and says to me the kntch your name on the banister when youve been fucked . And we left her hair and makeup was quite dishievelled anyway we get home and i want sloopy seconds but she lets me start undressing her .Where i notice bite marks leeding down to her ample tits ..and she wont let me suck them she said they were far too sore and she had bite marks on both of them ...But she was happy and we went to sleep with her musky body. In the morning she showers and starts wearing tight mini skirts .She has quite large thighs and i can see the start of her bum muscles when she bends over and she is wearing no undies to work ..And same carry on each day till the weekend when we go to suburbs house and we are only people there and a few guys i dont no anyone and the boss walks up and just takes her top and her bra straight off and proceeds to dance with her and he dances around the corner in the kitchen where mu gaylene is giggling and the other work girl comes over and dances with me and i notice most of the guys have left the room . 2 hours or more later and she comes back looking at the floor ashamed and embarassed to me ...She doesnt talk about it but says it was fun .So if she is happy i am .Next week her boss takes me to a cricket wild party where party girls put on a display strippers from hamilton and fuck anyone for $50 he asks me if i want too...nah go home and tell misses she is home a lone with guilty look ..She tells me her boss will take me to auckland next weekend and watch strippers ...So off we go and he sets up a room upstairs and we are greeted with 2 twenty three yr old hot chix .So we spend 2 hours fucking the arse off them and as a dear that i learn about on the way home ..He has setup another gangbang for gaylene ...

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